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Danica quickly found her purse which she took to the powder room. There she touched up her make up and redid her hair... only she could not do it as her hair dresser had. Her hair dresses had done a complicated updo.... which Anthony had basically destroyed...

Danica sighed, then combed her hair out, letting the lose curls fall about her shoulders. She found some magical hair spray that tamed the whisps with only a few squirts, and then pinned back a lock of hair with one of the jeweled hair pins from her updo.

Standing she looked at her reflection. She looked rather nice. It wasn’t usually how she had her hair for such formal events but... she did look beautiful, dramatic actually. Perhaps Ciceron would not notice. She then got to work hiding the marks from the fangs before setting out to find her husband.

Everything felt different now. She could feel some guilt growing, now that she was back in reality. The lights seemed so bright, as though they could expose her sins to all. But at the same time... there was also a lightness to her step and a secret smile on her lips. She couldn’t regret her actions. Not yet...

It was quite aways into the night now when she finally found him in the gardens. He was just taking leave of a friend, or business associate , she didn’t much care which, and was turning when he clearly spotted her.

She stood there a moment, cleared her throat, then approaching him slowly she said, “Have you cooled off enough that I can talk to you in a reasonable tone?”

One would think that nothing had happened from the way she held herself. She arched a brow at him. He was the one that should be feeling guilt... At least her look indicated as much.
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Ciceron turned, seeing Danica and watching her as she approached. Something felt different and he wasn't sure what. His eyes scanned over her, trying to figure it out, even as she spoke with her somewhat cold words.

"Yes, I suppose." He said in response, eyes narrow. He must have been distracted by something. He turned his face away, pressing his hands into his pockets.

"It's a little too late to dance now; a number of guests have remarked on the absence of you on my arm. I have no doubt that we will be somewhat gossiped about. However, it seems the happy couple have been under the same spell as us tonight - they have barely even spoken to each other since greeting guests. Perhaps they will detract the attention."

He glanced around, and then looked down at her.

"You took your hair down." He said suddenly. He knew he'd figure it out! He frowned, and then looked away again. "It looks nice. You should wear it like that more often."

His chest hurt as he said the words, hand fidgeting with something in his pocket.
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Danica was taken aback by the compliment. That was... unexpected... and nice...

She clasped her hands together and sighed, taking a few more steps towards him before looking strait up into his eyes and saying,

"I know... I..." she glanced off almost shyly to the side then looking back said with a guilty smile, "I suppose I was rather hoping to soften you up. I know how you prefer to see me. I had a long talk with Astrid. I realized I had gone about expressing my feelings all wrong. I got so caught up in the marriage I didn't fully question what I did and didn't want and that isn't fair to you. It also wasn't fair of me to question your own lineage. It isn't as if the Ivers don't have hundreds of skeletons hidden in their own closet. Let's not even get started on allegedly supporting the Dark Lord." She gave him a light smirk, then her eyes turning serious once more she said,

"I wanted to ask for a compromise. I will take your name as I should have. But I would like to hyphenate. Iver-York. And the children we might have...They can..." Danica paused, twisted her fingers a moment wile glancing away once more in thought, but coming to a conclusion she looked back at him and said, "They will simply carry your name. York."

Guilt was not motivating this sudden turn. Not at all! She would have said exactly this anyway.

She was sure of it...
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Ciceron looked down, blinking at her, a little confused. How much had she had to drink? Even when she was calm she was not this nice and sweet sounding. Huh maybe she really did feel bad for the argument. It made him offer an affectionate look to her, bringing his hand up to touch her arm.

"I'm sorry for being disrespectful earlier, Danica. I don't want you to feel pressured into somethijg like this. We dont have to decide anything right this second if you dont want to."
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"No I have decided," said Danica, straitening her shoulders and lifting her chin. "I want to take your name. I just don't want to entirely forget my own. So if you don't mind the hyphenation then it is settled."

Oddly she... almost hated how reasonable he was being. If he had scowled, told her she had embarrassed him earlier, made comments about how of course the children would have his name... she would have felt a bit better. More comfortable. Now she had no reason to hold onto any resentment and think he deserved the hidden dishonor to his marriage.

"You really hurt me you know," she said finally. "When you spoke of ending our marriage contract. I was actually making plans for how I would kill you should you do such a thing," she said with an amused smile, as if she wasn't really serious, or knew how silly she had been.
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And just like that, Ciceron dropped his hand, his expression darkening. He clearly had not taken it as such a joke. His hand let go of the object in his pocket and he pulled it out, deciding that he didn't want to bring it out after all.

He stared down at her, clearly not amused, and then looked away to the rest of the gardens.

"One of these days, I believe I will wish that you would get on with it." He spoke darkly and then sighed. "I should start doing my rounds of goodbyes. I was only really waiting to make amends with you before leaving."
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Raising a brow and tilting her head, Danica said, "One of these days? Get on with it? You speak as though I am constantly plotting your death. And here I am trying to make up with you."

She could see how his expression and energy had instantly changed.

"You married an Iver," she said with a toss of her head. "What did you expect? Sweetness and light? You thought perhaps my cousin was the odd one out when it came to dark humor and a temper to match..."
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Ciceron pinched the bridge of his nose, thinking carefully.

