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Location: Knockturn alley • Date: February
Time of Day: Early evening • Weather: Windy & Cold

After a typical big Johnny and Misty fight, Misty grabbed Whiskey and headed out of the manor in a bad mood. The first place she decided to go to was an old friend's. It had been a while since she'd seen Ambrose, so why not kill two birds with one stone by not only getting away from her obnoxious husband, but to also see how Ambrose is doing.

With Whiskey in one arm, resting on Misty's hip, the witch knocked loudly onto Ambrose's door, and waited for him to answer.
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With his new job, he hadn't really been seeing anyone; his chances of opening his own funeral home seeming far into future at this point due to Shiro not really talking with him in awhile. He had settled down with a cup of tea, putting his feet up and picking up the book that was on the side table. His place a bit messy due to his working habits, the book would be a good distraction. His owl pecking him, wanting a treat before the knock came he turned to face his door.
"C'mon girl, you'll get a treat later." He chuckled.

Walking to the door he pulled his shirt down, and went to open it thinking about the fact he hadn't expected a guest that night and no one really came by either. The guest was welcomed though once he saw who it was.
"Misty, everything alright?" He asked, moving to the side so she could walk in. "Don't...mind the mess. Been busy with work." He pre-warned her.
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Misty entered the home once Ambrose moved aside for her, she gave him an amused smirk when he pre-warned her of the mess and she replied "you do know who I'm married to don't you? I'm sure your mess isn't that bad". Misty swears, if she has to pick up any more of Johnny's dirty socks off the bedroom floor, she'll hang him by his.... Well, you know. "Sometimes he can be quite tidy, with the main areas of the manor, but our bedroom he has no respect!"

Misty placed Whiskey down so she could roam a little, though to make sure she didn't touch anything she wasn't suppose to, she cast a small charm around Whiskey so anything she would go to touch would float away from her. All she could do was just walk around basically.

"Everything's fine..." she lied while taking a seat somewhere. "Well, you know, just the usual bitching between me and Johnny." Misty sighed lightly then while turning her gaze to Ambrose, she said "I may have turned his thingy green and gave it boils as punishment for not listening to me".
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He chuckled, imagining the two going at it as she forced him to pick up...he didn't imagine she'd be doing it. Shutting the door behind her a soft click was heard before a magical lock was put up.
"I see, well even so I usually tidy up when the rare guest comes over." He, watched as Misty was placed down. "The chemicals are in the way back room, she can't harm anything in here." He said, guessing her concerns.

Raising an eyebrow, it hurt even his little thing to hear about such things - remind him not to make Misty mad.
"Seems like he'll learn his lesson." He merely said, unless the guy liked the pain. He walked into the makeshift kitchen, and put on some more water to make more tea for him and his new guests.

"Anyway, this place is in the middle of construction. Once I can get back into contact with my partner...this Is going to be the funeral home and up there the living area...what...do you think?" He smiled.
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All the dangerous stuff might have been out of Whiskey’s way, but Ambrose still had some interesting things the child wanted to get her hands onto. But every time she tried to pick something up, it floated away, to which the five year old stomped her foot in temper.
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"Well, you would think" she replied over Johnny learning his lesson. "But of course he won't, as this is Johnny we're talking about. He just loves to piss me off, and also loves to wind me up" she rolled her eyes. The man drove her insane, and not in a good way. But she still loved him and wouldn't trade him in for anything.

After Ambrose had finished explaining his plans, Misty's eyes glanced around the space. "I think it's great! Where is your partner exactly? Who is it?" Misty ignored Whiskey as she had a tiny tantrum stomping her feet, she knew her child was fine. "What are you going to do if you can't get in contact with them?" she asked, and it sounded like she had something in mind, that maybe the wheels in her head was turning and she was getting an idea.
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He chuckled, watching the girl around his home; her attempts null and void. "Sounds like Johnny." He said, waiting for the water to heat up while the girl got most of his visual attention. Simply because of how cute she was, he liked children...they had a purity about them. The world had yet to mess with their minds, they had hope and a lot of it.
"If he didn't do tat, what would he do with his time?" He focused back on her.

"Mr. Takayama, " He said as the water began to hiss, taking the water off the stove before grabbing two cups. "He's back in Japan, and...I don't know what I'm going to do if he doesn't contact me. I might have the master plan and most of the number plans but he asked to head this part of it himself." He added. "Do I go against those wishes? With someone like him?" He wasn't about to play with fire when it came to the Yakuza. Genesis had played with the triad and well...everyone knew what happened there. He wasn't wanting to go round two with the Japanese version.

