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 #25765  by Vera Hadley
Location: Hadley-Winter Home • Date: Mother's Day 2003
Time of Day: Early Morning • Weather: Sunny

Vera was always the first one up on Sundays. As getting ready for church while taking care of a toddler was less than ideal, the blonde had gotten used to getting up a good hour before her son was set to rise.

After a quick shower, putting on her clothes and applying discreet makeup Vera kissed her slumbering wife on the forehead and went to wake Louis.

Quickly enough the little boy was out of his bed and toddling down the stairs while holding his mother's hand. "Today is church," he spoke loudly though attempting to whisper.

"Yes, but before church, we are going to prepare a surprise for maman." Vera announced ready to tone down her son's enthusiastic reaction.

Doing her best to take Louis' input into consideration while she prepared Evelyn's breakfast, Vera had to put her foot down when her son suggested adding pieces of chocolate to the omelet they were cooking.

"But I want to take the tray," Louis whined when Vera took the tray that contained Evelyn's plate, a coffee, a glass of juice, a single rose and to Louis' insistence a framed picture of him so his maman could remember it was Mother's Day. "Louis love, how will you wake up maman if both of your hands are holding the tray?"

The little boy's face scrunched up as he tried to find a solution to the problem his mother had raised. "I hold it after I wake her," Louis finally offered before he started running towards the stair.
 #25766  by Louis Hadley
Louis had to climb on the bedroom bench in order to be able to reach his mothers' bed. Once on the bed, the 3-year-old crawled towards his mother's face. "Maman," he whispered loudly while putting a hand on her cheek. "Maman, it's the birthday of all the mamans," he shared excitedly, thinking back to his own birthday just a week prior. "I made a breakfast for bed."
 #25881  by Evelyn Winters
Sleep-ins were a rare thing for Evelyn Winters, even Sunday mornings the editor was usually out of bed before seven-thirty, enjoying the peace and quiet that came with having the house all to herself while her wife and son attended Sunday Mass. She would spend the time reading the prophet, though she already knew the paper by heart, having approved it for publishing the week before, and would enjoy two cups of coffees before heading upstairs to ready herself for the day.

Now Evelyn would be lying if she said she hadn't been expecting that exact routine to take place. In fact the french woman had completely forgotten what day it was, having paid no attention to it before, so when she was awoken with a few not-so-gentle pats to the face, Evelyn couldn't help but worry. It only took her half a second before she was fully awake, staring at her son in confusion.

Eyes wide, she sat up. "What?" Was her immediate response, though she immediately felt stupid when she spied Vera sitting on the edge of the bed holding a tray of food and other things. Louis' words making much more sense now.

"Oh," She said lamely, unsure how to proceed. Evelyn looked at Vera for any advice on how to proceed.

This was her first ever Mother's Day and she had no idea how it worked.
 #25890  by Vera Hadley
"Breakfast in bed," Vera corrected as her son spoke to his mother.

Vera smiled fondly at her clueless wife. How a woman who could run a whole department with the snap of a finger and the twitch of an eyebrow could be so oblivious before the most mundane of occasions would never seize to make her affection towards Evelyn grow.

Delicately she placed the tray above her her wife lap and settled it with a balancing charm. "Happy Mother's Day," she offered before she kissed Evelyn's cheek. "Just enjoy breakfast in bed while knowing that we both love you and appreciate you," she suggested while giving the editor's hand a gentle squeeze.
 #25982  by Evelyn Winters
Feeling a little stunned, it took Evelyn a moment to fully realize what was happening. This was her first Mother's Day, and this felt nearly overwhelming. Staring at Vera, then staring at Louis, Evelyn felt a lump in her throat and she had to look away down at the food in front of her least she suddenly start blubbering in front of her son.

Then her eyes landed on the small picture frame made out of popsicle sticks. Louis' mischievous grin fluttered in and out of focus as he swayed inside the picture. She sniffed.

Reaching for her son, Evelyn kissed him on top of the head and let her chin rest there as she stared at Vera.

"Thank you," She mouthed, kissing Louis on the head again.

Sitting up straight, she reached for a piece of fruit, "Louis mon amour, do you know that it is also Mummy's special day." Evelyn looked at her son and titled her chin towards her wife.
 #25991  by Louis Hadley
Though he had mentioned that all the mamans were to be celebrated, Louis did not seem to comprehend that it applied to his other mother. Face scrunched up the little man tried to process what Evelyn was saying.

"It's mummy's birthday?" He asked confused and concerned.
 #26006  by Evelyn Winters
Evelyn shook her head, holding out a piece of pear for the boy to take, she sipped at her coffee, “Not quite. Like you said, this day is for all the Maman’s in the world but because you are such a special little garçon, you have two Maman’s. Me,” She pointed at herself, “and Mummy.”
 #26019  by Louis Hadley
"Thank you," Louis chimed before he dropped the piece of fruit in his mouth. His eyes traveled from his maman to his mummy as his schemes were being reframed.

Finally, he took another piece of pear and offered it to his mummy. "I have deux mamans because I am lucky."
 #26021  by Vera Hadley
They had toed this territory before. Louis had asked about his friends' fathers, but had never quite asked why he did not have one. Vera had gotten used to reframe the conversation so that they would emphasize that he indeed had two parents who loved him and that it was all that mattered. It seemed they had done such a good job normalizing their family that Louis had never quite processed the fact that he had two mothers.

She took the piece of pear her son was offering but did not bring it to her mouth. In many ways, it was also her first Mothers' Day. While she had been a single parent the holiday had come and gone without much of a thought. "Very lucky," she agreed while she felt some of the emotions Evelyn had so expertly hidden earlier.
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Staring at Vera over the top of her coffee, Evelyn took in every single freckle covering her beautiful face, the sharpness of her cheekbones and the fullness of her lips. Vera Hadley was the most beautiful woman she had ever met and Evelyn suddenly felt so incredibly lucky to call her her wife. To share a son with her. A life.

And in that moment, Evelyn forgot all about long lost fiancee's and live's not lived and just let herself enjoy what she had.

Putting her coffee down, she leaned across her son and snagged a finger inside Vera's collar, "Bonne fête des mères, mon coeur." She whispered, pulling her in for a kiss.
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"Toi awssi," the blonde enunciated clumsily before their lips met. Lips widening into a smile as they kissed the blonde felt overwhelmed with gratitude. "I love you," she mouthed as their lips parted.

"Do you have plans this morning?" She asked before she finally placed the piece of fruit in her mouth.
 #26065  by Evelyn Winters
Hearing her son giggle quietly as his mothers kissed above him, Evelyn covered his eyes playfully as she pulled away, causing him to laugh even louder. Evelyn grinned down at him, and couldn't help but kiss him sloppily on the cheek which caused him to squeal.

"No plans this morning, though I have a floo call before noon with Lucas Oliver from Wizarding World Today."