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Hera had heard about Aidan's struggles with the new baby. Well, of course he was! Viola was certainly not going to help, and she'd made it excruciatingly clear. Ever since the first couple of days, Aidan had apparently been lumped with the majority of work; Viola had refused to breastfeed, shied away from changing any nappies or clothing, and didn't really know how to bond. A part of Hera had genuinely hoped that the maternal instincts would kick in.

But no. Of course not.

And so, Hera had taken it upon herself to offer a little bit of help. She'd dropped the kids off at Egan's in the hopes that she could give more attention to helping Aidan. One of these days, she would bring the twins too to show him that it could definitely be manageable, but the poor man really needed a break first.

She stepped up to the door, knocking, smiling a little, a bag of goodies in hand.
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The door popped open at once. Clearly Aidan had been staring out the window, waiting for her arrival.

“Oh thank Merlin!” He said. In one arm he held a screaming Dorian, his other hand went back to lightly patting him on the back, trying to get the poor thing to burp and relieve it of the painful gas in it’s stomach. Aidan looked as if he was near tears.

“He won’t stop crying!” He said, moving so Hera could enter. “And he didn’t burp after his bottle. I’m about to lose it and he clearly already has, and I feel so sorry for him!”

He then went back to his desperate, but far too light patting of the babies back, sadly falling under the assumption the baby was made of glass and that if he went any harder he might break him... and so Dorian screamed on.
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Hera lifted her brows at the sight, but immediately sprung into action, taking the little baby off of him gently. She hitched Dorian up, positioning him well and patting him harder on the back. She spoke softly to the baby, using her very evident mothering tone. "Oh, yes, I know - I know. It's okay. Daddy's stressed, it's okay, shhh"

She swayed a little, still patting as he finally began to burp, slowly starting to quieten down as he got more comfortable.

"Theerree we go, much better, isn't it?" She cradled him, and then looked up to Aidan, offering a small smile, finally speaking to him as Dorian began to settle. "It's hard being a parent, isn't it? Don't worry...the panic soon wears off. It doesn't get loads easier, but you at least don't panic as much."

She stepped in further, leaning in and offering a half hug to Aidan with her spare arm and pressing a brief kiss as a greeting to the side of his face.

"How are you feeling? Do you want to make us a cup of coffee whilst he settles?"
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Aidan looked at her stunned, "That's... that's amazing!" he said, so relieved Dorian had finally give a nice, loud burp. He looked better already!

For a moment Aidan positioned an invisible baby on his shoulder, patting it's back and looking at Hera as he tried to memories her method, then shaking his head he said "right. Coffee. There is some in the pot right now actually."

Heading into the kitchen, Aidan said over his shoulder. "Someone from Germany actually gave us a whole elaborate coffee making machine for our wedding. It's enchanted to keep the coffee tasting fresh all day... although truthfully I don't know the difference. Viola says it makes all the difference in the world. I don't know. Instant coffee use to work for me. But apparently it can make all sorts of fancy stuff like expresso and... some other fancy words for coffee...."

Emerging back out of the kitchen with two cups of coffee (Hera had been there a few times now so he already knew how she liked it) Aidan looked at her, and seeing Dorian already asleep in her arms he said,

"How... do you do that? Were you and Egan as panicked and hopeless as I am when you first had the twins?"
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Hera smiled a little, rocking Dorian a bit as she began to sit down on the sofa.

"Oh it's not a magic trick or anything. It takes a lot of practice, but even then it's never going to be perfect. We're both still learning now. But as newborns? Egan and I were petrified."

She smiled fondly on the memory.

"Sometimes you just have to use your instincts, and asking for help is okay if you're really not sure. But I do think speaking to Egan would help you. He didn't think he was very good at all." She smiled widely. "He's an incredible father."
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"But is he?" said Aidan, his tone incredulous. "I've been reading a lot of parenting books, magazines, and articles and such. I even subscribed to a parenting news letter. Seems the general consensus is part of being a good parent is treating the mother of your children well. Also you don't get points for bringing home a call girl I understand. Seems to me there is more to it then having good feelings towards your kids and buying them gifts..."

Aidan wasn't bias. Not at all...
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Hera lifted her brow at Aidan, pursing her lips a little.

"Yes, he is. Listen, I know that Egan and I have had some...issues in the past. But we're working through it for the kids. You're absolutely right in that it helps a child's growth and understanding of life to have parents who work together. Sometimes it takes a little extra effort to get that balance right." She leaned back a little, looking down at little Dorian.

