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Hera shrugged. "Well...I love him. But I did several terrible things to him; everyone always likes to blame him for the marriage falling apart, but it was him who wanted to save it in the end. I ruined it...it wasn't his fault but...at the same time, I don't want to go back to him knowing that I'm not returning as someone who has fully come into their own person. Our entire relationship was based on the fact I wanted to rebel and leave my awful patriarchal family behind. They're gone now, and I want to be able to just...be."

She leaned back.

"I want to do what I want, spend time with the kids, work on my business, recover mentally and physically and just...properly come to terms with who I am. He deserves to know the real me, and it's something I need to do on my own. I can't do that when trying to pick up the pieces and push them into a mold we had during the marriage."
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Aidan sighed, then said,

"I guess... but listen. Could you... Just date more people first, ok? Meet more people. Expose yourself to different people you never thought of before. Maybe give old ones a re-try. You could possibly find happiness with someone who would treat you much better, and generally wasn't so difficult to get along with. The only girl I have ever seen get along with him really well is Yulianna and she was a little yes man who.."

But suddenly realizing the inappropriateness of bringing up Egan's former fiancée, Aidan cleared his throat, then said, "Sorry... never mind. Um... Look Hera. Just give the rest of the world a bit of a chance at you, alright? And if you really do... and you still feel Egan is your one true love... then I will give my blessing for you to marrying once again."

As if his blessing was pivotal in her decision making process. But still..
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Aidan shrugged, then said, "I care about you Hera. You have always been nice to me despite Egan saying unflattering things about me. And now that you have been here so often helping and talking to me... I don't know. I just know you better. I feel like you deserve the best. You have been through a lot of shit in your life. So have I. I just want us both to have a happy ending I guess."

He paused. He knew she would appreciate him asking but...

"Why not Ivan?" he said suddenly. "He isn't Gavin and he isn't Egan. He's descend, hard working, handsome, personable, funny and you two... well you had a thing, right? He's your type. You said so yourself. Why not just go for it? I don't think much of any of that crowed, but he is definitely one of the best."
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Hera hesitated for a long moment, drinking down the rest of her coffee, trying to figure out the best thing to say. But eventually, she had to settle on saying the truth.

"Well...honestly? It would hurt Egan's feelings. I don't want anymore bad blood between us. And sure...in a way I wish I could have consoled more with Ivan but...what's the point in rocking the boat more than it needs to be?"
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"Because... this is your happiness we are talking about?" said Aidan, but holding up a hand he said, "Ok. I won't bring it up again. I promise this time."

Dorian began to make a faint crying sound, but Aidan quickly leaned forward and popped the pacifier in his mouth, then settling back as Dorain fell into sleep once more he said,

"If you were a man... of all the women you and I both know, or know of... who would you want to be with? Or who would you least want to be with? Viola, right?"
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"Huh?" She questioned clearly a little taken off guard but the question. "Well...yes, I wouldn't want to be with my own cousin. Girl I'd most likely be with?"

Well, there was only one woman she'd ever been with...

"Astrid. There's something dangerously alluring about her. Why...which woman would you steer clear from and which would you want to be with?"
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Aidan looked at her confused, then said,

"Well... because I am a man I would do what I am doing. I would be with my wife."

Aidan shook his head at her, then said, "But Astrid? Wow that...is intense. You wouldn't want to be with Nathan but you would with Astrid? Hell, she scares me more than Nathan... but I guess I have known Nathan all my life. It's a bit different."

Knitting his brows then he said, "You wouldn't be with Cecil? But she is the most beautiful..."
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"I asked who you'd want to be with. Not who you have to be with." She rolled her eyes a little, but smiled regardless.

At his comment about Cecile, she pursed her lips a bit.

"No. I wouldn't. She may be beautiful to a lot of men but I'm not that attracted to her. She reminds me of a younger sibling or something. But we can play this game. If you was a woman, who would you go for?"
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Aidan clicked his tongue at Hera as she spoke of who he would want to be with as opposed to HAVE to be with, but it was all in good fun.

