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Caleb had heard the startled scream and quickly turned that way. But as he approached the couple he was a bit thrown off to see it was Ciceron... and his wife...

Caleb had been moving at a job but quickly slowed his pace... not really sure what to do. He saw Dania’s torn dress, her stance, and Ciceron’s face as well as his wand drawn. But... well... he didn’t really want to step in between a husband and wife and... This was Ciceron! Practically Nathan himself! He wasn’t going to ask him to leave and he really didn’t feel like telling him to calm down...

“Is... everything alright sir?” He said, looking at Ciceron.
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Ciceron felt himself about to scream at her until he suddenly heard the voice of Caleb Pryer. He was suddenly very aware of the blood pumping in his ears, the heat on his face, and how hard his lungs squeezed with air. Why was he shaking? Was he so mad? Or was it something else? He swallowed thickly, jaw clenched and fist gripped tightly on his wand.

He had to look away, wiping his brow despite not sweating, though he felt clammy and unsure. He shoved his wand away, the lightheaded feeling from utter rage consuming him, and he had to press his palm to his temple to try and halt the dizziness. He felt sick.

"Yes, Pryer. Fine." He spoke hoarsely, bringing a handkerchief out and wiping his brow, followed by his nose, trying to ignore the fact that his hands were shaking. There was simply too much adrenaline, and it was hard to make it stop. Was he serious going into shock over this!? He brought his hand up, loosening his tie as he used the nearby bench to steady himself, breathing deeply.

"No...no, it's not. See to it that my wife is taken care of; ensure that she gets whatever drink she wants, escort her home if you like...or...or any other residence she pleases. Just..."

He hung his head, his breathing finally starting to regulate.

"Send a message to Nathan that I need to speak with him. And uhm...find out if Jasper Forsberg is still here. Tell him I'm interested and to come find me immediately."

He stood up straight then, taking steps away before halting, covering his face. So close and yet so far.
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Danica stared at him. Why was he... had she really upset him that...

But when he told the other man to get Nathan, and some unknown person, suddenly she found herself concerned.... Yet felt frozen in place! He had just threatened her with his hand and then with a wand!!

But... all that had to be put aside!

Danica rushed up to him, taking hold of his arm as though to steady him, saying as she did,

"Ron... what's wrong?! Please tell me..."

Caleb was already rushing off to send messages to Nathan and JAsper.
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"Nothing is wrong with me, woman." Ciceron recoiled, pulling his arm from her, furrowing his brows as he looked to her.

He took a deep breath, looking her in the face very briefly before turning away.

"I just lost my footing for a moment." He relented, though he was now anxiously fidgeting with his metal hand beneath its glove.The memories started to flood his mind; it was crystal clear how he was forced to kneel in his own home at the will of Egan. Given the choice to amputate his own hand or to be permanently under Dice's command. Memories of blood and pain flooded back, and Ciceron had to grit his teeth and turn away.

He'd done so much with this hand...it had become a staple of who he was. And now suddenly it seemed the metal that he'd grown so accustomed to felt foreign and unknown. He'd purposely lodged it in a place in his mind used solely for causing pain, and now he had started to use it on Danica in similar ways...

"Stop calling me Ron." He said bluntly over his shoulder. "It's reserved for people I trust."
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Danica stared back at him, then crossing her arms she said in a huff,

"You don't have to be this way Ron. And I shall call you what I like just as you might chose to call me woman instead of by my name. I am your wife, not your servant. Maybe you are use to seeing your mother kotown to your father's every order, but that is not me. Now you had better tell me what is wrong or I won't go! I will stand right here because I have a right to know..."

She paused, then said, "And I'll worry all night if I don't know!"
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"Danica, just fuck off! Just fuck all the way off!" He suddenly shouted, turning to her, distraught clear in his face. But this time, he was not so much angry as he was upset.

"What do you want from me!? Can you not just give me a moment of peace without you grilling me over something?" He paced forward to her. "Ever since marrying you, you have been on my arse about something or another. You have to act like you know so much better than me just because you're an Iver - well guess what, Dani, you fucking don't! And wanna know why!? Because I am living the most depressing, painful, tormented life there is, right under your cousin, and then I have a wife like you that likes to look your nose down at me."

"You married me for power. I know that, you know that, everyone here knows that. You saw that I was favoured by the family member taking power, and you thought you'd grab yourself a slice of the glory quick before anyone else got there first. You made me start actually feeling something for you, and then decide to spit on my name in the middle of a party, slap me in front of highly esteemed guests, berate me for being concerned over the rumours surrounding you, and then you expect me to welcome you back into my mind with open arms!?"

He turned away, running his hands through his hair.

