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Dobby has come to protect Harry Potter, to warn him...

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Egan lead Hera from the room and away from the other guests. On his way down a dark hall that was off limits to guests he ran into Caleb who took one look at them, then shrugged and said, "I don't care. It's my last night here."

Finding some dimly lit stairs Egan took her quickly up them, glancing into rooms on the upper floor until he found a guest room that clearly wasn't being used.

Once there he kissed her again, pressing her back to the door for a moment before pulling back and saying, "I didn't know you broke up with Kristoph Myer..."

Well it wasn't like she told him!
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Hera accepted his kiss, running her hands through his hair, the memories flooding back to her. She kept him close, holding onto his lapels as she looked him in the eyes.

"We never really started being official. It was a couple of dates here and there..." she pressed in for another kiss before breaking off again. "I didn't know you wanted anything more than just counselling..."
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"I didn't say I did..." said Egan quietly, but after a moment he said, "You and I were such a mess before. And you were with Meyer at the time. I was just trying to... get you to a place where you didn't hate me. And I didn't hate you at times. When I came to your house and asked you to go to counseling I really wanted to improve things. I just... wanted us to be good. Not great, not together again, just good. It felt like to try for anything else would just put pressure on us trying to make it work for the kids and then when the other didn't change over night we would keep questioning why we were doing this... So no. I didn't want more then counseling and for us to stop tearing the other down all the time and... always blaming the other for what went wrong."

Egan brought his hands up to her face, and brushing over her skin he brought his forehead to rest against her's and said, "You look... so incredibly sexy tonight. I don't even have the words for it. It's not fair that you should only get more beautiful as time goes by, and having children on top of that...and I want nothing more than to just make out with you right now... maybe rock that bed over there with you until it breaks. But I also don't want to create an emotional situation where we end up hating each other, or trying to force a true reconciliation if it isn't really going to work."

Letting go of her then he back off a bit, turning away and rubbing his forehead he took a deep breath and said, "Just a moment... I just need to clear my head a second..." but then turning back to her he said, "What I guess I really want to say is... Hera... would you go on a date with me next week? Just... a date. No strings attached. No expectations. No pressure for either of us. You aren't dating anyone seriously at the moment right? Neither am I. No need to have a conversation with anyone else about it and get un wanted opinions."

He then fell silent, holding his breath juuuust a bit.
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Hera felt her heart squeeze in her chest as he spoke. Everything he said rang true, and his compliments made her want to pour her affection over him. And then he asked her out...it was like they were dating again; she felt like she was young and fresh all over again, meeting him for the first time in the Inn and seeing that spark of something she couldn't ignore.

Without a word, she strode forward, wrapping her arms around him and pressing into another kiss. It was far more passionate and emotion-fuelled, her fingers indenting his back and shoulders as she embraced him.

She pulled back to whisper a lowly. "Of course." But then looked him in the eyes, giving a small smile. "Egan...I...having you say all of that to me...it just...it reminded me just how much I still..."

She closed her eyes, taking a breath before looking to him again.

"I missed you."
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"I know..." said Egan, holding her close. He looked into her deep, beautiful eyes again for a moment, then started to kiss her once again... long, soft kisses.

All he knew was that he wanted her now!

He began to run his fingers down her neck, to her collar bone and then to her breasts...
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Hera inhaled sharply. He'd originally said he didn't want feelings to get confused but...oh, who was she kidding. She'd been wanting him for ages! It felt like there was something in her system spurring her on, and she reacted in kind to his touches.

She didn't have to say the words; she could feel it in his actions. It had been too long.

Hera reached up, starting to pull the tie loose at his neck, pulling him closer as her other hand began to unfasten the top buttons of his shirt.
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Merlin... it had been so long since he had been with her! He had to force himself not to move in a manner that was too fast and desperate! It had been so very long it felt almost like the first time! Only... also familiar, and right some how. He was a little nervous, but mostly excited! Hera was the first woman he ever really, truly loved.

And unzipping the back of her dress why kissing her? Felt like magic!