A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

 #27712  by Nathan Iver
Nathan... was actually quite uncomfortable himself. He brought his hand up to his face, resting his fingers against his chin. He glanced away, then looked back at the scene unfolding as it was too hard not to watch.

He was a bit torn as he was still drawn to Astrid and her cold, calculated game of pure domination... her subtitle genius that seemed to grow and unfold at every minute...

He appreciated the art of it but... Well this was Ivan! Not Viola. Even beating her had felt more... comfortable some how.

Or maybe it was just because he was another man. Nathan couldn't help but empathies a bit more.
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"Beautiful," said Ivan at once. "Nice curves, full figure, smaller waist compared to hips and breasts but... to be honest I would rather more meat on bones then too skinny and flat chested. I like longer hair, big eyes, soft skin, pretty smile, shorter zhen me, but not so short I get crick in neck bending down to kiss," he said, unconsciously rubbing the back of his neck. It was an experience he had often...

"I think I want what most men want," he said, starting to cross his arms again and then forcing himself to uncross them. He then added, "Dark hair. Dark eyes. Flexible."

Why? What was this for? Random curiosity?

He tried to forget Nathan was in the room. This was embarrassing enough!
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Ivan jut out his jaw, looked up at the ceiling, and unconsciously cross his arms. He did not want to answer that question. He was never brutally honest with a woman about her appearance! Worst idea ever...

He brought a hand up to his face and scratched the bristle on his chin, then looking back at her finally he said, "I find most woman attractive simply by nature that they are women. You are not an ugly woman.... but maybe Mr Iver's tastes are not mine..."

It was the best he could do!! She was pretty.... beautiful even... if a starved, alien wraith was your cup of tea.... Alien wraith that always looked as though she were considering you for her next meal...
 #27716  by Astrid Iver
Astrid smirked.

"You are not attracted to me. I shall say it since you are to afraid to. But it makes this next part even better for me."

She still had not looked down, perhaps not even past his collarbone. Her eyes now remained fixed on his, permanently as she spoke.

"Kiss me."
 #27719  by Astrid Iver
Astrid could feel the anger pour from Nathan was exhilarating. But she spoke lowly so Ivan could hear.

"Ask for his permission to follow my orders again and I will not hesitate to render you impotent. And believe me, I am in arms reach of doing so. Now, get to it, Ramazanov."
 #27720  by Ivan Ramazanov
Ivan did not hesitate after that. He stepped forward, placed a hand on the side of her face, just tilting her chin up a bit as he leaned in to kiss her full on the lips.

And it wouldn't be a quick peck either. He knew she meant a real kiss, and he wanted to make up for his hesitation by following her full meaning. Because it was only after Nathan's words that he realized what this was. It really had very little to do with him, and everything to do with the two of them. This punishment was for Nathan.

And with time to think he would have to admit it was good... Nathan would likely never kiss another woman besides Astrid again...
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 #27721  by Astrid Iver
Only...that didn't happen. Ivan had most certainly intended to kiss her, likely with some sort of passion if he could muster it. Even by his hand on her cheek, she could tell. But the millisecond his lips brushed against hers, she turned her face to the side, pushing his hand from her face. She brought her hand up, pressing her palm to his collarbone to make sure he kept a reasonable distance from her.

Astrid's eyes locked on Nathan, and she remained silent for a long few seconds, expression blank.

"It was all just a game?" She questioned, referencing his first excuse regarding his kiss with 'Viola'. "I do not play games when it comes to our marriage. But now I know you understand."

She backed up, looking up at Ivan. And still, after all this time, her eyes did not drift.

"I know you think this was very unfair for me to do. Unfortunately, you are devoted to the Ivers, and sometimes it requires your services in unconventional ways. Also quite unfortunate that you stumbled twice and asked Nathan for guidance despite the orders I gave you. Regardless of this, I recognise your efforts, and for them, I forgive your misdemeanours and will ensure you receive something for your continued loyalty." She leaned forward slightly. "Now, put on your fucking clothes."
 #27723  by Nathan Iver
But Nathan grit his teeth, looking away a moment before muttering in a low voice, "Understood my dear..."

He was not certain he was relieved. Part of him wished she HAD kissed him. Maybe then she could let him go from this prison of her emotions she kept him in! She was once again letting him know she was better then he was. Took their vows more seriously! Would do nothing to distress him and yet!!!... She was still mentally torturing him!...

Pushing off the desk he walked over to her, quite close, his hand drifting up to cup the side of her face as he said, "Is it over then? this wall you have set up between us? I've learned every lesson you could devise. You have made every point. I have made possible all you have asked...."

And her final night of glory was yet to come! She should be living on a high now and fully forgive him! and never bring up the cursed event again!...
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Astrid looked up at him. She knew he was mad, perhaps even furious. But he didn't want his anger to bleed onto her, she was sure. Carefully, Astrid leaned up, kissing him, relishing in the sweet release of pent up tension. Merlin it felt good after all of that. She barely kept herself from gripping at his hair and begging him to take her right there and then!

But of course, healer's recommendations. Ugh!

She pulled back, looking into his eyes.

"There is one more thing I need from you after our arrangement." She spoke, referring to the night they planned. "I need you to give me a son."
 #27725  by Nathan Iver
Really? He needed to give her a son before she fully forgave him?...

"Careful what you ask for," Nathan said with a sly smile. " just how long do you think I want this to last? You've given me permission not to drag my feet in that department..."

Wrapping his arm around her waist then and pulling her close he said,

"You can go Ivan,"

It had been a few weeks. What did healers know...
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Astrid inhaled sharply as he pulled her close, the realisation of what was happening setting in. Did she really want it to happen so soon? Well...sort of. Time would not wait for her to be ready, and she needed her son to start rising to the top. Sure, her daughter could do it, but her goal had always been to continue a line of superior purebloods.

She took a deep breath, restraining herself for a moment. But then again, why? Things were finally getting back on track right? Nathan was understanding her point, and he was her husband! She had every right to enjoy him. But she smirked up at him, lifting a brow.

"Go on then...convince me to let you start now."