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Danica gasped as he moved towards her so fast, suddenly pushed her back onto the floor! For a moment she thought he was attacking, angry, trying to force her to break the spell! But then he was kissing her, feeling her up!

“Stop it!” She said forcefully, hitting his shoulder with the palm of her hand. But then she felt his arousal against her leg, and his hand against her hip, appreciating her curves...

Suddenly she was gripping his hair in her free hand and pulling him back against her, kissing him and then arching her back, leaning her chin back so he could continue at her neck.

“Don’t stop...” she breathed.
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And Ciceron didn't. He pressed against her, running his hand up her body. The drugs seemed to make it feel like his metal hand was real...like he could feel the heat from her skin, appreciate how soft she was. He moaned into her ear, nipping at her neck before pulling back briefly to look at her, smiling a little, about to speak.

But then his eyes moved to her neck, and he began to furrow his brow. A panic set in.

"Dani! Your neck...when did..." A sudden anger filled him. "Why didn't you tell me you was attacked by a vampire!? What the fuck!? When? Who?!"
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Danica looked up at him in shock... and then tears leaked from her eyes and suddenly she was crying, and crying and crying. It wasn't an act either. Her life.. everything was ruined! Her husband was turning to substance abuse, didn't want to be with her before even knowing she cheated, everything! Just everything was over!!

She clung to him, sobbing, but finally she said, "I... I don't know who... He didn't tell me his name... I... Wanted to tell you but... you never... you never even came looking for me! You just left me to stew in the fact that you wanted a divorce! And when I found you again and try to give you what you wanted you still wanted a divorce! What was the point in telling you anything when you didn't even want me!"

She began to cry harder. She didn't know if she would believe her story. But she felt it was all over. She couldn't save her husband from himself. And he couldn't save her.
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Ciceron felt his lungs seize up, his heart clenched in his chest. He pulled away from her, looking down, brows furrowed, a look of desperation on his face.

"Danica...what did you do? When did-"

But it began to come together. He didn't go looking for her, and in that time, she had slept with someone else. He stared down at her, and soon began to lean back in disbelief, sitting on his heels as he stared ahead into nothingness. He felt the life drain from him the substance's pleasant affects shifting to something far uglier.

"Release the magic, Danica." He said blandly. "I have no need to jump out of the window. You have already killed me from the inside out."
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Danica stared back at him, bringing her hand to her mouth, but finally she said,

“Ron!... he attacked me! It wasn’t my fault! He forced himself on me! You think I wanted this?”

She looked at him as though in disbelief.
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Ice crashed over Ciceron's head as he heard the words, followed by a swift hot rage.

"What!?" He yelled, looking to her, fists suddenly clenched. He let it sink in, staring at her face, his jaw locked. Without hesitation, he dragged her up, wrapping his arms around her tightly, pressing his face to her neck.

"Describe him. Tell me everything."
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Danica felt nauseas and relieve at the same time. Clinging to her husband she said,

"I don't know! It was so dark! All I really saw were his eyes. They seemed to hypnotize me..."

She hated this. This was hell! And if he found out she was lying... but what did it matter! It would be the same result if she told the truth! He was never supposed to know. Why was this happening? That moment that saved her was now going to ruin her!

Pushing away from him and looking up at his face she said, " I don't want to talk about it! The worst thing in the world is that you seem to be breaking and losing your mind and dignity right before my eyes! You are the one person I care about more than anyone else in this whole world! And you don't want me! You only tried to make love to me because you are being heavily influenced by a foreign substance! The only reason you are caring right now what happened to me is because it hurts your pride! Someone dated to touch your wife. But you don't care if it's me. It could be anybody standing here..."
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Ciceron closed his eyes for a moment, pressing his forehead against hers.

"That's not it at all, Dani..." He took a careful breath. He felt the substance raging through his veins, but he tried to force it back long enough to speak in a somewhat civilised way to her.

"Hearing you reject my last name cut me to the bone...I wanted to share it with you and let other people see how powerful we were together as a partnership. But you love your Iver name...knowing that just...I don't want to make you unhappy. I suggested divorce so that you knew you wasn't stuck with someone like me..."

He hung his head, reaching into his pocket and pulling out a silver chain with an ornate locket on the pendant.

"I was going to give this to you tonight...it belonged to my mother. I wanted you to know that even if I'm not what you wanted...well...I don't know. Maybe you would think it was pathetic. Maybe you would appreciate the effort. I just don't know. I'm angry right now because I know that, had I just gone to find you, this wouldn't have happened to you."

