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Levi woke up the day after the wedding, and left early to see to some things at his office. But really... he needed time to think. and think he did. But finally he had sent Anna an OWL and asked her to meet him at the park.

He sat there now, on a bench, waiting for her, the ring in his hand. He turned it about in the sunlight. It sure did sparkle! Like her eyes... she had beautiful.... she was the most beautiful woman he knew. Inside and out...
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Ana had mixed feelings about coming to see Levi. They'd barely spoken since the wedding, and really just needed some time to think on the matter. But after receiving the owl, she had come to the conclusion that she had to face the music regardless. If he didn't want to go through with it, at least they discussed it like adults.

Seeing him on a bench, she stepped up to him, not quite sure how he wanted to be greeted. But...well, she didn't want this to end on bad terms. She leaned down, kissing him on the cheek and sitting down on the bench, not quite sure what he was going to say.
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Levi looked at her, smiled, then taking her hand he slipped the ring onto her finger, saying as he did,

"Ana... I have thought on this a great deal, and it should not have even taken me this long. You are the most wonderful, beautiful, sweetest woman I know, or ever will. I could not possibly live life with out you. I chose you over it all. From the bottom of my heart. I want to marry you and make you my wife. Please... say yes so I can forever be happy..."

He looked back into her eyes then, knowing he did all he could to make this work.
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Ana inhaled sharply as he started to place the ring on her finger. Really!? And then he went on to speak, her heart melting at his words. There was a slight voice in her head that felt guilty for pressuring him into leaving something else he loved behind for her...but it was his choice, right? She left behind Germany and some friends to be with him, right? In reality, she had to be happy in the moment.

"Yes." She said simply, leaning forward, pressing a kiss to his lips, closing her eyes for a long moment to feel it. She pulled away again, smiling a little. "I love you, you know...More than anything..."
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“You do?!” Said Levi, for some reason sounding shocked. Pulling her in then he said “Me too.”

He kissed her again, then sitting back he said excitedly, “Kyle and I have been working on a solution to your issue. If you want we can begin working on it right away. Although... well perhaps we should get married before you get pregnant. I think your parents would prefer that, and hell... I know mine would. What should we set the date for? As we both want a small wedding I don’t think we need to wait long...”

He was feeling quite over joyed at the moment, and not even thinking of what he would be giving up! It was all worth it for her...
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Ana blinked at him. Her issue? Wait, really!? They could figure out something to help her get pregnant? The idea flooding her chest with emotions. She had wanted nothing more to be a mother, and it was really coming together like this? Everything seemed so perfect...maybe too perfect but...why did she have to feel guilty?

"Well...if we only need a few family members and a couple of friends...maybe an Autumn wedding. And then we can try a couple of times to get pregnant, right? Or maybe not purposely try. We can start doing the methods you and Kyle came up with after the wedding but I mean leading up we can always try naturally, right?"
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“Well... we could...” said Levi, a little uncertain. “ But... is the heart break worth it is you should get pregnant and then lose it? You seemed quite certain you could not carry to term.”

He’t want to put her through anything that would cause her stress...

“Of course,” he added. “i suppose if you did become pregnant we could try and do everything we could at that time to save it...”
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Ana hesitated.

"O-oh, right yes...well I just thought...maybe if we wanted a more natural experience it could be worth a shot but..." She cleared her throat. "You're right. Of course you're right. It might not be good overall if something went wrong."
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Wanting to move on from the difficult subject, Levi said,

"I will have Hugh stand up as my best man. What about you?" He realized then he didn't really know many of her friends.

Actualy.. It seemed like most if her friends were men. Huh.
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Ana thought for a short moment.

"Well...I guess Hera? Lily used to be a wedding planner, you know. I bet she could help a bit. But Hera would be my maid of honour, hopefully." She smiled a little.

Yes, Hera was one to rely on!
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"Hera! Of course," said Levi. "I did not even know you were friends.

"you know I was thinking," said Levi. "If our plan is to start a family after we are married, well... Perhaps we should look into buying a house together."
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Ana swallowed. How did this man go from five miles per hour to fifty so quickly? Not so long ago, he'd been putting off her even living with him, and now they were talking about a wedding, buying a house, and having children. This was a lot...

Sure, it was everything she had ever wanted but....it was also a lot...

"Right...yes. Yes, we should do that. That's...jeez that's going to be a lot of money. We'll need a mortgage. Are we going in a magical or muggle area? How many bedrooms? I need a decent size kitchen, I think..." She leaned back. Now that she was thinking about it. "A garden would be nice, actually. I'd love to grow my own vegetables and flowers and herbs..."
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But Levi was looking at her in surprised, if not a little confused, before smiling and saying,

"A mortgage? Well what size of a house were you thinking? Because I was planning on paying cash..."
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"Well once I started dating Viola seriously," he said raising his brows. "I started to put aside money for a house. And when we broke up I thought I might as well keep on saving it. Seems like the responsible thing to do if I was hoping that marriage and a family was in my future."

He laughed lightly, then said, " you really have no idea how much I make a year, do you?"