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 #27966  by Nathan Iver
The weather was beautiful, and so the Ivers had decided to go for a walk though the gardens with their new baby.

Most of the paths had been paved over so that a pram could easily be pushed about.

A few weeks had past since the birth and Ingrid was growing beautifully. Nathan walked beside Astrid as she pushed the carriage, mostly looking about them as the talked, but now and then glancing at the baby.

He still wasn’t entirely sure what he thought of her. It was odd suddenly having a child, especially when that child was suppose to be a boy. And she didn’t talk, or walk, or do much... But he did feel quite protective of her. That was for certain. It was the one feeling he was confident of because it kept him constantly on edge.

Which meant he did need to talk to Astrid about something..

“I know we talked about you possibly bringing the baby with you at times to the Ring, along with a nanny. When we thought of the idea before she was born I was all for it but... I don’t like the idea any more.It doesn’t seem safe. At the same time... I don’t know about you vanishing and leaving her with some stranger here. Doesn’t sit right with me either..”
 #27969  by Astrid Iver
Astrid was starting to feel like herself again. Of course, even in this weather she was wearing black, but her long dress at least had some kind of floral pattern on it. It was still slim-fitting, but her chest seemed to fit it far more amply and hips seems to hold more shape. Of course, she still wasn't exactly the curviest woman around, but there was definitely some evident physical differences in appearance. In fact, her face seemed to glow - apparently it was a 'new mother' thing.

And then there was Ingrid. Small, delicate, and beautiful. As the days went on, Astrid found herself looking more and more fondly at this little human. The gurgling soon seemed cuter, little actions and movements seemed monumental, and Astrid found her heart swell a little whenever Ingrid fell asleep in her arms. She wasn't the son that Astrid always wanted, and likely never would be...but as stoic as Astrid tried to remain, this little creature was chipping away at the armour. She tried not to let Nathan see that, of course.

She glanced up at her husband, lifting a brow significantly.

"I agree, dear. I certainly wouldn't want a stranger to look after her all alone. But I must say, it's incredibly kind of you to offer to put your experimenting on hold to tend to her during these periods. It really is a help." She placed her hand on his arm. "It will do you good to spend so much time with her; some good father-daughter bonding whilst the mother goes to work. A very modern suggestion of yours."
 #27971  by Nathan Iver
Nathan’s eyes shot to her and he stopped at once in his tracks.

Me?!” He said in surprised consternation. “Surely you joke! I couldn’t possibly! And it isn’t just my experiments. With My York gone at the moment for who know how long... there is far too much work on my plate. My business does not run itself.”

Starting to walk again, hands clapped behind the back, eyes forward , he said, “I meant you would stay home with her. Not forever of course. Embrace the maternity leave policies of your very own Sweden, and so many others... The mother practically gets a year when all is said and done. I now think they have the right idea. Clearly it's critical for the mother to be with the child constantly during the first year.”

Of course... he wasn’t mentioning that apparently in Sweden they also thought the father was important as he got an exceptionally long paternity leave but... well Nathan was busy!

“We want want is best so sacrifices have to be made.” He added.
 #27972  by Astrid Iver
"A whole year!? Don't be so ridiculous!" She spat back, snapping her hand up and gripping his arm, furrowing her brows deeply. "I couldn't possibly sit back for an entire year, not even an entire month. There's a new business I have my eyes on and if I wait it out for too long, the opportunity will be snapped up right under my nose."

She let go of him, glancing around, scrunching her nose.

"Iver Hall is very nice but I don't want to spend an entire year plodding around the garden like an animal in a pen. Perhaps we don't need a stranger to babysit. Maybe we can convince someone like Hera or uhm..." She clicked her fingers. "That quiet little mouse that your business partner Persky is dating. But I certainly don't need a year off...Perhaps some time away will do you some good."
 #27975  by Nathan Iver
“Yes, well that would be nice,” said Nathan. “But as I said, Mr York is gone indefinitely. My plate is very full.”

He was quite a moment, looking off to the side before saying, “You just... need to be here for a wile. Whomever we hire I want you to be able to keep an eye on her for a great deal of time. Also when you aren’t I want a member of the security team with her at all times.”

He paused again, before finally saying, “I suppose... I could arrange to be here... for a bit... If and when Mr York returns. But for a moment it is out of the question. I can’t even get to my lab work with him gone.”
 #27976  by Astrid Iver
"Ah, yes, wonderful. I do hope Mr York returns promptly from his little trip - really, some staff need to be more considerate. Who does he think he is to be able to just fly off on holiday when things are so stressful for us? It's just like Yorks to be so rude." She rolled her eyes, going back to walking, enjoying the light breeze.

"But really, Nathan. I suggest you spend more time with her; before long, all your attention will be taken up by our son inevitably. And let's face it. If I am so exhausted will looking after a child, however will I have enough energy to welcome you between my legs twice a night? Merlin, even once a night would be a struggle, don't you think?"
 #27982  by Nathan Iver
Nathan hummed in agreement, then said, "I would take once every other night for a good wile. No need to stress yourself out wile still recovering."

