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 #22548  by Vera Hadley
Location: Hadley-Winters Home • Date: January 2003
Time of Day: Evening • Weather: Cloudy

Due to a meeting running long, she and Louis had eaten dinner rather late. Noticing the little boy's whining and his incessant blinking Vera had moved straight from dinner to bedtime routine. Barely putting up a fight, the little boy had cuddled into his favourite stuffed toy and had fallen asleep before Vera had reached the end of his favourite lullaby.

After she had sent Louis's toys to the chest she concentrated on the pile of dishes she had left on the counter. She was scrubbing her first plate when a toy crashed into one of their many lamps, startled the blonde and made her drop the plate on the ground. "Bloody Hell!" She let out at least as loud as the crashes.

Hoping the noise had not woken up her son, she winced. When a few seconds of silence passed she started picking up the pieces of ceramic. What a mess!
 #22754  by Evelyn Winters
Evelyn hardly ever worked late any more, or she at least tried her hardest to leave headquarters before dinner time. Usually she succeeded but she'd had no such luck tonight. Someone in her editorial department had lost the prints of page one's photo shoot staring Brooklyn Stone. She had managed to track them down eventually, but she was also down an editor and that position would need to be filled as soon as possible if she was going to keep the board off her back.

It was just after eight when she walked into her house. She sighed audibly in relief as she toed off her heels and placed them neatly on the show rack. Her coat put it self away in the entrance closet and her purse followed suit. Low music drifted from the kitchen that told Evelyn, Louis had been put to sleep and that Vera was cleaning up. This was her wife's nightly routine, something Evelyn was sad to have missed the beginning of.

Rounding the corner into the small, but tastefully decorated kitchen, Evelyn was just about to greet her wife when a crash sounded from the living room. Evelyn immediately turned her head to look towards the commotion. Apparently one of Louis' wooden trucks had smashed right through one of Evelyn's favourite table lamps. The Moroccan styled base now lay shattered on the living room carpet. She sucked in a deep breath.

Welcome home, Evelyn.

"I rather liked that lamp," She said quietly, still staring at the ruined light.
 #22768  by Vera Hadley
Jumping again when she heard her wife she reflexively clenched her fist around a sharp piece of ceramic. She winced and cursed under her breath. Holding her bloody hand over the sink, she looked at the superficial yet unwelcome wound. "M'sorry. I'll get you another one." She mumbled as she pulled a shard of plate from her palm.

Tensed because of her long day at work, her evening without Evelyn and the pile of blunders she was suddenly amassing, Vera felt overwhelmed.
 #22885  by Evelyn Winters
Evelyn shook her head, but didn't reply, instead she moved forward and gently grabbed Vera's wrist. She lifted it until she could peer at the small cut at the edge of her palm.

"There's more in there. Let me get my tweezers." Turning away, she pulled her wand from her skirt pocket and summoned a pair of tweezers from their en-suite. "Here," She waved her wand over the site and cleared away the blood that was pooling there. It took a few tries but eventually she pulled two small chards from her wife's hand. Lifting it, she placed a kiss on Vera's small wrist.
 #22904  by Vera Hadley
Exhausted, she relented her hand's care to her wife. Without a wince or a flinch she watched as Evelyn pulled shards from the small wound. Once the wound had been cleaned, Vera buried her face in Evelyn's neck. Wounded hand hanging awkwardly at her side, she used the other to pull the brunette closer.

The last few months had been strange to say the least. Navigating Elaine's resurrection had felt like being adrift in a sea of unrest. The first few days had been difficult, but at least she had been able to stay with Evelyn and Louis. Since they had gone back to their routine, Vera had been in a constant state of unease. Insecurities were seizing her lungs, while he brain often conjured dreadful scenario as to how this whole thing would unfold.

Enjoying their proximity as she silently felt blessed that Evelyn had not left them yet, Vera sighed contentedly. "How was your day?" She inquired as she slowly pulled away.
 #22922  by Evelyn Winters
It took Evelyn longer than it should have for her to respond to Vera's embrace, but once the blonde woman deflated against her, Evelyn lifted her arms and wrapped them around her. Gently she rested her chin atop Vera's shoulder and felt the days worries ooze out of her slowly.

When Vera began to pull back, words drifting past her ear, Evelyn immediately lifted her hands to Vera's shoulder blades and applied pressure until Vera was pressed up against her again. She exhaled, not ready for the hug to end.

"I find myself constantly surrounded by imbeciles but that is nothing new," She murmured, brushing a hand down the center of Vera's back. "How was yours? I'm sorry I missed dinner."
 #22924  by Vera Hadley
Vera happily complied to Evelyn's silent requested. Her nose trailed the length of the brunette's shoulder, a small smile playing on her lips as Evelyn complained about her employees.

