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Viola looked around the cottage-like thing. It was a large country house if you was honest; not nearly as large as she wanted it, but also not as cramped as she expected it. It was an okay medium, but that didn't mean she preferred it over Iver Hall or the York Manor House.

That was sort of how she felt about Aidan, too.

She was not dismissed for a week by Nathan, and Aidan wasn't working so much due to the bank holidays. Seeing him sat there on the sofa, likely just staring into nothing, Viola found herself getting irritated. Already! Instead of being like a normal fiancee and starting a conversation by making a cup of tea or something, Viola stood in front of him, hands on her hips as she looked down.

"Your hair is pissing me off. Let me style it. Or cut it. Or do something with it. Also, I want to help your skin; it's dry. I have just the stuff."
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Aidan stared back at Viola as she rambled on. What was she even talking about? Why couldn’t she just leave him alone? But finally he said,

“Of course it’s dry. It’s skin. An external covering exposed to the air. Slice down a few layers and it will be nice and wet...” running his hands threw his hair then he said, “And are you a barber? Know anything about cutting men’s hair? No? Well lay off then. It’s just how I like it....”

And he hoped that would be that. To try to show the conversation was done he reached over to the side table and picked up a random magazine to read... Wait, what was this crap? Five Fashion Mistakes YOU Are Making... The Royal Muggles Are Expecting Again... The Hottest Trends of the Seasons... Ten Sex Secrets That Will Change Your Life.... Wait... what?! There were secrets! He knew it...

Aidan flipped through the pages to try and find the article. No wonder she knew so much. She had magazines that gave the secrets!
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But Viola was having none of that, and snatched the magazine out of his hand, tossing it across the room. She leaned down, resting her hands at either side of his head and looking him in the eyes, a smirk on her face.

"Let me make this transparently clear. This marriage is going to be the most stagnant, boring, and sexless relationship you've ever had in your sorry little life unless you start making a real effort. Why? Because I've made a vow to myself to only sleep with Ivers, and no Iver I know has dry skin, limp hair, poor posture, or dark rings around the eyes."

She then sat down, straddling his hips and holding his chin so her would look at her.

"You could be so fucking hot, Aidan," She didn't really believe that "and you are stopping yourself from doing that out of pride or stubbornness or just plain laziness. I don't know. But I'm making the effort for you...just look at me. Do I look like I'm slobbing around, moping at everything, letting my hair get unruly or refraining from shaving my body?"

She lifted her brow, bringing Aidan's hand to her to stroke her leg.

"Smooth a silk. Now make the effort to be a better version of yourself."
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Aidan glared at Viola as she snatched away his reading material, a sour looking coming to his face as she described his short comings.

But when she straddled him, said he could be hot!... well he only half heard what she was even saying after that. He was really just aware of her body touching his, and then his hand on her leg.

“Oh... erm....” Aidan couldn’t seem to think. “Ok?...” he said finally, before giving her a suspicious look and saying, “What exactly do you want me to do? Put lotion on my body? I can do that.” Holding up his hands he said, “I don’t think my hands are particularly rough. I don’t exactly do manual labor at my job...”
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Viola's face brightened immediately, and she instantly took his hands in hers to feel their texture. She wasn't about to miss this opportunity now that he agreed. Sure, a little helpful diversion may have urged it but...who cared!

"Yeah, you're right. Not bad but...I want them a little softer. I need you to stop biting your nails; I'll teach you how to trim them properly. And before you say anything-" She gave him a look. "I'm not turning you into a prissy boy. I just need to know that it will feel okay when...y'know what? Nevermind. We'll get to that another time."

She waved dismissively, pulling herself from his lap.

"Yes, so! I'll hook you up with my good face salves and scrubs, and I'll get you an expensive razor. Oh! And we'll have to get you some new clothes because this whole thing is uhm...well...it's something. Anyway come with me." She gestured for him to follow. "I'm gonna cut your hair. I used to cut my brother's so I sorta know what I'm doing."

Sort of.
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Aidan had started to follow along, but at the mention of cutting his hair he stopped in his tracks, crossed his arms and said,

“No, that’s too much. You think I haven’t heard the funny stories of the amateur cut that turns into a disaster? If you want to run some of your styling goo through it be my guest. But you are not cutting it, and that is final!” Well he had to out his foot down on something, right?
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"Ughhhhhh fiiiine. You're so boring." She whined, throwing her hands in the air before turning to get his a seat and placing it in an open space.

"Sit down. Take your dumb jacket off." She ordered, moving away toward the bathroom. A moment later, she returned with an arm full of products, all varying in size and packaging some seemed muggle, others were clearly of a magical variety. Perhaps she was more of a product hoarders than she thought.