He ran his hand through his hair.

"I'm so lost...I've been so busy trying to help Nathan that barely know how to help myself..."
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Danica took the locket in her hand. She could not help but be touched. He wanted give her this tonight?! She looked at it, then looking back up to Ciceron she said, "Look at me Ron, and really listen to me. You have spent the evening telling me you despise everything that I am.... not my family, but me. " Bringing her hand up to his cheek she said, "I apparently despise your family. But not you. Do I not have a right to feel hurt as well? Perhaps more so? I chose you despite thinking little of your name. You chose me because..."

Her voice trembled a bit as she said, "... although you think so little of me you wanted to be a part of my family, and gain all the benefits that come with that. You fault me for loving my name when you can hardly stand your own. You want me to embrace something you are doing everything to fix! I am who I am. i am doing my best. I said I would take your name. I said our children could have it. I can't fix every last feeling for you. But that doesn't mean we can't do this together. Ron... If I am willing to stay with you, despite the fact you think I am an annoying, arrogant, spoiled rich girl... who apparently ranks lower on your poll then fucking Viola York, and Hera Cleary... Can't you be willing to meet me half way and not be so hard on me because I sadly spoke my heart when I should have held my tongue?"

Holding the locket up she said, "I do appreciate this. More than you know. Because it is a gift from you... One that means a lot. Your mother must have done something right because despite how horrible you have been this evening I am devastated at the idea of ending my marriage with you..."
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"Dani..." Ciceron whispered, taking long breaths. "It really wasn't like that. I wasn't-"

He felt himself go lightheaded, bringing his hand up to press against his temples.

"Lie with me." He said simply, pulling her close.
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Danica breathed a sigh of relief. She felt like finally she had broke through to him... If only a little bit.

"I will lay with you here all night if you wish," she said, holding him close as well.

Tears came to her eyes once more, but she hid them. She wanted to question him about Viola, the baby, all the rest but... How could she when she held such a secret in her heart!!? She had slept with the vampire, Anthony, of her own free will... Maybe he lay with his cousin nine months ago but... Didn't Ivers often marry cousins? It was before he knew her...

Gritting her teeth she said, "We can be stronger for this night Ron. You need time off. We will go away... Take a holiday... Surely you deserve it. Our honeymoon wasn't half long enough."
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But Ciceron frowned.

"I can't. Watchdogs still aren't here; Nathan and Astrid are more vulnerable than ever with a newborn on the way. Leaving now is signing a death warrant." He spoke, exasperated, pulling her close to him.

He still felt uneasy. Someone had had their way with his wife and he was supposed to just sit here and do nothing? The drugs made him want to search out this vampire and kill them immediately. But at the same time, they had made him rather fragile.
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Danica pulled back for a moment, and taking out her wand she cast a spell, causing the chain to fall from them.

“Please don’t leave me alone in this world.” She said, looking up at him. “Don’t take your life. Not tonight. Not like this. If in the morning you still feel as you did tonight then you can file for divorce at once. But just know I will hate you for it. Who else do you have to help you make sense of this world but me? I don’t see anyone else here with you tonight...”

She paused, then said, “Who is Emilia...? You said earlier... something about her...”

Wasn’t that the name of his dead fiancee?
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Ciceron remained facing up,lying on his back, staring up at the ceiling. He stayed silent as she spoke, asking him not to take his life. But his mind seemed to whirl; the prophecies from being a seer always tended to take him by surprise when his mind was the most loose, and mixed in with that substance seemed to make them more vivid and rapid.

"She's haunting me again...she does it time to time when she thinks I'm making wrong decisions. We were wildly in love in our teens, all the way through Hogwarts, and then we planned to elope together. She got pregnant, and it just sort of sealed the deal. We had to leave since our parents already had plans for us. I got home one day to find her dead."

He frowned.

"He was killed by a member of our family. So I got revenge...the problem is that she holds onto how I was back then. Things have changed. It's been nearly ten years..."
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But Danica stiffened, and then sat up, her hands pushing off of Ciceron's chest as she looked him in the eye and said,

"That was her wasn't it? The ghost I nearly walked through when I left you earlier today. That was her?"

She looks aside thoughtfully, then looking back at Ciceron she said "you tell her to leave you alone. Tell her to leave us alone. I don't want your dead fiancee around! No wonder I am not good enough for you!"

She then began to glare across the room, as if she could see the ghost.