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 #27776  by Ivan Ramazanov
"He's not so bad..." said Ivan, but then added, "No that is lie. He is. But he can be more reasonable then you think. Cross him and he can be scary, yes. Be he has reasonable side. Also this is where I come in. Maybe you are Thing Two to him, but I am Ivan Ramazanov, head of his security. Has some weight to it, yes?"

He was quiet a moment, then said, "If you disappear, and our mistress asks me to send someone after you... don't take it personal. I would give them nothing to go off of. No hint I might have idea where to start but... I would not defy her in that order. You understand?" he said, looking at her hopefully.
 #27777  by Magdalina Eklund
Magda swallowed thickly, nodding. "I understand, and I wouldn't hold it against you. After all, I even did it to Petra." She frowned. "I should have distracted Simon or something. I could have given her more time to leave...I just thought things would get better for her."

She looked up at Ivan, taking a breath.

"Captain...I know this isn't really the right time, and it could be pointless after speaking to Mr Iver. But I wanted you to know that despite how we started off, or anything awkward in between, I still really like you. Not just on a dating level but I mean...as a leader, I really respect you. Even if you was distant, I knew your intentions were good. You was still fair to me, and you didn't exclude me. I'm also really glad you let me use the training room so often. I made friends because of that alone, and I got to have a place where I could get away from all of Mrs Iver's formalities and regulations and just be myself. I realise that I spent a lot of my time not being completely genuine to you, and even after you found out, I still wasn't because I was trying so hard to make it up to you and prove I wasn't all that bad."

She cleared her throat.

"I just...you know. I wanted you to know that I appreciated you. I still do."
 #27780  by Ivan Ramazanov
Ivan took a deep breath, then said, "Thank you... I... that means a lot. I needed to hear zhat right about now. It... has been a rough couple of months."

It really had been. But he couldn't go more in depth with her. It wouldn't be professional. But her words were so deeply appreciated.

"I appreciate you as well Magdalina," he said, "And I wish you were able to enjoy your job more. Because you are very good at it. I don't know how we will replace you. "

Standing then he said, "Some times is better to rip the bandage at once. Let us go see Mr Iver now. He is usually in his study about this time. Why wait some days and give yourself anxiety over it?"
 #27781  by Magdalina Eklund
Magda followed suit to stand, but at his words, she hesitated. But he was right. Even so, she stepped forward to him, tentative, face blushing a little. Damn, he was so handsome. She remembered the first time she saw him, immediately appreciating his physique and charm and accent. Ugh. Hearing his compliment to her made the butterflies start all over again, but she pushed through, lifting her hand up, her little finger outstretched.

"I know it's stupid." She started. "But promise me...if you are instructed to do something bad to me, don't risk yourself. I know you won't because it's your job but...I don't want you to feel bad for obeying orders. You don't owe me anything. It's not your fault I'm in this mess, and I don't expect you to save me. I appreciate the help, but please just...promise that...I don't know. Say if I did die, you wouldn't feel the need to blame yourself, just...just say it was meant to happen and maybe come to the funeral. Okay?"
 #27787  by Ivan Ramazanov
Ivan looked back into her eyes, but finally he said, "Ok."

But he wasn't sure he meant it. He had been instructed to dole out punishment before to those under his authority, but never death to someone who's only crime was wanting another life...

"We are going to figure something out," he said in a very serious tone. "We have to."
 #27788  by Nathan Iver
Half an hour later...

Nathan sat back in his chair, looking between his head of security and the young woman... what was her name again? Petra's sister...?

He had heard them out. Petra's sister wanted to leave, to pursue different dreams but she was under a life contract that was not of her making, but her ancestors making. And she was... growing increasingly distressed because Astrid seemed to want her to be her sister. It was all put very diplomatically of course, with emphasis put on her concern that she could never please her mistress as Petra had and that she would only cause Astrid unhappiness as she was reminded daily of how she was not Petra, and never would be.

But he could read between the lines. He knew a little of what Petra had done for Astrid, and could guess at the rest.

Nathan sighed, rubbed his brow wearily, then said,

"This is... terrible timing... Magda was it? You do realize you are wanting to leave your mistress when she needs you most. Her home may be with me, but this country does not yet feel like home. The people around her are not her people. She brought very few of her original servants. You and your sister were the ones she trusted most and knew best. She is farther away from her closest friends, and in her own home most of her servants tended to be woman. Women she had trained to fit her ways, understand her desires, her whims, her moods. Here she is surround mostly by men. Men she isn't sure she has the full respect of," he said, glancing at Ivan who shifted uncomfortably on his feet.

Looking back at Magda he said, "Is that reallywhat you want to do to her? I know she is a bit... intense right now. But could you not give it a month or so? And then perhaps I could approach her for you. Let you move on with out incident and with out great distress to her...?"
 #27790  by Magdalina Eklund
Magda frowned, biting her lip.

"I...I don't want her to be sad or upset. I just want her to find someone else...I was never really made to be her perfect steward. I'm not Petra. At the same time, I do want to support her...but I can't do it like this."