"Even with the current problems, Just being here makes it more of a reality." He smiled.
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Misty frowned about Mr. Takayama being the partner, that kind of put a damper on the idea she was having. "Oh... Well that screws the plan up I had" she sighed and sat back in her seat, then added "I was going to suggest I could help you out ".

Misty began to slowly drum her nails on the arm rest while trying to think of a way she could still help her friend, and it didn't take too longer before an idea did come to her mind. "Oh! What about Cairo? He and Shiro are pretty tight I think, and after all Cairo is living in the Takayama mansion. He must be still in contact with one of them over there. It might be worth asking him".
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He chuckled, pouring the tea...yup. Shiro being in plans with anyone usually stopped anyone from sidestepping it. That was the power with being a mafia boss, and from what he'd seen Shiro seemed to thrive with controlling it.
"Usually does, after all behind him are many others backing him up lest we forget." He didn't chuckle that time...because he words being spoken were too true.

Handing her a cup he blinked,
"Cairo and Shiro? Living in the manor? What?" He asked, he knew that Shiro had guests there from time to time but this was the first live-in he'd head about other than other member of the group. He...learned a few things in the month he'd been there for his own protection.
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Misty took the cup of tea with a little nod over Cairo and Shiro, she took a sip while Ambrose continued, then replied. "Shiro knew Cairo wanted his own space, after all he's like fifty or nearly fifty and has been living in that manor his entire life. With more children coming into the manor, more members marrying into the family, Cairo was just feeling cramped. Even though that place is bloody massive! I still see his point. Anyway, Shiro offered Cairo a place to stay, and he accepted".

Misty took a couple more sips of her drink, the entire time her eyes locked on her child. "So if you need to get hold of Shiro, I'd suggest speaking to Cairo, he might be able to help".
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He was hearing the words, yes....believing them was another story. Shiro was offering his home out to someone else? He turned to his tea that was getting cold as he processed that information.
"This is Shiro Takayama. Yakuza boss were still talking about right?" He asked.

He didn't want to talk business with Misty however and changed the subject.
"He doesn't look in his 50's, even in the wizards standpoint." But then again Shiro didn't look almost 30, he attributed that to his height mainly though.
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Misty laughed lightly into her cup when Ambrose had to double check that they were speaking about the same person. "Yes. I only know one Shiro, and it would be the same Shiro you know. I believe he and Cairo had gotten somewhat close, dare I say a bromance bloomed" she smirked. "At least for Cairo it's a bromance, I think Shiro has just found Cairo to be the least annoying person out of everyone he's been forced to be around".

Misty gave a little nod to agree that Cairo looked young. "I think he was born in 1952, or something close to that year. He's aged well I guess. I think most of them do", 'them' meaning the Binxies, the ones that were Binxies by blood. "Except Barbas. He was turned in his late forties, and he definitely looks his age I think".
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That made sense...Not seeing Shiro as the bromance type he could only accept her thoughts on Shiro's end of things.
"I'd say you've have to be right, Alright. I'll send him an owl then, maybe Mr. Takayama as well." That way he didn't need to hear the lecture of Shiro telling him not to go through a middle man.
"Actually maybe owling just Shiro would be a good idea, shoot Cairo an owl if I get no reply." Yeah, that sounded a little less life threatening.

"Barbas is in his late 40's?" He said meaning age of living as a human and not a vampire. He had just assumed that Barbas was at least in his 80's a very scary person who got turned in his 80's but still. He was about to say how scary he was just as they both heard the crash from the other room.
"I think...it's time to see what the childs doing." He chuckled, leading Misty out of the kitchen.
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“Have you not already tried owling Shiro? I thought you had! That was why I said try cairo” she replied then finished her drink. As Misty put her empty cup down she added “then yes, definitely owl Shiro first, then if you haven’t heard from him try Cairo”.

She nodded about Barbas. “He was turned when he was forty-eight, but all in all he is in his seventies if we include his vampire age”. Misty was about to speak some more, but when they heard the crash from the other room, she sighed heavily instead and nodded to Ambrose. “Good idea” she replied while getting to her feet.
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After Whiskey had accidentally knocked something over, she said a little oops to herself, then shouted “it wasn’t me!!” While running away from the mess, and hiding hoping her mother and Ambrose wouldn’t find her.