The smile did fade when Evelyn apologized. "We missed you," she admitted remembering Louis's protests as Vera insisted that they should start dinner without his other mother. "But it's okay," she added not wanting to seem ungrateful. Evelyn barely ever missed dinner and Vera trusted that it would not become a habit.
 #22928  by Evelyn Winters
Evelyn winced lightly, having known that her presence would be missed. Louis was becoming quite the fickle creature as of late, and Evelyn not being there to cut up his meat and answer all his questions must have really thrown him. Evelyn was slightly surprised that Vera had even been able to put the boy to sleep, something they hadn't been able to do alone for the past week. They had been tag teaming everything, beginning with dinner and ending with bed time, but apparently tonight was the night Louis decided he was done being capricious.

"I missed you as well," She replied quietly, breathing in Vera and the distinct smell of home. Just as she was pressing a light kiss to Vera's temple, her stomach growled loudly and she immediately flushed pink up to her ears.

Evelyn cleared her throat, "I don't suppose you left me any dinner?"
 #22930  by Vera Hadley
"Of course," Vera confirmed before kissing Evelyn's cheek. First using her wand to put a quick bandage on her hand she then accioed the plate she had put aside for Evelyn. It was nothing fancy, just ham, carrots and potatoes, but it would do the trick.

"Wine?" She did not wait for the brunette's answer before she filled a glass for herself.
 #23016  by Evelyn Winters
Taking a seat at the kitchen island rather than the table situated to the left of the room, she let her feet dangle from stool, toes brushing against the steel foot rest below.

"Please," she answered, already looking forward to sipping on the rich, dry red she had picked up from the store yesterday after work. Running a hand through her hair, Evelyn yawned, not even bothering to hide her exhaustion.

Sufficiently musing her hair until it unknowingly stood up at an awkward angle on the side, she eyed Vera, a small smile gracing her lips, "Louis didn't give you much trouble tonight did he?" She asked.
 #23019  by Vera Hadley
At times taken by her wife's beauty, Vera often caught herself staring at the woman she had married. Though those moments made her heart race, they were nothing compared to the joy she felt whenever she was privileged enough to catch Evelyn in a rare moment of imperfection. A yawning, messy haired Evelyn Winters was by far the sexiest because it was the Evelyn that belonged to her and her only.

She brought the glass of wine to Evelyn and dropped a gentle kiss on the side of her head. Grinning as the messy strands of hair brushed her nose, Vera lingered a few more seconds before she pulled away. "He was rather upset that I dared cut his meat in your absence, the fit must have tired him because he fell asleep quickly."

After a quick sip she went to the living room to fix the mess she had left there. "I may have promised we would go to the park this weekend to make up for it," she announced before she strutted out of view.
 #23024  by Evelyn Winters
Evelyn made a small noise of amusement as she sipped from her wine glass, "Of course you did. Thankfully I had already planned a trip across the city to take him to the new indoor playground they opened a few months back." The prophet had written an article about the establishment when it had first opened, and Evelyn had been eager to take her son to it ever since.

"Though perhaps you could refrain from bribing our son to do as he's told next time." She risked an eyebrow though a cheeky smile graced her features as she watched Vera bend down over the broken lamp. "You're a witch, use your wand." Evelyn scolded her before biting down on a carrot.

She spooned a few more forkfuls into her mouth before taking another sip of her wine to wash it down and then spoke again, "I have a dinner party to attend next Thursday, but it is not until after Louis goes down. Perhaps we could have Nanny stay for a few extra hours and you could come with me?"
 #23025  by Vera Hadley
She usually refrained from negotiating with their son, but on nights like these, nights when every inch of her body protested from exhaustion bribing the little boy was a gift from heaven above.

"Yes because magic served me so well the first time," Vera answered apparently too tired to even do a levitation spell properly. Once the lamp pieces had been picked up and dropped the bin the blonde walked back to the kitchen. "Socializing with adults while at the arm of my wife?" Vera spoke as if they had not been out of the house for months, which she had intended as a joke, until she realized it had actually been quite awhile since they had gone out together. "It's been a bit hasn't it?" She plopped on the stool next to Evelyn.
 #23028  by Evelyn Winters
Pursing her lips, but letting the tired snip from her wife go, Evelyn continued to eat her meal in between listening to and watching her wife.

It had been quite a while. Perhaps since the Ministry's christmas party that Evelyn had attended for only forty-five minutes before excusing herself and leaving Vera to mingle for another hour. She had initially felt bad about leaving the woman to fend for herself, but when Vera had come back rather tipsy and a big smile on her face, Evelyn had managed to forgive herself and the skin crawling feeling she got just from stepping foot in the building had disappeared at the sight of it.

"All the more reason to come with me then,"
 #23041  by Vera Hadley
"I will happily be your date, Mrs Winters." The blonde hid her smirk behind her glass of wine.

Hand on her wife's's thigh she sipped on her wine while Evelyn finished her meal. "Have you spoken to Emerson lately?" Vera knew Evelyn had been quite upset when her best friend had made plans with Emily for Christmas, but the two never seemed to stay away from each other for two long. They were due for a reconciliation.