When she asked her question then he said with out giving it any thought, "I would be a lesbian." But after flashing her a smirk he said, "Ok I would want to be with... now don't you tell anyone because I'll deny it to my grave... But Nathan. Definitely Nathan."

He raised his brows at Hera, then shrugging he said, "Ever since I was a kid I looked up to him. He has always been to me the epitome of a cool, edgy, sophisticated, badass. And he has these dangerous men who follow him and do his bidding. Plus he is good looking. At least women seem to think so. Add to that all his money.... eh, who am I kidding. I would have wanted to be with him, if I was a woman, even before he got his home back."

Aidan took a sip of his coffee. It felt really weird to talk about Nathan that way but... he felt weirdly comfortable with Hera. He knew he could have fun with her and not expect her to later use it as fuel to publicly mock and ridicule him... which was his common experience with people.

"As for who I wouldn't go for?" He smirked, then said, "Egan. Last man on the planet I would want to be with if I was a woman."
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Hera smiled a little to herself when he said Nathan. Huh...maybe the power couple of Astrid and Nathan radiated to everyone. Did everyone notice how alluring and intoxicating they were as a pair? But at his thoughts on Egan, she began to frown a little, tilting her head at him.

"What happened between you and Egan? Why do you hate him so much?"
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"Hey now," said Aidan, "I didn't question you on why Viola was the last woman you would want to be with.."

But after a sigh he said,

"When Hugh took me in, and I was just a kid, Egan, Dice, even Simon during the summers... they were always around. And they were really mean to me. I was the youngest, the odd one out, the orphan. But I don't just mean like... typical older cousins picking on a younger one. I mean they would literally torture me. And Egan was the ring leader. Dice is sort of bad to everyone. And I don't like him. But he actually apologized to me out of the blue when we were older. Said he was going to be a better cousin to me... which he wasn't but, with Dice it's the thought that counts, especially considering out thoughtless he is. And Simon... he wasn't really so bad on his own. He went along with Egan and Dice because he didn't really have friends in England when he was here visiting his father. He just wanted to fit in I suppose. Mostly he just watched and laughed. But Egan?..."

Aidan shook his head, then said, "He was the worst. He would seek me out just to make my life miserable. Made fun of everything. Nothing was sacred. At Hogwarts, first and second year, I was afraid to hang out in the common for fear that he would find me and make everyone laugh at me, or just beat me up for the fun of it. He use to tie me up and lock me in a closet, or a basement, tell me something horrible was down there waiting to kill me... Leave me for what felt like hours. Call me a baby if I cried. But you know it wasn't just to me. He was a bully to all younger kids in general. But I got the worst of it. He was kicked off the quidditch team for his violence you know? And one of the happiest days of my life was when he got expelled. See, even though he wasn't so much older than me he was much bigger. He was taller, and stronger from playing quidditch as a beater. Wasn't until I was sixteen... I said something he didn't like and he came at me to teach me a lesson. Something snapped in me. I fought back and beat him up. I had shot up that year and was actually much taller then him... Also, Ivan had seen them picking on me once and he had taken me aside and taught me a few actual boxing moves mixed with a little street fighting. I guess Egan's self taught style was no match."

Aidan smiled at the memory,. that was a good day. He then said, "He never hit tried to beat me up after that. But he was still nasty, condescending, rude...He still was even when he was dating you. Maybe you were too smitten to notice... or maybe you thought it was some sort of brotherly love. A joke between us" Aidan shrugged, then said, "I only know him as not being a nice person. No scratch that... as being an evil person."
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Hera listened carefully. It hurt to know that Egan had been such a horrible bully to Aidan. They were family! They weren't supposed to nasty like that! Had she of known then...well, what could she have even done? Maybe spoke to him about his behaviour but she did feel kind of stupid for not noticing.

"I see." She started. "School was a long time ago, but that's not an excuse for how he treated you. Maybe he doesn't realise what an awful affect he had on you, or maybe he does but is embarrassed about it? I'm not sure, but it's not right..."

She gave a tight smile.

"But you know, whether I'm with Egan or not, I'm still your friend. If you ever need any help or just someone to talk to, I'm always here."