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"Monica?..." said Danica, giving him the stink eye, but after a moment she shrugged and said, "You are right. She is a bitch."

Turning to Astrid then she leaned in and gave her a kiss on the cheek and said, "How are you feeling? I hope my gift arrived. I was so happy when I got to go shopping for little girl things. I actually went myself instead of having a servant do it for me."

Leaning over the pram then she said, "Girls are so much more fun to shop for than boys. I should like to have all girls if I could chose."
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Astrid kissed Danica back, humming as she commented about the gender of the baby. Astrid watched as the other woman looked over at her baby, pursing her lips.

"Don't be ridiculous. Having all girls? Perhaps one, but majority boys build a good family stability. I am the only girl among four siblings. It creates good and healthy competition between children; the girls want to fight for attention over the boys, and the boys will not want to be out-shined by the girls. In reality, having all of one or the other isn't exactly helpful."

She gave a little shrug.

"I am positive Ciceron would not want all girls...after all...this may be the only chance the Yorks have to pass on their names. Right?" She gave a significant look. "When are you two planning to get on that?"
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Danica straitened up a bit, looking between Astrid and Nathan a moment before saying, "Not everyone is as incredibly fertile as you two apparently are... We have hardly been married a few months."

Walking over to a rose bush Danica brushed her fingers lightly over the petals, then said, "So how is life with a baby in it? I am so very curious..."
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"Or we could just cut the bullshit and get strait to the point," said Nathan, crossing his arms and giving Danica a very significant look. "I know you didn't trapes out here just to inquire after the baby and our lives..."
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Danica pursed her lips, then said, “You know... it really is a wonder no one in the family likes you Nathan.”

But after a sigh, she took a few steps closer to the couple once more, hands folded as she looked between the two a moment, then said, “I want your full support in something that isn’t very conventional for our family. I want you both to give your blessing on a divorce between myself and Ciceron.”
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Nathan simply raised a brow, not looking quite as shocked as he should have, but before he could speak she turned to Astrid and said,

"You don't understand.... Ciceron wants the divorce. I clearly make him very unhappy. He isn't like us. He didn't come from such an old family with out ways and traditions. He has romantic notions. And besides... I am just not want he wants. And I never can be."

Looking to Nathan she said, "He will keep trying and trying because he wants to please you. He knows how you would disapprove and how it would set you back."
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"And he would be right," said Nathan. "There is a certain order to things Danica. He follows my lead, I do not follow his. I know what is best for us all collectively. Sacrifices must be made."

His face was very firm and he looked quite cold. But that was because he was speaking to Danica and Ciceron wasn't there... and he new her secret. And he was not pleased.

"Perhaps you could try to be a better wife," he said, going on. "He and Astrid told me about your little name game. You know the idea was to show our families coming together. I am creating my own family empire here yet... you keeping your name sort of spits on that now doesn't? I would have gone to your earlier but I wasn't trying to interfere. I decided to respect you as a couple but... here you are, aren't you?"
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Astrid lifted her chin at Danica.

"I don't understand why I have to explain this again after our last conversation, but perhaps niceties are over?" She lifted a brow significantly. "Once again, I will say I love the Lundstrom name, but changing my name to Iver reinstates that Nathan and I are one family unit. A few months in and you are already buckling at the first conflict? I thought you was stronger than that Danica."

She took a long breath.

"Sometimes being a strong woman isn't about clenching your fists and digging your heels in. It's about recognising what's best for all over our own primal desires; we have to evaluate every possible solution rather than resorting to the most dramatic. I could have threatened divorce easily, but will that solve anything? No. I think that goes for both you and Ciceron. He suggests divorce as a threat to show the importance of the surname, and you suggest it out of weakness."
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Clenching her fists in anger and frustration, Danica said, “I don’t care about the stupid name any more! I came back and told him that very night our children could have it, and I asked about hyphonating it. But if he just wants the strait name he can have it! Do you think that matters any more?! Do you really think this is about a name?! He set up a deal to get those pills from that man before that night... or he had asked about them at least! The name was a straw breaking a camels back! I did everything that night to try and get through to him, to take care of him, to be a good wife! But none of it matters! None!”