"Every day is the fucking same! Get up, come here, allow my mind to seep into darkness to the point where I don't recognise myself, try to offer marriage advice to your cousin whilst simultaneously worrying because he managed to to leave himself wide open with no competent security on one of the most exclusive nights out there whilst he has a damned pregnant wife! Not only that but I'm over here trying to figure out who the fuck is the father of Viola's baby, trying to get Hera some damn reputation, wipe away any bad marks against my name, improve my own skills, come to terms with the fact that I'm still having nightmares, and now I have to try and come to terms that my wife thinks nothing of kissing another person in public without any thought for how I feel!"

He leaned heavy on the bench again, his breathing laboured, eyes closed.

"Ever since I was seventeen, I have seen the people I love die in the past, present, and future. People come to me and ask what will happen to them like I'm some mother prophetess, ready to bestow them with the riches of knowledge. I have had to learn Occlumency just to ensure that your deranged family doesn't try to sneak in and steal Nathan's secrets. I killed my wife because she slept with the man I hate most. I came home to my fiance and unborn child dead. And I have committed some of the most heinous of crimes."

He sniffed, remaining turned away as not to show her the tears that were streaming down his face after so much built up emotion.

"And you stand there with your pretty little dress and smug little face trying to tell me what to do, despite that fact that the majority of what I do right now is to ensure that our family is respected, notable, and has a Merlin-damned fighting chance. The fact that I spend my hard earned money back in the company owned by a man I despise simply because I know they will protect you the best. The fact that I have learned abilities and skills I should not need to know simply because I'm aware that one day, I will be the only one around to protect you and I am going to give myself the best chance I have in doing so...and you look at me like I am scum. Like you are worth more than I because of a stupid name."

He stood up straight, finally deciding that he no longer cared if she saw him this upset, and he turned.

"Is that enough reason to ask for a divorce?"
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Dania’s face had grown pale and she seemed to be struggling with her words, but finally she said in a small voice,

“I... didn’t know... you felt this way...”

She didn’t know he felt anything akin to what she felt other than a lust for power! It might not have been the same, or for the same reasons, but she recognized the pain and the cry out in the darkness of the mind for help. The feeling of hopelessness.

Maybe he needed his own stranger in the dark, but why couldn’t she be the one he turned to, spoke to, shared all this anguish with before he burst?... but then how could she have been? Did she ever turn to him with her own troubles? Of course she hardly knew she had them until Anthony called them out... But how was it that they could not even speak as good friends?

Her chest began to hurt and tighten and suddenly tears poured from her own eyes. She had no words. She had never seen Ciceron with tears in his eyes. He was always so cool, so tough, so in control.

She wanted to put her arms around him but... he did not want her...

She was a horrible, horrible wife! Maybe it hadn't been Astrid, but it had been Anthony!

A sob caught in her throat as she said, “But if you divorce me then who will be around to protect me... If you are the only one?”
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Ciceron stared at her for a good hard second, almost in disbelief.

"Do you...even hear yourself? All of that I just said and the only thing you care about is how it affects you? You only care about who will protect you? Here's a fucking idea, Danica."

He paced forward to her, looking down into her eyes, glaring.

"How about you do something for your damn self for once instead of expecting me to clean up the shit after you? How about you learn how to fight and how to cast magic and do something other than sit back and enjoy the high life. You talk so much about being an Iver and you expect to just be carried to the top. Do you even understand what is going on? Did you even take a moment to think about what Nathan and I are doing all this time? Even Viola...Viola gets it! Hera gets it and she didn't even marry an Iver! How come everyone seems to get it but you?"
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No... NO! It was Ciceron who didn’t get it! It wasn’t that Danica didn’t understand, or have confidence that she could take care of herself. She always had! She had always been independent! Always felt she did not need a man! It was why she never married. No one was a sutible partner when she already knew it all!

But... with her simple words she had been trying to humble herself to tell him that... she did need, appreciate, and want him.... she had thought the gesture would strike a chord and soften his blow.

But she stared up at him as he said his cruel words, tears streaming down her face. She wanted to ask him how he dared to speak to her that way!... but her chest was squeezing so tight that no words came. It forced her to think with out lashing out.

Finally she said in a quite voice, “If you really believe all that you said about me... then you are right. I am not a suitable partner for Ciceron York. And you were a fool for marrying me.”

What else could she do? Explain how wrong he is? Get defensive? Would he do more than shout her down? Say he saw no evidence in the few short weeks they had been married?

“I give up...” she said, still looking up into his eyes, her own searching his face, “You can have your divorce.”

With that she turned from his, wiping her eyes gently with her hand, but instead of walking away as she had a desire to, she sat on the bench and said, “But I won’t leave you alone until Nathan and ... whoever it was you sent for come. You are not well. You should not be by yourself. If you could look in a mirror right now you would be quite alarmed.

