A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

 #22664  by Shiro Takayama
Blue eyes gazed into dark, closing only as Hiro kissed his forehead. Though he was rigid, he assumed that was due to the fact he was still getting used to letting Hiro so close to him. Sure, he let the Binx's in...too far in. But they'd never got to lay a hand on him even as a friend to him. He was testing his will by letting Hiro not only touch him but kiss him anywhere.
"Yukiko she..." He didn't know how to say it, he didn't want to say it. Not outloud. Saying it outloud would be almost accepting it in his mind.
 #22665  by Hiro Kawazaki
Now it made sense, he exhaled wrapping his arms around the other man.
"You left that family, Shiro. I know...I tried to force you back into it...to accept it." He started, pulling back. He'd been wrong to try to change Shiro and now he knew it. Shiro would never accept them, he couldn't. Suddenly the scene at the mirror was explained even without Shiro having to say anything.
"And I'm sorry for that." He finished, "We'll go back to Japan, Go back to our world. Ok?" He rubbed Shiro's shoulder.
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"It's not just that." He said, standing once Hiro had let him go. Though he had enjoyed the warmth Hiro had, his eyes were also glad for the new sight of moonlight that his eyes were now facing. The charms off, it almost seemed like he glowed in it.
"I shouldn't...I mean I know I shouldn't dictate who they are just because of him but... I can't help it." He finished looking back at Hiro.

"I guess my question should be, did he win when I lost my humanity? Or did he win when I started seeing him in her?" Sure she wasn't albino but she had the same features as his father...something that made sense seeing as her mother was his fathers sister.
"I'm not sure when he won," He finished. "But I don't like it." He nearly growled.
 #22667  by Hiro Kawazaki
He crossed his arms,
"Who would blame you?" He asked, "I personally wouldn't want anything to do with the family either," He said, regretting trying to match him with them.
"I personally don't want it." He added. "The Binx family....Yukiko included should simply stay are friends and business partners."

"He didn't win," He could feel Shiro's eyes on him from a side glance. "Because you are an amazing father. If he'd won...you wouldn't have broken the cycle." He added, smiling. "Lets go back to Japan."
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Crickets chirped, his back still turned to Hiro but his ears were open and listening to every word that was spoken. The Binx's as friends and business partners? That he could handle, that was actually the perfect situation. The Binx family had ministry ties...people in high places and large numbers. Something that was useful. If anything they needed English partners like that for cases that showed up here.
"I agree...yes." He cleared his throat. "And that's what I told her." He added.

"You really think so?" He asked, finally turning around. Nodding. "Yes, I think it's time to go back...home? Is that what you call it?" He asked, not calling it the same thing even now. HQ maybe, but his home was with his daughter and where ever they were together. Hiro was now included in that.
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He smirked, a little.
"Good, she needed to hear it." He gave a little smirk. "I'm honestly shocked she thought it would go well." He allowed a chuckle, glad the tension in the room seemed to be clearing.

"Think?" He raised an eyebrow. "I know so. If you need proof only two spoiled, well taken care of girls would be in the backseat of a car you let me borrow arguing about a glam mag." He mused, a light laugh. "Yes, home. You call it what you want, but I'll call it home." He shook his head, putting an arm around Shiro's shoulder.
"for now? We need sleep. Because I need you sharp tomorrow when I go back to the shop and have you explain to them what happens without payment." He smirked.
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Sighing he internally agreed, walking with Hiro to the bed mainly due to the arm around his shoulders. A slight groan on his face, at the image of the girls fighting over a glam mag filling his head.
"Really? A glam mag of all things?" He asked, an eyebrow raising as topics of work were brought up. "Your telling me...they refuse to pay us?" He asked.
"Did you at least try to explain to them what we are more then willing to do?"
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"Do I really need to? They should already know." He took the blankets and folded them over, looking at Shiro for a minute after he did so. "Yes, a glam mag." He confirmed, laying down on the bed. "Join me."

A minute later Shiro's heat joined him under the covers and he simply put an arm around him, pulling him closer. When he had said sleep, he meant just that...sleep. 'both of us need it' was his mindset.
"Night, Shiro." He settled into the pillows, magically turning out the lights for them both.