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The idea that he'd continue a conversation with a drunk that would go nowhere was amusing, and as he shut the door with the guy gaping at him and walked on in he mentally prepared for round two of the evening. Three more were left, all rowdy.
'man, you can't just kick our mate out like that! Were paying customers!', the look from his female co-worker hadn't been lost on him though it had amused him.
"I know you can handle yourself just fine, Doesn't mean I don't enjoy taking out the trash." This didn't seem to help their moods as one of the men aimed at him, He didn't know if it was due to the young man's annoyance of getting ignored or....getting call trash. He'd bank on it being a mix of both.
"One on the rights yours alright." As it had been the one on the left who had acted out, Dillian taking said fist and twisting it.

He almost felt his wolf howl within him, The full moon close he'd been more tempted to lash out...not expecting to have a reason so. It almost felt good.
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Erme rolled her eyes in amusement. Yes, she figured her co-worker would be enjoying himself. The Blood Moon Inn didn't have the most sterling reputation, but it wasn't every night that they had to deal with ruffians with physical force. It was a rare treat for the wolf, she figured, to get to bodily eject several men from the establishment. She watched her co-worker take the man on the left into hand, and turned her attention back to business.

The man to the right had obviously overheard their delegation of duties and had begun his approach. Probably figuring petite Erme to be an easy obstacle on the way to bigger and badder adversaries. It was an easy mistake for him to make. Standing at just 5'3" and slight, she didn't look like much. But after a millennia, a girl could pick up a few tricks.

Taking a step towards her foe, Erme allowed herself to fade and teleport to a spot behind the red-faced drunk. Swiftly, she grabbed his shoulder and delivered a kick to the back of his knees. The drunk dropped to the floor like a sack of potatoes - slamming first to his knees, then his face. A twinge in her subconscious had her looking down to notice him trying to reach for his wand in his back pocket. Stepping forward, she swiped it before he could.

"Ah, ah, ah, mon petit ivrogne." She muttered, putting some distance between them as she allowed the man to push to his feet. She savored the look of confusion on his pudgy features for a moment before moving again, transporting herself once more to his back and pushing him towards the door. She couldn't lift the moucheron over her shoulder, but she could manipulate his mind into believing he was staggering towards her to show her the what for instead of for the door.

Once he was at the threshold, she once again kicked his legs out from under him, watching as he landed alongside his instigator buddy on the lane outside. "Do not return to this establishment." She stated, her voice clear and cold, before throwing his wand at his chest and slamming the door behind her.
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Corbin landed with a thump next to where Hugh lay outside, courtesy of the short blonde that had - in a way - caused Hugh's current predicament. Chuckling to himself, Hugh glanced at his buddy out of the corner of his eyes. "'m thinkin' we do'nny come back tah this un next time we're'n London, aye?"He wheezed, still a little winded from his own launching from the bar. Next to him, Corbin nodded, then groaned. "And we 'specially do'nny mess wih that 'un." He muttered, and closed his eyes. Murray and Krisstoffer would be out soon enough. Either on their own volition or courtesy of the dynamic duo in there. Personally, Hugh kind of hoped Mr. No-Bedside-Manner in there was extra rough on Murray. But that was up to Ole Murray, he guessed. He really should have seen this beating coming. What kind of seer was he if he couldn't even foresee his own being laying injured in the street? This would hurt his street cred if it ever got out. He'd have to make sure that damn Murray kept his mouth shut later.
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He hadn't been worried about her, given the fact she was much older than any other co-worker in the joint...or in the room for that matter he knew she had centuries to learn how to not only defend herself but to also fight. The guy who took a punch at him went for attempt two, Dillian sending a sucker punch to his belly, pulling him up and landing him into the wall near the door the first guy had just gotten tossed out of.
'Were paying-' Another fist ending up in his jawline. His inner wolf seemed to howl with the thrill of winning...

His inner wolf reminded him he was having too much fun, as he pulled the guy up from the back of his shirt and tossed him out the door to join his friends - the guy looking rougher than any of them.

With the click of the door being heard he headed back to the main bar, the few people in there keeping their head while he started to clean glasses.
"Think they'll be back?" He asked, setting the glass down and looking at his female co-worker.
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Erme scoffed. "Not if they know what is good for them." She glanced at her co-worker out of the corner of her eyes. He was getting himself back under control after being able to let loose on the drunks. "Back to work, then." She smirked and went to retrieve her tray from where she'd abandoned it on an empty table. It was a better night now than it had been at the start. She loved it when things got interesting around here, and at the Blood Moon Inn they often did.
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"The drunk never know that." He said, having seen a few come right back in. Something told him though this was a time where the men they had tossed got the point. The look on their faces made it seemed to realize just how bad they had underestimated the staff for the night. Setting a glass down on the counter, he smirked.
"Well we are at work afterall." He reasoned, getting back to what he was doing before he had to kick them out.