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"No, he knows," said Aidan with confidence. "But he doesn't like me so... that's justification enough in his mind. He's still pulling his nasty little "pranks" that can have a pretty negative impact on my life. In a show of good will he told me I could just give him a stack of invitations to my wedding and he would see to it that our relatives and shared friends got them. Well... wouldn't you know it? He invited my ex girlfriend to the wedding. The beautiful girl I was very happy with until I was presented with what felt like an impossible situation and had to leave her to marry Viola. Very day I was married. Not to mention everyone of Viola's ex lovers being there so... You do the math."

Aidan finished his coffee, then said, "But I appreciate you as a friend. I really do. That means a lot to me. Right now I just want to build up my life and have people around that aren't looking to screw me over."

Dorian began to stir again and then fuss. Aidan gave a sigh as he looked at him, then said, "I should go fix a bottle for him... and I am sure you have things you need to get to. But thanks again for stopping by."
Hera frowned a little. It hurt knowing that Egan was still acting this way. But eventually, she stood up. As Aidan stood also, she wrapped her arms around him in an embrace.

"Don't give up, okay? You're doing a great job. You can OWL me any time to help or just to give you a night off, okay?" She pulled back, giving an encouraging smile. "I'm proud of you. We'll meet up again soon."

With that, she began gathering her things to leave and turned toward the door.

Played By: Vyreia
Aidan watched Hera as she turned and gather her things and headed for the door. He still couldn't understand why Egan had screwed that up. He should have done everything in his power to keep Hera.

but finally he sighed, and turned back to Dorian....