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Cecile tilted her head at him.

"He admitted that much...he at least admitted to incidentally killing that guy, anyway. He's the one most directly related to the kidnapping, so I need to work quickly. I don't know he was actually the one to do the kidnapping...but that's the point of interrogation, right?"

She looked up at his face, reading his expression for a moment. But her own face began to fall, and she lowered her voice.

"You don't trust me, do you?" She looked away, taking a breath. "If you're going to tell the ministry, can you just do it already? Or at least tell me so I can prepare myself."
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“I trust you...” said Kit, glancing at the man once more and stepping in closer to her. In a lowered voice then he said, “I am just worried about you. I am not even sure you really know what you are doing or the danger. And I am not trying to be condescending here. I know I wouldn’t know! I just hope you really thought this out but...”

He glanced at the man once more, then frowning said, “If you are really on a time crunch I need to let you go. This sounds horrible and serious.... and basically overshadows anything I have to say. Just... be careful Cecile...” he said, taking a slow step back from her.
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Cecile glanced over her shoulder at him. He was staring right at her, clearly angry and frustrated. Swallowing, she stepped into Kit, closing the door halfway behind her, speaking very lowly to him.

"Listen to me, Kit. Listen carefully." She looked him in the eyes, seriously. "You shouldn't be here. I shouldn't be here. So if you need to contact the Ministry...contact the Ministry. Tell them you stumbled across him in search of me, if you must. Because I can't let him go."

She reached forward, gripping his shirt, her eyes showing an ounce of fear.

"I can't let him go."
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Feeling a bit hurt now, Kit closed his hand on hers and said,

“Cecile... why do you even think I would do that to you? You know my hands aren’t exactly clean myself. Worried bout you doesn’t mean go and tell the Ministry. Not when you re only trying to do the right thing. You know how I feel bout the paper pushing Ministry as it is! I supported you when you went after that vampire that murdered your brother, didn’t I? I’ll always support you, because that’s what friends do... Even when that friend is unreasonably mad at me,” he added with a rye smile
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He wasn't understanding. Her eyes widened at his words, and then she heard the man muffling again.

"Kit..." She started, looking him in the eye. "If not the Ministry...tell someone if you have to."

She stared at him, hoping he would get her point.

"This is extremely dangerous, and I wasn't prepared to have anyone here right now. Do you understand? You need to go. I'll think about the date." She leaned up, kissing him on the cheek, but then lowly whispered into his ear.

"Help me. I'm not ready..."

She pulled back, hearing the shuffling on the chair, she looked back to the man. "Stop moving. You're so lucky I'm in a good mood right now... "
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Kit looked at her in confusion. She seemed to be trying to tell him something... did... she... want him to tell the Ministry? But why didn’t she just say that? Someone else was there?

“Uhm... ok... I’ll... do what I feel I have to... I guess you are onto me a out that...” he said, feeling like his mind was spinning. It was the only think he could pick up from her inflection.

Backing up slowly, a confused look still on his face he said, “Well you take care... Cecile...”

What the hell had he just gotten himself mixed up in?!
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Cecile nodded to him as he spoke. As he backed up, she mouth the words 'I love you' to him before shutting the door. Carefully, she slid the lock back on, getting onto her tip toes to watch him through the peephole.

"Is he gone?" Another voice spoke. Cecile hesitated, lowering herself back down and taking a breath.

"Yeah..." She replied, turning around to see a large man stood at the other side of the room who was starting to unravel a set of tools.

"Good. Let's make this fucker pay. Do you want to start with the fingers?"

Cecile hesitated, opening and closing her mouth, but soon settling to shake her head. "I really don't...I thought we were just going to interrogate him...not maim him..."

The man tilted his head at her, his glare prominent. It made Cecile swallow hard, and she had to try and calm herself down. She knew he wouldn't hesitate to do the same to her if he needed to. She glanced back at the door, and then slowly approached to pick up a tool from the array presented...
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She loved him?!

Kit began to feel his concern growing. Once out on the streets he began to walk, glancing over his shoulder to make sure he wasn’t being followed. He still wasn’t sure. He didn’t want her to get in trouble. She was in over her head but... This could end her!

But finally he paused in his steps. Ok... there were options. He needed to act fast!
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.... it was a little wile later that there was a hard knock on her door, follow by Kit, saying in an excited voice,

“Cecile! I don’t care what you have going on in there! I love you! And I am not going away until you open this door and admit you love me too! And say we are meant to be together! If you don’t open up I will stay here all night!”

He really hoped this worked...
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Cecile was shaking. Her face was pale. She was sweating. She could hardly catch her breath as she scrubbed the blood from her hands and arms almost violently. She heard the sounds of the other man behind her, cleaning his tools and packing them away. But it was then that she heard Kit's voice, and she flinched, glancing over her shoulder.

"Go answer it. Get him to leave." The hulking man said, shaking his head and going back to what he was doing.

She nodded quickly, drying off her hands, trying not to think about what would happen if Kit saw what they'd done. She rushed to the door, opening it up carefully, but blocking the entrance to try and grasp what Kit was doing first. What was he even doing back here? She'd already told him that she loved him.

Had he misread or...was this a plan...?

"Kit! What are you doing? I told you to go..." But she looked at him, a weird mix of hopefulness and fear on her face. Had he really come back to help her?
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“I need to apologize properly,” he said, jamming his foot against the door. “Did Paris mean nothing to you?” His expression nervous as he placed a hand on her’s.

“Remember how you trusted me then?” He said, begging her with his eyes not to fight on on this. “Just trust me now!”

And with that he jerked her hard out into the hall, practically throwing himself on top of her to shield her from a possible spell sent their way!
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Wile Kit was at the front door, hopefully creating a distraction, the lock on the window that lead i to the main room, was clicking open. It would be heard for sure if the room were silent, but with the noise Kit was making as he shouted his love to Cecile...

Slinking a hand through the opening window Dice aimed for the man with the tools... annd shot a powerful stunning spell right at him!
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Cecile furrowed her brows as Kit spoke. Paris? What did that have to do with anything? And then she saw his foot, and felt him take his hand. It began to dawn on her what he was about to do, but even with that, she did not expect the force that she was dragged out. But she didn't resist. She allowed herself to be thrown to the floor under him, gripping onto him as she gasped from the impact. Winded, she tucked her head into Kit's neck, closing her eyes.

She heard Florian's voice as he cast a spell. Wait, Florian!? And what was that noise from inside her flat!?

Inside, the man shouted loudly as Cecile was pulled away, already reaching for his wand. But he was suddenly hit square in the back back Dice, yelling in pain as he felt his knees buckle and his entire body flopped down. He fell right into the back of the chair, taking it down with him, the man tied up (or what remained of him) whacking his head on the floor.

The beast of a man muffled as he strained against the affects of the spell, the incriminated captive out cold.
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Kit listened, then hearing a delighted shout from Dice he looked at Cecil and said, “Sorry about that. Are you alright?”

Hurrying to his feet he offered her a hand up as he said, “I uhm... hope I didn’t guess wrong here... but you seemed in distress, and like you couldn’t talk in front of someone...”