She was almost screaming at this point! Clearly she was very upset.

Pacing and ringing her hands she said, “We can’t stay together. We just can’t! You don’t understand. Do you want me to end up dead? Or him to end up dead?! We have to end this!”
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“Danica! Settle down!” Said Nathan, almost angrily. “Control yourself. You think you are going to get practical advice or help from us when you speak in riddles? Ciceron would never try to kill you for being a bit difficult.”
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Danica whipped her head around, glaring at the two of them a minute before saying, “Alright! I admit!”

She stepped up close, looking like an animal in a snare as she said, “I slept with someone else. The night of the wedding. After our fight. I slept with a vampire! Do you see?”

Looking desperately to Astrid she said, “The only proper actions is to allow this divorce he wants. He would never forgive me and would likely take horrible revenge in his current state of mind.”
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Nathan slapped his hand to his face as Danica said vampire. Why did she have to say vampire?! Unlikely Ciceron Astrid was not in a drug induced state... he did not expect it would take her long to guess who...

Looking at Danica then he said, “Yes... that is more like it... thank you for your honestly...”

He sighed very deeply. It was like dealing with children.

“What were you thinking?” Was all he could think to ask. He had definitely been wondering it long enough. He had thought his cousin had more common sense than that.
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Astrid's face dropped, and she stared wide-eyed at Danica. She was about to speak when it all began to fit.

"Vampire at the wedding? We didn't invite-" It only took voicing the words for it to truly sink in, and she slowly began to twist her attention to Nathan. She spoke through gritted teeth. "Our pet was in our home!? We'll speak about this later."

She snapped her eyes back to Danica, narrowing her eyes.

"How dare you." She began. "How dare you come here and act so pitiful after our conversation. You slept with a vile creature and you expect us to take sympathy on you for fear of how Ciceron will react? You want a get out clause for acting so irresponsibly, so childishly, so ridiculously-"

She cut herself off, pressing her fingers to the bridge of her nose.

"All you Ivers are the same. What happened to loyalty in this world?"
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Danica looked away as Astrid spoke harshly to her, arms crossed, cheeks flushed from embarrassment.

Only two years ago they chatted like equals. Now that she married Nathan... well Danica felt like a little girl being scolded by her better..

When Astrid finished with her little dig at the Ivers in general, Danica could see Nathan shift a bit un comfortably on his feet, expression brooding and dark as he glanced off to the side, then flashed a glare at her... Clearly it was Danica's fault for giving his wife the oportunity to come to such a conclusion...

As if he hadn't disapointed her first!

Danica felt near tears! But she held them back.

"Astrid..." She said, trying to keep her voice calm. "Do you have no sympathy? Ron said he wanted a divorce first. He was already speaking of breaking a contract. He could have shown his disappoint another way. He could have spoken to me like a gentalmen. Truth is when I found that vampire I thought he might kill me... And I half hoped he would. I felt half dead already leading up to that night. I was in misery and having my husband so quickly want to end everything over something we could have talked about... Just about did it for me."

Looking between the two once more she said, " Yet Ron gets a pass on everythong because he chose to speak of divorce and then pop some pillsand attempt to kill himself. I chose to sleep with Anthony just to find one moment of escape. And honestly it changed everything for me! I went back to Ron. I told him he was right. I told him I would do better and that I would take his name. And even when he did everything to shove me away I stayed with him, I watched out for him, I cut off his Supply is best I could. I went to him and try to show him love when he rejected me so harshly. And he had no idea yet that I had cheated on him. It isn't fair!" She said, stamping her foot. Looking to Nathan then she said, " if the roles were switched I believe you two would be telling me that he had made the better choice, and at least she had damage to himself and try to break a contract. And then maybe I had drove him to it!"