A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

 #28002  by Helena Sun
Eventually Helena returned the embrace and in her own loyal reluctance found her fingers keenly grasping the folds of his robes. She pulled him closer to her. He was all musky notes and dark roast coffee.

"Maybe..." Helena said carefully, her cheeks flooded with colour, "its not that I'm scared of Evelyn or that I don't care about my job anymore," the crowd surged around them in spirited protest. "but being with you feels good and I don't think I should be punished for that. We shouldn't be, but in many ways we are, and thats why this always happens."
 #28179  by Arnaud Lacroix
In the middle of a chaotic crowd, her simple words appeared to be the greatest disruption. The swift change in their stubbornly casual affair made Arnaud pause. Was she toying with him or did he truly make her feel good?

He couldn't argue to feel otherwise. The last time this had happened he had suggested that they leave the Prophet together. How he felt about her had more or less been revealed during that exchange. He traced the length of her clavicle as if his finger was fire and her clavicle the wick of a bomb. He would kiss her as soon as his finger reached the end of the line.

He was leaning towards her when another detonation interrupted him. Snapping his head towards the disruption, Arnaud noticed that the peaceful protest was getting heated. It seemed a group of artists was being yelled at by a group dressed in white robes. It was unclear who had started what but it seemed both groups were pushing and shoving members of the other group. "I think that might be the story you came to write," he told Helena almost regretting the interruption.
 #28382  by Helena Sun
She was wilfully on the receiving end this time, kindled by her own brash confession. Her smoky eyes pursued his own and she lifted her head higher in keen anticipation. Yet before she could tumble and crash into Arnaud's impermissible embrace, she was jostled aside by a raving mass of ivory-clad witches and wizards.

Helena pulled away from Arnaud with a great and terrible reluctance. The pushing and shoving augmented in strength and in the midst of the swiftly brewing chaos a deluge of chants and war cries could be heard from the enthusiastic crowd. She instinctively reached for her camera and fired several fleeting shots.

"Maybe we should head towards the edge of the crowd. I could get a better image of whats happening, I can't really see much from here." Helena suggested to her colleague. Her expression which had only moments ago captivated a rare and ardent fervour which was seldom exposed now assumed its quintessential mask of indifference. She had a job to do, and Merlin forbid she ever allow herself to be too unprofessional. Yet at the same time Helena felt immense relief in what she had told Arnaud. Her heart felt lighter, less strained and exempt from diffidence.

In that moment Helena remembered why Arnaud was here, and why she was here. It wasn't to caress one another's cheeks and curse the Gods for all their unfavourable odds. It took Helena tremendous effort not to heave a defeated sigh.

"Evelyn is going to curse me to oblivion if I can't report this story properly so I better start looking around. Unless, of course..." she trailed off and looked at the ground determinedly, "unless you want to continue protesting..."
 #28422  by Arnaud Lacroix
Keeping his arms around her would have been its own demonstration. Not that they were unfamiliar with the concept, they had been protesting the rules that kept them apart ever since they had first kissed. He let go of her waist and took her hand.

"Let's get the story," he invited himself without much concern for what their editor might think. "I can get you a few quotes while you take pictures. And let's try to figure out who those white cloaked people are."
 #28676  by Helena Sun
Her hand felt small tucked within the grips of his own. Shouts and sparks ricocheted from the melange of avid witches and wizards. Officials had arrived at the scene and were desperately trying to withstand the crowd from getting any rowdier. Above the hubbub an activists sonorous voice hummed thunderously ahead.

She glanced once more at Arnaud, a steely glint now present in her gaze. "Lets do this then" she responded sternly as she pulled her hand away from his grip and protectively clutched her camera. They could prove to the editor-in-chief how well of a team they were, and how that dynamic was a sole product of whatever bullshit romance they had.

As unremarkably impermanent as it all sounded, Helena took this dizzying world in with open arms.