"I didn't expect sweetness and light, but I expected at least a little empathy or something. Or some kind of affection. I'm not sure. It feels like after the mention of divorce...nevermind."

He trailed off, pursing his lips and looking away again. He shook his head.

"We've been married for a few months now, and we've brought up children a few times, even just a moment ago. Perhaps we can make up properly tonight and get on with that."
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But knitting her brow, Danica said, "How was I not showing you empathy? If anything you are the one giving me a total lack of empathy. I just came to you and apologized, just not an easy thing for someone as proud as as me to do. I told you I would take your name and that our children could have your name. I then told you I was hurt that you should bring up divorce and all you can think about now is your self?"

Crossing her arms and turning away she said, "As far as I can see you have little to no ability to see things from my point of view."

Glancing over her shoulder at him then, she said, "I don't think tonight is a good night for that..."
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Ciceron stared at the back of her head, and then strode forward, gripping her shoulder and spinning her around to face him. He brought his metal hand up to her jaw, holding it still so she would look him in the eyes.

"Do you think I'm stupid, Danica? Do you think I am too blind to see some half-arsed apology to throw me off the scent? Why lie to me?" He grit his teeth, fingers squeezing on her skin a bit.

"How long has this been going on? Does Nathan know?"
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When he placed a hand on her shoulder Danica’s expression turned at once to annoyance and anger. How dare he-

But her thoughts were cut off at once as his metal hand gripped her jaw like a vice, and then his words!!!...

...How... how did he know?!?! He shouldn’t know, he couldn’t know! Her mind began to race to what she would say! He cornered me, forced me! I wanted to tell you but couldn’t because I thought you wouldn’t care! i thought you wouldn’t believe me!

No... no... she must not panic...

Bringing her hands up to grip at his wrist she said, “Ron... please... you are hurting me...I don’t know what you are talking about. Does Nathan know what?”

She felt like, she was about to panic! Her heart slammed against her chest. This was real fear, true fear, if he found out it would ruin everything important to her... important things like reputation, social standing, being part of Nathan’s inner circle...

Not to mention the possibility he might kill her. That was scary too...
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But Ciceron didn't let go, getting angrier by the minute.

"You just can't stop lying, can you? All this bullshit about being partners, about getting married and working together to climb the social ladder. And you're lying to me. People saw you. Everybody already knows. And you have the audacity to try and fool me?"

He felt himself shaking with anger, though still had enough consciousness to glance up to see if anyone was around. They were alone out here as far as he could see.

"How long have you been sleeping with Nathan's wife?"
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“I... what?!” said Danica, her eyes growing wide. Her mind went blank. Her knees were almost weak with relief, but what was he even talking about?! People saw her?!?! Where?! When?! The last time she saw Astrid...

Suddenly it clicked!... And she smiled, and then began to laugh... something she probably would not have done had she not been so terribly, terribly relieved!

“You are talking about the kiss she gave me? Is that all?” She said, then her eyes suddenly flashing she said, “Let go of me you fool...” she then gave him a swift kick in the shin, hard as she could.

She might have been aiming for something higher, but the skirt of her dress did not allow it...
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Ciceron began to see red as she started to laugh, but soon his eyes closed in pain from the kick to his shin. He let go with a brief yelp.

But something snapped.

No only had this woman admitted to kissing someone else...but she had laughed about it, mocked him, and then retaliated in violence. Sure, he had held her in a precarious position, but now he was utterly furious.

He reached up, metal hand knotting into her loose curls, gripping hard and forcing her head up. His other hand now pointed his want to her throat. Sure, all the other guests had to give up their wands, but when you were so trustworthy...

He stared at her, eyes dark, breathing heavy. He remained like that for what seemed like forever, but despite his scowl, he felt his mind break with conflict. He had worked so hard to grow from this, but this woman was so damn infuriating! But regardless of that, he let go, as though throwing her to the side.

"You're just like the rest of them."
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When his hand gripped into her curls and jerked her head back, Danica had screamed- and then stifled it at once as the wand tip pressed i to her. She was stunned into silence until finally she managed to say,

“Ron... don’t...”

How had this all gone so wrong?!

But finding herself suddenly let go she stumbled back on her feet, her heel catching in her dress and ripping the hem badly, barely stopping herself from falling to the ground by catching hold of a bench! She stared at the ground then, breathing hard gasps of air. But finally she turned, she looked up at him, not sure wether she wanted to breath fire or sob. She had been so frightened... yet she was so angry! But he also had a wand and he had acted as though he meant to use it!

Danica slowly rose, straitening her shoulders back, her eyes on Ciceron as she said in a seething tone, “If all the rest had to put up with you listening to silly gossip against them then yes. I am like all the rest.”

She wanted to hurt him... she wanted to upset him as much as he upset her. She was right to cheat on him! But how could she?...

She heard the crunch of boots on the garden path, and still a distance away, but clearly headed there way, she could see one of Nathan’s security.

“... And you wonder how Marzia could want to leave you mere hours after saying her vows...” she said with glaring eyes.