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 #27660  by Maximilian Rogan
Meanwhile in the flat...

Dice grind devilishly wile he slipped on a pair of brass knuckles, then leapt onto the struggling wizard, smashing his fist into his face wile he said, “Stop fighting it boyo!”

Rolling the man over on his back then, Dice began to whistle as his bound his wrists together.

Florian was right. This was fun!
 #27661  by Cecile Delaurier
Cecile took Kit's hand, gripping his arm as she struggled for both balance and breath. She barely registered what he was saying, but about gathered what Florian was asking.

"Just that guy and the one in the chair...uhm, both wizards. I don't know about traps...just maybe keep away from the walls...he seemed a bit too uhm...focused on the guy in the chair to think we'd be interrupted."

She pushed her hand into her hair, staring at the door, not realising her hand was squeezing Kit's arm. She heard the noises from the other side of the wall.

"Is...is he down?"
 #27662  by Florian Dahl
Florian opened the door, revealing Dice tying the wizard up. Looking back at Cecile he said with a smile,

“Does that answer your question?” Wand still drawn he entered her flat, looking about the place before looking back at Cecile and saying, “Now would you mind telling me what the hell we are walking into here. Your friend Harper here found me all in a confused panic. Babbling about how he couldn’t involve the Ministry, and how he had to trust someone and if I could help get you out of a possible hostage situation...”

Florian looked at the man in the chair, cringed at his bloody state, then said, “But I am a little confused about who the hostage is here... Anyway, I didn’t want to walk into something with out a little experienced back up, so I brought my friend Max Rogan here as well.” He said, jerking a thumb at Dice. “This little rescue scenario was actually his idea. Worked pretty well I would say...”
 #27663  by Maximilian Rogan
As Florian entered, followed by Kit and Cecile, Dice finished up the knots, then turned to the others and gave a little salute, saying as Florian said his name, “Yes... we have met.”

Standing then he straitened his shirt, then walking towards Cecile he said with a grin, “I even danced with her once at a Christmas party long ago. And recently helped rescue her from a vampire.” He clicked his tongue, then said with a grin, “Will I always be fated to rescue you Miss Delaurier?”

Leaning in closer to her he said with a wink, “Mr Dahl here promised you would sleep with me if I helped you out.” He looked at her a moment in silence, then suddenly laughing he turned to Florian and said, “You were right! That was funny! I don’t even properly know the back story but I could see her eye twitch!”

Looking back at her Dice said, “Sorry, just a joke. Florian said you two would get it if I said that,” he said, gesturing between Kit and Cecile.
 #27664  by Florian Dahl
Florian shook his head, covering his face with his hand as Dice started laughing, then said, “Rogan! I told you to say I promised you a kiss! Not... did you have to bring that to the next level man?”

Looking at Cecile he said, “It was a joke. sorry... It seemed funnier at the bar. We were both drinking...”

He had sobered up quite a bit on the way there.
 #27677  by Cecile Delaurier
Cecile hadn't realised, but she was shaking as she entered her flat, looking around wide-eyed.

"I uhm...I joined a group of vigilantes. They said they would teach me how to be a bounty hunter...they sent this guy to 'teach' me but he uhm...he wasn't..." She looked down at the man in the chair, choking a little on a sob. "Even if they're possible criminals, I don't want to torture anyone..."

As Dice spoke, she blinked, a little overwhelmed. These three men had come to help her, no questions asked. How could she not be thankful? Without hesitation, she leaned forward, kissing Dice on the cheek and pulling him in for a hug. But she soon let go, turning to Florian and doing the same - kissing him on the cheek and squeezing him tightly in a hug.

She paused, looking over to Kit. She felt herself about to speak, but as she opened her mouth, she covered it with her hand to hide a sudden sob. Perhaps a burst of relief. She rushed forward, swinging her arms around his shoulders, pressing her face into his neck and starting to cry quite audibly. Cecile had simply not been mentally prepared for this, and because of that, she clung to Kit as though she was afraid he was going to leave her.
 #27678  by Florian Dahl
Dice accepted the kiss and hugged her back easily, wile Florian looked a bit more stunned. Twenty four hours ago things had been pretty tense between them and even with stepping into help... he never knew what he would get with Cecile for sure!

But he hugged her back and hoped this might mean that finally they could put their shaky, unhappy past behind them.
 #27679  by Kit Harper
When she embraced him, bursting into tears, Kit didn’t know what to do! But he put his arms around her, holding her close as she cried, saying in a quite voice,

“It’s ok Cecile... you’re going to be ok...”

So he had guessed right! Thank God... What if he had been totally foo! He was also glad he didn’t go to the Ministry after all. She might have been arrested as well. Probably would have gotten into some sort of trouble...

But for now, this felt good. After how angry she had been at him he too, like Florian, hoped things were different now...
 #27680  by Maximilian Rogan
After hearing out her story, and seeing her burst into tears, Dice scratched his head, glanced at Florian, then clearing his throat said,

“Erm... I am thinking this might not be the right line of business for you Cecile. This is all pretty standard in the vigilante world. Not easy to keep your hands clean. If you are working above the law you can’t scare someone with time is Azkban so... you have to use other methods... Might I suggest opening a flower shop, or, now here me out on this... Marrying a wealthy bachelor and never having to work again. Honestly I would take the second. Trust me, if I could I would marry a rich bachelor or bachelorette. But I don’t have your looks. I happen to know one too. Comes with two kids but who doesn’t, am I right?” He said with a grin.
 #27686  by Cecile Delaurier
Cecile pulled back, shaking her head at Dice's words. Maybe he was right, but even so, she didn't care in this moment. She reached up, cupping Kit's face and pressing her forehead to him, speaking lowly to him through her tears.

"I'm sorry for everything...for everything. Knowing you did this for me, despite your differences with Florian, and taking a risk to save me...I can't even begin to express just how much..." She took a breath, her thumbs stroking his cheeks. "Just how much I appreciate you. I'm sorry for not realising it, or for treating you so badly, or for using you. You've been one of my only true friends, and I don't know how to repay you for that, but I want to try my best."
 #27688  by Kit Harper
“I know how you can repay him...” Dice started to say, beginning to bring his hands up to mimic a rude gesture, but Florian quickly shoved him in the ribs, and told him to help him pick up the guy in the chair and see if he was dead.

Meanwhile Kit looked back into her eyes, not sure how he felt about all her praise. He had done almost nothing other than pull her out of the room... but he accepted it in, finally saying, “You don’t need to do anything other than just be my friend Cecile. And maybe... I don’t know... I would say reconsider leaving England but...”

Looking at the man tied up on the floor he said, “Are you going to be in trouble for this?”
 #27695  by Kit Harper
Kit looked over at Florian and grimaced, then said, "I'm.... sorry I tried to hit you at the reception... And start a fight. I might not agree with you on everything, but at least you are a man of your word and you will put yourself on the line for people you care about. I take back everything nasty I ever said about you..."

"Well most of it..." he added.