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Ivan swallowed hard, the hairs on his arm raising as her nail traced up his throat. The position his neck was held in was quite uncomfortable. But her words?... were even more so. She knew what she wanted from this.

And now he knew why Nathan had told him to stay on his knees until she was satisfied...

"I..." he tried to search for the best words, but not really finding any he said, "Is bad habit… You have only been here short time. I and many of my men have been faithful to your husband for many, many years. Even when working under his patterners, he was the real authority. The final word. One most respected. Forgive me for saying but... he has had many woman in and out of life. I have treated all with respect, even followed small requests, or orders they have given. But I never though of their word as his. As I said, bad habit," bringing his hands up a bit with an apologetic look. "Was not done intentional with you."

Not wanting her anger to then fall on his employees he said, "As for rest, they do as I say. They follow my lead. I vill make it clear to them they are to listen to you as if you were one. No questions. If they show any disrespect, or question order, you just tell me. I will deal with them and be sure they never make same mistake twice. If they fail that is on me. Is my failing. And I will let them know if they screw up it puts me in bad light. Trust me. they do not want to deal with my disappointment or anger either..."
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Nathan watched quite fascinated. His wife knew how to handle wayward servants, that was for sure. He didn't even have to speak a word! Which was better as he didn't need to be tell Ivan how to act at this point. It was sink or swim for the man.

But Nathan did enjoy watching his wife work. It... gave him a certain amount of satisfaction and pleasure as well. She was so good at this...
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But Astrid chuckled under her breath.

"Oh, no-no, Ivan." She spoke, tilting her head at him, a smirk beginning to grow. "I don't think you understand. You see...they are your employees, which means they are Nathan and I's employees. And as far as I am aware...you have already had your warning. Allow me to make this explicitly transparent. If your employees disrespect me or go against my wishes with no real cause, they will be the ones to tell you after I have finished discarding their limbs. I will not tell you in the hopes of you offering some polite little discipline."

She suddenly gripped his jaw tightly, seething down at him.

"This is their first warning. If they misbehave, I will have to presume that you have failed your job in teaching them the new ways, do you understand me? It will mean that no only do they disregard the Ivers, but they disregard their own boss. By that point, they are lost causes, and do not deserve my blessings or pity."

She released her grip of his jaw, and then brought her hand up, her thumb on his lips. She stared down, heat beating irregularly at the adrenaline. She didn't know what drove her to do it, but she had to. She pressed her thumb passed his lips, grazing his teeth and pushing against his tongue for a mere few seconds before sliding her thumb back out and wiping the saliva on his cheek.

"I am a fair woman, Ivan. Perhaps one day, you will come to realise this."
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Ivan cringed inwardly as she pushed her finger into his mouth before wiping it across his cheek. It was oddly both intimate... and dominating. He did not like it, but he only flinched ever so slightly on the outside

"More then fair..." said Ivan, concern rushing through him. He needed to have a very, very serious talk with his employees... He could only hope she was being a bit dramatic when she spoke of discarded limbs! But if it was true... he had a feeling a lot of Kingdom employees were going to be in for a surprise. They were even more rough around the edges then his men, and likely didn't think such prim and proper people could be as brutal as their old boss Wesley.

"It will be as you say," he added. "Thankyou for giving me and Watchdogs another chance... I do not anticipate any further trouble." He couldn't! Not with those stakes
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Astrid lifted her chin. "Good." She said simply.

She flicked her eyes up to Nathan then, her pupils dilated, her blue-green irises barely visible. If she did not have to wait so many weeks on doctor's recommendations, she would have demanded Nathan take her there and then. Perhaps with Ivan still on his knees, in full view. But she restrained herself.

"Does he know what I require of him?" She lifted a brow to her husband.
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Nathan watched, fascinated. She was amazing, and he felt quite turned on by her! Although, knowing his wife's own tastes, he wasn't sure how he felt watching her push her finger into Ivan's mouth. It wasn't unlike similar things he had done to express dominance but... still....

