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 #31790  by Lucia Flores Medina
Yeah, Lucia had to admit, she had sort of expected that reaction. The flush on her cheeks grew deeper and she stamped her foot on the ground. "But it's the truth!" she squeaked, crossing her arms across her body. "I know we had our deal but I was volunteering at the hospital in London and he just showed up and it was completely random!"

A thought struck her and she reached into her bag, pulling out a rolled up newspaper. "Here! Read this!" She whacked him on the arm with the paper before handing it over, letting it unroll to the open page showing a large photo of her and her new friend, with a headline speculating who the mystery girl was.
 #31793  by Jaime Reyes
Jaime had to hold back another chuckle at her reaction. "I doubt he forced you to go on a date with him, so hypothetically, if that had happened, you still would have broken that part of our deal." He stuck his tongue out at her before yelping from being whacked. "Uncalled for!" he exclaimed, being taking the newspaper.

His eyes skimmed over the headline and photo for a second. Then he looked up at his friend, holding the picture beside her face. "Still questionable. There are a lot of blonde shorties in the world."
 #31800  by Lucia Flores Medina
Lucia whined, snatching the paper back from him. "You're being super rude," she grumbled, jabbing her finger at the photo. "That's obviously my face. You're just jealous!"

She wasn't really angry with him, of course. In fact, she still had her trump card hidden in her back pocket.
 #31801  by Zeke Warren
Zeke returned to the living room with a teapot and three mugs, but when he realized what was going on, he set the pot and two mugs down and backed out of the room. He wasn't about to get in between the two best friends. After all, he had college applications to work on.
 #31806  by Jaime Reyes
Jaime took a look at the photo again. "Nope, not seeing it. If anything, it looks more like your sister." He gave his boyfriend a gracious smile when he saw the tea pot on the table.

"Me? Jealous?" he laughed, "the only way that would be the case would be if the guy was Perecles or my very real boyfriend."
 #31812  by Lucia Flores Medina
All of a sudden, a sly smile appeared on Lucia's face. "You don't say..." she said, rubbing her hands together.

She reached back into her bag, pulling out a smaller piece of paper, handing it over without a word. It was a reservation for SorcerAir, with three plane tickets to Spain. Attached to them were--

"Why yes, those are three tickets to a Perecles Elfick concert with backstage passes," she chirped, with a twinkle to her eyes.
 #31815  by Jaime Reyes
Jaime tilted his head, watching her reach back into her back. When he was presented with a piece of paper, he took it carefully, eyeing her the whole time. That is, until he caught the words Perecles and concert on the same paper. His jaw dropped.

After a long moment of just staring at the tickets, he turned his head back to Lucia and screeched. "Okay, you win. You met both our crushes and went on a date with yours and..." He let out another screech.
 #31817  by Lucia Flores Medina
Lucia's face could best be described as a cat's smirk at Jaime's reaction. "You're welcome!" she sang, giving a little shimmy of her shoulders.

"He's a sweetheart, I know you'll like him," she chirped, leaning in and bumping his shoulder. "Admit it. I'm the best."
 #31819  by Jaime Reyes
Jaime jumped off the couch and bounced for a moment before reaching down to pull her up into a hug. "I'm going to meet Perecles Elfick!" He returned to bouncing.

"You're the- you're alright, Wusha." He stuck out his tongue again. Then he pulled her into another hug.
 #31822  by Zeke Warren
Zeke had scrambled to his feet when he heard Jaime screech and ran back to the living room where he saw the pair now hugging joyfully.

"Er... what did I miss?" he asked, rubbing the back of his neck.
 #31825  by Jaime Reyes
Jaime gave her a squeeze. "I love you more than anything, Wusha."

He then turned to see Zeke standing in the doorway. Pulling away from Lucia, he ran over to him and grabbed his hands. He then pulled the other boy over to the couch. "We're going to see Perecles in concert!" Holding in another screech, he turned to his friend again, keeping hold of his boyfriend's hands. "I assume he gets the third ticket?"
 #31828  by Zeke Warren
Suddenly he was being pulled over towards the couch and Zeke wasn't even surprised. "I, uh... wow, that's great," he said, trying to catch up. Then Lucia said probably the nicest thing she had ever said about him and he swallowed.

"That's really awesome, thanks a lot Lucia," he added once he figured out what was going on. He squeezed Jaime's hands, smiling.
 #31831  by Jaime Reyes
Jaime let go of one of Zeke's hands and grabbed hold of one of Lucia's when she admitted to more than just believing in his relationship. He then started bouncing again. "Look at you two having a moment, I'm going to tear up."

"This is going to be awesome!" He gave both hands a squeeze as he continued bouncing. "We're going to go back to Spain and I can see my pool house again and we're going to see my celebrity crush, and I'm probably going to spend all my money on merchandise even with Zeke there to stop us and everything is going to be awesome, did I already say that? I should stop bouncing before I run out of energy."