"But yes," He added, "Quite inconsiderate of Mr York. My business can hardly function with out him, let alone my experiments."

He was quiet a moment, walking along the path, but then shifting his eyes to Astrid he said, "Then again... I did tell him to take the time off.... and to take as long as he needed. I suppose the man would have kept on exactly as he had been if I hadn't insisted."

But not wanting to sound as though he were going to soft he said, "Of curse he did chose a very inconvenient time to have his break down. You would think he might have chosen to show it earlier... or held off until later... First Ramazanov, then him. I am not sure what is happening to our staff lately. But they seem determined to disappoint."

He strolled along for a bit then heaving a sigh he said, "But I must admit I amworried about him. My instinct s that he will emerge as he always has. Better, stronger, brighter than ever. I have seen him go through terrible lows that would leave another man a gibbering idiot. Yet he comes back better. And I think this is yet another metamorphosis in the life cycle of Ciceron York. But... if in a few months he decided he just couldn't take the pressure any more.... That would be extremely unpleasant and inconvenient. I am not sure what I would do about it."
 #27984  by Astrid Iver
Astrid was silent for a long moment, considering his words, and then glancing up at him.

"He means that much to you? Anybody would think that he is becoming more of a friend than an employee. Sure, he married into the family but that doesn't exactly grow fondness, does it?" She lifted a brow.

But then she looked away again.

"Do you think he would do it? Take his life, I mean."
 #27985  by Nathan Iver
"No," said Nathan more firmly. "But I think he might decide he can't live this life any more and go... I don't know, open a flower shop or something. And that would be just as bad. But actually take his own life? He knows how angry I would be at him if he did that. I would never forgive him and he couldn't live with that… even wile dead. Because yes. He is more then just an employee. Just as Ivan is more than just an employee. Ivan is my faithful, loyal dog. The person I can trust with my life. Ciceron is... well he is something like a... well more akin to a..."

Nathan stopped as he saw a mother deer and fawn far ahead on the path. Wanting to watch them for a bit he did not continue on as he said,

"He is going through a difficult time. But it doesn't help that he isn't getting along with Danica at the moment. He doesn't feel that strong support he needs, or a reason to fight this episode, this depression, and all the rest... if he felt he needed to be strong for her, get trough it because she needed him, wanted him, and all the rest I am sure it would help. I know you spoke to Danica but whatever you said either didn't help... or she was too stubborn to do it properly..."

And she cheated on him with my vampire.. NAthan thought silently.

"Perhaps you could speak to her agian. Make her see what she needs to do to be a properly suportive wife and all that... Or is it hopeless?"
 #27987  by Astrid Iver
Astrid watched the deer as well, humming. Well, clearly Nathan thought more of Ciceron than just an employee...perhaps it had become a friendship of sorts. Was that not how she had felt for Petra at some point? No...not really. Petra was a tool and nothing more. The closest she had was perhaps Jodie, and even then, they weren't friends.

She sighed.

"Well, I can talk to her again, yes. My advice to her was to definitely be more of a supportive role. I taught her how to use flirtations and womanly charm to evoke some of these feelings. Perhaps she did it correctly in her mind but...every man perceives things differently. I should help her evaluate the best approach for success. A woman can definitely help with ambition and refocusing the mind." She smirked at him. "Isn't that right, dear?"
 #27989  by Nathan Iver
Nathan side eyed Astrid, then said, "Yes, or turn him into a blithering fool. It is incredible how much strength the weaker sex has in such- Oh hell, what now?" Nathan said, cutting himself off as he peered back at Iver Hall.

In the distance he could see Danica walking across the lawn, her long white skirt held up against the damp grass, her black, trimmed in white, sleeveless top standing out in contrast, her long, bleached blonde hair blowing about her in the breeze.

"Speaking of trouble herself..." said Nathan with a frown. He was not in a mood to see her at the moment. Couldn't she talk to him when Astrid wasn't around? He was having such a pleasant walk with is wife.

Tilting his head as he seemed to look at her more closely he said, "Isn't she pretty enough? I don't know why he shouldn't fall in love with her. She is my cousin after all, and the closest thing he will ever have to marrying a female version of myself. He has had the biggest man crush on me ever since day one of working at Cleary Company."
 #27990  by Astrid Iver
"He has the biggest legitimate crush on you full stop." Astrid commented, looking back to where danica approached.

"Sometimes looks isn't everything. Maybe Ciceron is one of the very select few that value something more than beauty...or maybe he prefers something more...specific. I'm not entirely sure."
 #27996  by Nathan Iver
Glancing at Astrid, but keeping half an eye on Danica, Nathan said,

"Well I didn't mean just looks... She is intelligent, well educated, well traveled… Then again she can also be a condescending, sarcastic, ball busting bitch- Oh hello Danni," he said, turning to his cousin with evident surprise. "I didn't see you there."