When she spoke he smiled, and said, "Yes, to an extent. I told him there was a bit of a test... to fully submit himself to your will. I thought that was sufficient for now. I think surrendering to the unknown only adds to the lesson learned and gives a certain show of trust."

Sitting back against his desk then Nathan said, "This is all... strangely poetic. Ivan you represent my strength, commitment, fortitude... Your failing, is my failing." Looking to Astrid he said, "I clearly was too easy on them. So I bare some responsibility.."

Looking back at Ivan then as he said, "Just as you would if your men failed us. Still... they would have to be punished all the same, just as you must be for my own failure to be sure you never disappointed my wife. But still this tableau is almost art. You kneeling before her represents all my feelings on the matter..." he said, from his comfortable position a few feet away, on his feet, resting back against his desk...

"I don't enjoy seeing you reprimanded so," (which was mostly a lie), "but it is necessary if we are all to make up for our past sins."

He could feel something stirring in him for his wife. How many week now did they have now?
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Nathan's words resonated within her. She found herself staring down at Ivan, somewhat day dreaming about what would come to be. But her eyes instinctively went back to Nathan, her breath caught in her chest. For a moment, she pictured herself walking over to her husband, kissing him passionately, and asking permission to do what she had wanted to do.

But then she remembered what had started this snowball of events. Her eyes flicked down, and she gestured for him to stand. Once upright, she lifted her chin, looking Ivan in the eyes.

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Ivan had thought once Nathan spoke that... well this long apology was over, and standing at her motion it definitely seemed so. He had learned his lesson. He had done what Nathan asked. surely she could not ask for anything mor-

He looked at her startled as she spoke her one word. What. the. Hell?

He made a choking sound as he held back a resounding No. His eyes then went distinctively to Nathan. She could not be serious...
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Nathan's brows shot up as he stared at Astrid.

What...? was she doing?...this hadn't been the plan....

But as he caught Ivan turning his eyes to him Nathan quickly made his face neutral, then looking back at Ivan he said in a dry tone, "Don't look at me. Do you want to get a TROLL on your first test?"
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Well Nathan wouldn't... or couldn't be of any help here. But it was true. He had promised not to question her again... He just hadn't expected her to tell him to do something so humiliating right off the bat like that!

But after closing his eyes a moment, and silently cursing these insane Ivers… he opened his eyes once more and began to take off his clothing, his eyes looking right into Astrid's, almost unblinking. If that's what she wanted he wasn't going to be coy about it, that was for sure!

He took hold of his shirt and peeled it off over his head, tossing it aside, showing his well defined mussels and the elaborate tattoo of a compass above his left breast. He then kicked off his shoes and stooped to pull of his socks. Looking back into her eyes then he began to unbuckle his belt...
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Astrid did not even look at her husband,she simply stared, unwavering, into Ivan's eyes. She knew he was surprised. Both of them were. That was the point. Her expression was stoic, unmoving, hands clasped behind her back.

"Keep going." She spoke sternly as though she was a headmistress. But even as his hands moved, she did not flick her eyes down once.
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Ivan did as he was told with out even a sigh, finally taking off and dropping the last piece of clothing onto the floor before crossing his arms and looking at her in silence.

He wasn't even going to attempt to discreetly holding his hands to cover himself. Wasn't going to give her the satisfaction of seeing him blush. If this is what she wanted then this was what she got! He had nothing to be ashamed of...
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But Astrid suddenly seemed colder than ever. A few moments ago she was ready to be taken to a private room with Nathan in ecstasy from the domineering high. But now, she still did not let her eyes wander. They buried themselves into ivan's.

"Tell me about the kind if woman you enjoy." She said firmly, reading his face. "And I suggest you uncross your arms immediately."
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Ivan did so, looking up for a moment as he tried to fix his expression. He could feel the defiance trying to build up in him, ready to leak into his face, his eyes, anything to let the woman know she couldn't break him! Looking back at her then he shook his head a moment, then said,

"You mean physically? Or whole package, like for serious relationship?"