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Once guests have arrived and have checked in their wands, they are directed to a beautifully crafted book standing on a white column. The book lay open with a quill and ink well next to it, with which guests are invited to write well-wishes for Aidan and Viola and their new start together.

OOC note: Wands are tagged with their owners' names and placed in a series of boxes that can only be accessed by those handling the wand check-in. All guests MUST hand over their wands - any hesitation will be met with suspicion. Have your post contain your character dropping off their wand and writing in the book before heading into the reception. One post per person, please!
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Viola of course was one of the first...at her own wedding. Well, she could have been fashionably late but then that would lead to rage from Nathan. And less opportunity for people to gaze upon her beautiful dress. So, she decided it would be fun to write a message for her to read in twenty years time whilst she withered away in a state of remorse for these actions.

But she did love a good party regardless.
Mrs. Viola Iver,

I'm here because it's my wedding. What do I even write in these?

Either way...I'm an Iver!
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Hera, as the maid of honour, was of course of the first to arrive at the reception. As instructed, she wore the gold dress given to her. If she was honest, she genuinely did love it; particularly the chiffon on the skirt that seemed to be enchanted drift into smoke as it swept behind her. It was a shame there weren't more bridesmaids, but Hera wasn't exactly surprised. Viola didn't attach herself to other girls; the only other bridesmaids consisted of Viola's sister, Noella, and a friend from school that she sort of stayed in contact with.

Hera also had to presume that a lot of Viola's upper class friends didn't want to be associated with a marriage involving a Rogan, regardless of his reinstated inheritance. It was a slippery slope. That being said, she still felt it customary to be pleasant - weddings were hard and stressful, and Hera would be here to comfort her cousin.

Congratulations to the both of you. You both deserve happiness, and I hope this marriage offers that. I know things may get hard, but you are both determined and persistent people. I wish you all the best, and I'm always around if you need a babysitter!

Love always,
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Arnaud eyed the guest book and wrote a flowery description of its pedestal. As he was attending the wedding as a member of the press rather than a guest he would not sign it, but would likely come back to it later in order to get a clearer idea of the guest list.

He had been assigned this wedding as a punishment. A reminder from his Editor that she was in charge and that when he went astray she could always rein him in. As he was a proud man and not willing to admit to being there as a punishment Arnaud would do the best of his predicament. As such he stood close to the guest book ready to take a few pictures of the guests.
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Ciceron had been expected to come no matter what. But why would he miss his cousin getting married....even more so since it was the greatest ploy in the world. In his mind at least.

Regardless of that, he had Danica on his arm, a smart suit, and was ready to make some connections. He wrote a brief congratulatory message for the couple, knowing that they were already very aware of his opinions.
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Artemis had been somewhat surprised at the invitation, given she was from the other side of the pond, but perhaps her sister had been more active in Europe than she had expected. Dressed in a strapless coral gown, she passed over her wand and made her way to the guestbook where she scribbled a quick message wishing the bride and groom well.
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At his sister’s side, Apollo was equally dressed up, his tie matching her gown. He bent over the guestbook, eyeing what his sister had written critically before picking up the quill.
Congratulations to the two of you, Mr and Mrs Iver. I wish you all the best as you enter the world together.

Sincerely, Apollo Browning.
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Egan arrived at the wedding, well dressed with a beautiful, wide eyed Tilly Danvers on his arm. He glanced over the guest book, grinned, then wrote,
Congratulations... SUCKERS!

E.C. with T.D.
He was not at all bitter about marriage in general...
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Gavin entered the place, dressed in his finest suit, a scowl on his face. He stalked up to the wedding guest book, glanced at it, then moved past it with out writing a thing...
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Hugh paused at the book, glancing over other people’s messages and trying to think of one of his own. Congratulations? Trouble was... he was not sure if he should be saying that. The entire thing felt so shady to him. Suddenly Aidan is engaged to Viola, has his inheritance handed to him, has a child.... It was all too much too soon! And the fact that Aidan never really talked to him about it showed there was more to the story then met the eye.

Finally Hugh wrote his name and left it at that.
Best wishes on this wonderful journey, as you build your new lives together.

Hugh Cleary
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From afar the Ivers and the Yorks were rather intriguing. Albie wondered if being in their orbit even if for a single evening might make them lose their appeal. He doubted it. In fact, he suspected that the evening might make him even more curious about them as well as their various businesses.

He was the plus one of a model who knew one of them through some magazine connection or something of the sort. He waited patiently as his date wrote in the guest book and when his turn came to write a message he simply added his signature to the message she had written.
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Emilia floated into the entrance, following behind an Iver that she wasn't too fond of. Perhaps she wasn't giving the Iver family the respect it needed or deserved, considering her family was entangled with theirs. She glared a slight bit at the lady ahead of her, making sure to stay clear of walking through anyone as she showed that she was in fact a ghost and didn't have a wand to turn in.

Once it was her turn at the guestbook, she approached it, looking down and seeing the signatures in a row, some with little messages. It occurred to her that she could not actually pick up the pen to sign her name, but she desperately wanted people to know that she was there, so she looked to the attendant and asked him to sign her name for her.

Emelya Emlia Emilia York
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