She ran her hand through her hair, thinking carefully.

"In a month, it might be too late...but I guess...maybe there can be like a subtle phasing out? Maybe I can join the Watchdogs or something so I don't fall directly under her command? I don't know. We can say that it's so I don't stand out so much, or that I can get the benefits of their discipline and training, or I can be more united with them whilst trying to deal with Kingdom members?" She shook her head. "I just really want to start separating myself, even if it's just a little. Maybe just ease the fact that I'm not really needed as an individual."
 #27799  by Ivan Ramazanov
“Yes, is perfect,” said Ivan, speaking up before Nathan could shoot it down. He could see Nathan’s goal was to keep his wife as happy as humanly possible at the moment and so he needed him to feel that this would make Astrid more happy, and therefor pleasant to deal with in the end.

“You say she feels alone, in a sea of people she can not fully trust, yes? Will she not feel more comfortable with her own people integrated more into Watchdogs? You heard her words to me the other day. Her concern is not just that I do not respect her, or take her seriously as mistress, but that this is part of all Watchdogs as a whole. Well...” He gestured towards Magda, then said,

“She needs her own people integrated, especially one she trust so deeply. It gives her more control, more knowledge, an insider into Watchdogs. Also, as Magda says... she might technically be under my command now, but she is kept too separate. She does not know our training, our system, our ways to flow seamlessly with us. Is the problem we have with Kingdom. She can better protect and look after our mistresses best interests when she is with her, if she can really-“ but he was cut off as Nathan held up a hand.
 #27800  by Nathan Iver
“Alright, I see, You make your point well. Well enough that I almost forget you have an agenda to protect Magda here from my wife’s plans...”

But brows suddenly shooting up, Nathan said, “Oh... don’t tell me...” looking to Magdalina he said, “Is Ramazanov sleeping with you girl?”

Well that made sense. She had used her charms to lure him in before withe the little game she and her sister were ordered to play. Yes he had been mad but... she was a pretty enough little thing that he could see Ivan getting past that issue...
 #27801  by Magdalina Eklund
Magda took a breath as Ivan spoke. Good, he was backing her up. But then at Nathan's words, she stiffened. Sleeping with him? She wished!

But she shook her head immediately.

"No, Sir. I haven't slept with anyone whilst I've been here." She said, rather honestly.
 #27804  by Ivan Ramazanov
Ivan’s face blushed a bit as he said, “I have neverslept with one of my employees sir. Most she and I did vas kiss... long time ago. And that was mistake. I will never get into romantic relationship with someone who works under me now or ever. And I have same rule for my other employees who hold positions of authority.”
 #27805  by Nathan Iver
Nathan rolled his eyes, then said with a smirk, “Really Ivan. You have never been in a romantic relationship with any of your male employees? I am so terribly impressed... must be hard surrounded by all that man flesh.”

Ivan glanced away, and muttered something about having a female receptionist, but Nathan was already ignoring him, focusing on Magda as he said, “Will this work for you then? If I make Astrid see that you would be useful for a time being almost exclusively working with Watchdogs? You might regret it. You might wish you were spending your time with her. Considering resent events you will likely be seen as a spy and not get the warm welcome you are wishing for. And from those that do trust you the welcome might be a bit too warm if you catch my drift.”
 #27806  by Magdalina Eklund
Magda nodded her head feverishly. "Even if it's just for a month, I'll do anything just to get out of this route. I'll uhm..." She glanced around, trying to think.

"Well, I'll just do anything to make this better. I can keep up with the men, and even if I don't make friends, it's okay. I don't mind." She looked hopeful. "If it's not too much trouble...could you also briefly mention that it would be a good idea for me to change my look? She really, really wants me to look like Petra, so if I just stopped that quickly, maybe it would help her dissociate me with her?"

She brought her long, white-blonde hair over her shoulder, stroking over it. It was incredibly long at this point.

"I was thinking short. And black."
 #27809  by Nathan Iver
“Short and black?” Said Nathan rolling his eyes a bit. He much preferred attractive women to have long hair. And to get rid of that pretty color?

“Well I suppose I could tell her you must make yourself look less attractive so that the male security stops their incessant sexual harassment of you...”
 #27810  by Ivan Ramazanov
“My men are not complete animals!” Interjected Ivan. “They have had a lot of training on this."

Ivsn was not a fan of this idea. He knew they were a bit rough but... considering the current mood he did not want to give Astrid another reason to dislike his employees.

"I have better idea," he said quickly. "Tell her it is a practicle way for her to fit in. If she looks like Petra they might not trust her because they know that Petra betrayed the Iver family so horribly. They must not subconsciously think that Magda will follow in the ways of her sister. No thought that they are twins. And you can add that our one other female security member wears her hair short because it is practical. Thanks to Miss Shepherd we like to do a lot of physical, hand-to-hand training and a ponytail or braids is a great disadvantage in this area. Also everything I said is not even necessarily a lie..." he shrugged and said, "Its all good points."