Folding her hands in her lap then she stared out across the grounds, but she felt dead inside. It took everything in her not to break down into frustrated sobs, scream, curse everything around her. But she just needed to wait until the others got there to see to Ciceron.
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Ciceron remained silent, watching some birds nesting in a bush nearby. He knew full well that a gardener would evict them in the morning, but at least they were in bliss now. He took a long breath, internally wishing he had taken time to consider his options more avidly. Perhaps he should have thought about marrying Rose Iver more.

It was then that he spotted Jasper on the way. Ciceron wiped his face again, sniffling as the other man approached, who seemed to glance and nod to Danica before turning his attention back to Ciceron.

"How much?" The York asked.


"20 Galleons? That went up since our last conversation..." He frowned, but then rolled his eyes before reaching into his breast pocket and pulling out a card, holding it out to the gawky gentleman. "Invoice me. Put it under medical prescriptions. Contact me in a week regarding a refill."

Jasped nodded, and the two seemed to trade something discreetly before Jasper offered another nod and turned away from Danica. Ciceron watched, glancing at whatever small packet was in his hand before shoving it away.

"I'm going to the tower. Make sure you get escorted home. I'll stay here tonight." He spoke, starting to turn away.
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Danica watched the entire transaction unfold with wide eyes.

“Put it under medical prescriptions...”

Well if he had to tell the man to it likely wasn’t!

Danica sat there is stunned silence, watching as Ciceron walked away. He was in no state to be left alone! What was he thinking? And with... what ever was exactly in that bag! A potion, pills... didn’t matter. But she continued to watch him go, waiting until he was some distance away and then... she kicked off her heels, lifted her skirt, and ran through the grass to catch up with...

“Dr Jasper Forsber?” She called out to the man ahead of her. Breathless, but thankfully able to get to him before he left the gardens, she said with a smile, “You are a doctor I assume. Tell me... what exactly did you give my husband?”
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'Jasper' turned to face her, lifting his brows before glancing over her shoulder to where Ciceron was walking away. He then furrowed his brow.

"You don't know? I thought...well, he seemed rather comfortable doing that in front of you. I assumed..." He cleared his throat, standing a little stiffer as he looked to her.

He cleared his throat once again.

"It's just something to take the edge off. Perhaps you should ask him; I shouldn't be discussing...patient details..."
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“Ah I see yes but....I... well...” Danica smiled, looking a bit flustered as she stepped in closer to the man, placing a hand on his arm gently, The same smile on her face as she said,

“You see there was a man once. And there was a woman.. let’s call her Danni Iverson. She asked him a question about someone very important to her. But he played coy with her, made her work far too hard and long to get just snippets of the truth and some of the things he said turned out to be outright lies.”

She wagged a finger then, the same smile still present as she said, “Naughty, naughty of him. Am I right?”

“But three days later... there was an accident. In his home. Clearly a freak accident. But how his innards were able to suspend him from the ceiling I will never know...” she looked up a moment, as though seeing it, then looking back at him she gave a light laugh.

Anyone watching from a distance would see what appeared to be two friends enjoying the evening together...

Danica looked back into his eyes, then said in a tone that had a slight edge to it, “Doctor Forsberg... I think you want to answer that again. Did you mean to say slight edge? Or did you mean to say that depending on the dosage it could put you in an altered state of mind? Did you mean to tell me what the danger levels were? What sort of bad side effects or after effects there could be?” Laughing and shaking her head she said, “Well you tell me... you are the doctor...”
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Roger blinked at her. Wow, when did it get so hot out here? He pulled at the collar of his shirt.

"Ah, yes, well...hm...I suppose you're right. What a lovely story you told just then, very relevant. I will certainly remember it." He cleared his throat awkwardly, looking away for a moment before nodding for her to step to the side a bit before speaking lowly.

"It's a magical substance that's starting to make the rounds. It can make you hallucinate, sometimes drift off for a bit, make it feel like you can feel colours and taste emotions. The amount I gave him is good for a couple of hits; I already explained it to him. But...should he take it all at once..." He shrugged. "It's his own stupid fault. Regardless, it may vary in consequence. Some may just experience a more intense trip, others get knocked out and sleep through the entire thing which is quite frankly a waste of money...but severity can differ depending on the person. If he's one of the unlucky ones, he may end up in a short-term induced coma, seizures, vomiting, uncontrollable anger, urges to self harm and cause injury. Side affects can be milder versions of these depending on the person, but can also include twitching, paranoia, quick breaths, violence, heightened emotions, drowsiness, and arousal."

"Nobody is entirely too sure since it's rather new...but that's some of the possibilities. Sometimes it seems random which one someone will get."
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“Mhhmm...” Danica hummed. Yes, that was more like it Jasper...

She took her hand from him, crossing her arms as she said, “Have you ever given him anything before? If not you has anyone else that you know of? Does he have an experience? Or would you call him a novice?”
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