With that, she moved to the back of him, starting to comb his hair through. Despite her brash disposition, her hands were at least more gentle on his hair. Though, she certainly was eyeing the letter opener on the counter.
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Taking off his jacket and tossing it aside, Aidan sat moodily down. This was certainly not as fun as when she was sitting on him. But he stayed silent for a wile, hoping she wasn’t making him look too weird. But finally he said,

“Sooo... Did you mean that? You think I could be hot? Or are you lying so I’ll do what you want?”

He didn’t think he had ever been described as “hot” before. Or... potentially hot at least...
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Viola pursed her lips.

"I sort of just wanted to do what I want." She admitted bluntly. But she paused, stepped to the side and taking a good look at his face, her eyes narrowing in concentration.

"But now that I look at you properly...I actually think you could be. You're not gonna be a super model but..."

She skirted her fingers up and down his jaw, moving to start tracing his neck and collar bone.

"You have all the ingredients to be really attractive. But it's about presentation at this point. The main things I would adjust would be clothing, posture, and attitude. The main part of being attractive is just the confidence to be so. I have looked pretty rough on days and still gotten hit on. You just gotta own it."

She leaned forward slightly, tilting her head.

"Have you ever been called hot before?"
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“I didn’t say that,” said Aidan, “I mean not... often.. well I don’t know. To be fair, Michelle was very flattering. She was obsessed with me. At the same time she has been obsessed with me since she was a little second year... I guess I never really trusted her judgement as far as thinking I had winning looks, or personality for that matter. And I didn’t like her for a really long time so... yeah...”

Aidan drifted off. He didn’t like to talk about Michelle as it put him in a bad mood, but some how it seemed hard to avoid her. She had been such a huge part of his life forever.

“Clearing his throat then he said, “Speaking of Michelle... I think we should make sure we have security around at all times. Perrine is suppose to keep her in line but... I don’t trust that situation.”
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Viola ran her hands through his hair gently, though soon started to thoroughly enjoy it. She hadn't done this for a while, and it felt good. Even if he was giving a sob story.

"Yeah, sure, whatever." She dismissed easily. "I want Nil by my side at all times. He's one of the best...or..." She sighed. "Right...Watchdogs."

She rolled her eyes.

"Regardless. I'm not obsessed with you so I won't tell you what you want to hear, no matter how much you beg and plead. I think you could be attractive but..." She pursed her lips. "Listen...it's the way you need to look at me, okay? You're already halfway there, but not quite. You're coming off like a moody boy and I need a domineering man. I need you to look at me like you own me, like you are going to whisk me away at any moment, like you are completely aware that you are what I crave."
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Aidan looked at her for a moment as if she had grown three heads, then said,

“What? Why? I don’t understand... you want me to be domineering? Towards you?! Act like I own you?...”

Aidan was so confused. This wasn’t what he thought Viola wanted at all. He blinked a moment at the wall, then a look of irritation coming to his face he said,

“Oooh, wait. Are you truing to turn me into Nathan or Gavin because now apparently I am an Iver? You mean act a certain way in public but not in the home? Well how about this? You act like you are a docile little wife, look at me like I own you, and like you crave me. You do that and I will give you what I want easily. How about that? Hah!”

Aidan smirked to himself then. He didn’t think she would like his sarcastic turning of the tables on her.
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Viola grit her teeth, but circled around him, placing her hands on her hips and looking down at him.

"I'm not trying to turn you into Nathan or Gavin. You couldn't be them even if you wanted to be. I never said it was for the public. It's for me. It...well it..."

She felt her face flush a little before looking away.

"I just want you to act like you want me. Like...really want me."

She rolled her eyes, moving back to start lacing her fingers through his hair again.

"I will teach you how to act in public, and I'll show you how to be intimidating. We can work together on that. It's just that in the bedroom, I've found an attraction to certain attitudes. I'm sick of guiding people, or acting, or being the experienced one. I've kind struck out here with you, but at least we have all eternity to figure it out." She commented, her voice thick with sarcasm.
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Aidan was quiet a moment before he said,

“Well first... I didn’t even think you wanted to sleep with me ever again. I sort of thought that was off the table. Second...” making a face he said, “Why would you want me to act like something?”

Brushing her hand out of his hair he said, “Viola... look at me a moment...” turning in his seat to see her he said, “You don’t have to sleep with me. Ever. I mean... I suppose we should once just to consummate the marriage or whatever but... the intention was never to trap you in an unhappy, unfulfilling sex life. This is already not the most ideal situation. And I am sorry I didn’t have the presents of mind to make sure you didn’t get pregnant. But please... whatever Nathan says, you are free of your wifely duties, or whatever...” he said, rolling his eyes a bit.

Nathan couldn’t dictate everything.