"But really - the biggest tip I learned was not to compare everything you do to the parenting publications. Sure, take tips and note any guides you want but...in reality, nothing is ever perfect. Every baby, every family situation, and every relationship is different and it would be impossible for a magazine to cover all of those aspects. But..."

She looked over to him.

"I'm really glad that you're taking this seriously, though."
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Aidna placed her coffee down beside her, then taking a seat himself he said,

“How could I not? Babies are serious business.”

He took a few sips of his coffee, a thoughtful look on his face, before finally saying, “I thought marrying Viola would mean a lot more free time and living the life of a rich person. Turns out I work harder now than I ever have, and get no sleep, and I am in a constant state of panic. I also don’t really feel like I’m married. Viola is never around. Haven't even slept together yet.. maybe we never will,” he said with a shrug. “Life sure is strange. It’s nothing like I pictured my life would be.”
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Hera frowned a little at him.

"Viola is...quite stubborn and abrasive. Have you maybe tried talking to her about it? If you want, I would be happy to look after little Dorian and give you two time to go out and have a proper date. After all, all of this was quite rushed. Maybe it's all stressing her out and she needs an opportunity to appreciate what she has now."
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Aidan looked at Hera, confused a moment, then said, "Oh... no, no, no... you have done enough. Really, truly. I can never repay you. But we don't need a date. That is... well maybe when he is older. I would really just like it if Viola maybe took a night shift now and then, but... to be honest when she is around it's almost like she is in the way. There is just this weird tension. Maybe it's because she knows she isn't doing her part, or maybe she doesn't care, but I resent she doesn't do more but... it's more the principle of the thing. Now that I have a bit of a routine, it isn't so bad."

He was quiet a moment, looking down into his cup thoughtfully, but then looking back at Hera he said, "I suppose that was deceptive the way I worded things a moment ago. About life not being the way I expected it to be. But truth is... in a way I have never been happier. I never really had a proper family life. My parents weren't good parents and then they died. And Hugh did his best... sort of... it was a weird upbringing. But now.. I actually have a chance to have a real family. I'm with someone who depends on me completely. And this time I am the one who gets to make the right choice, and stick by him, and make sure he always knows he is loved and cared for. Yes I'm tired, and it sucks Viola is.... being Viola. But she is the one who down graded her life. And I suppose when she looks at Dorian she just sees me and how he should have been Gavin's. But for me my life only got better. And I am really grateful for Dorian. I didn't know it was possible to love something so much..."
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Hera's face softened as he spoke, and she looked over to him, offering a small smile.

"Children can really turn all your prior perceptions upside down, can't they? They're so sweet and innocent and dependent, and yet...it feels as though they are the ones we can't function without. Sometimes I wish my babies were still small like this..."

She looked down at Dorian, smiling widely.

"I don't blame you for wanting to relish in every moment whilst it lasts. They grow up so quickly. They will always be little babies to me, and perhaps that will be my downfall with apparent coddling or over-protection. But I would go through every hardship I have ever been through if it meant having them in my life. I always want to be a better person for them...and it's Viola's loss if she doesn't see the same with Dorian. Perhaps the shock will wear off eventually...but even if it doesn't, don't let her spoil your fun. Enjoy every moment with him."
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“I’ll try...” said Aidan with a sigh. Enjoy was hardly the world at the moment. He loved Dorian but... this was still hard. Even if he wouldn’t trade this life now.

“Do you like being single now Hera?” He asked finally. “Is it better than being married to Egan?”
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Hera hesitated at the question. She and Egan were now dating again...well, between work, the kids, and any other political dramas. It was actually quite hard fitting each other into their busy schedules. But the dates they did have were nice.

"Well...it's different. Being married and being single both have their pros and cons. I don't think I will ever truly stop loving Egan, as he won't for me. But it's also nice having the freedom to do what I choose and perhaps sometimes act in the moment."
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"YEs..." said Aidan, not quite sure what she meant. "I never really wanted to marry myself. I never really believed in it. Seemed a great bother. But these pure blood families are... well they are very traditional. But this did work out alright in the end. I get my mother's inheritance, although Nathan is doling it out slowly. Seems to think I don't know how to manage money properly. Thinks I'll be like Egan, whatever that means."

Aidan made a face, then said,

"What do you mean act in the moment? I thought children were what cause you not to be able to do that... because you have to find a sitter for them and such. How does having a husband or wife stop you from doing what you wanted? Viola just tells me what she is doing and does it. Even at our wedding. Hell… I couldn't find her for many hours at one point. Wasn't until later in the night she told me about she had stuck off with you to have a little private wine tasting in Nathan's cellars…"