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Kit blinked a moment, then shifting back on his feet said, “Sora I... that’s a lot to ask.... “

The travel, expense, time off work, not to mentions he didn’t trust her at all... It probably didn’t seem like such a big deal the he vampire that could come and go as she pleased with little to no real restictions.

“Don’t you... have a friend you could ask?” He said tentatively.
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Sora stared at him, then lifted a brow, placing her hands on her hips.

"You think if I had friends I would be standing here talking to a mudblood like you?"

She stepped forward, and then slowly brought her hand to his jaw, nails slightly pressing to his skin.

"What if I told you...I could take all those nightmares away. You could sleep so peacefully...like a baby. Maybe I would even do it for the veela should I be convinced..."
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Kit groaned and leaned back against the window, looking up at the sky. Sora.... she was behind the nightmares...

Finally he said, “You will take away my dreams and Cecil’s and you will never let them return. Not if you see me kick your favorite dog, or if Cecil decides she is coming after you for back taxes. You will also arange for any travel or expenses... and you will let me write a story about this trip.”

Looking at her he said, “A vampire’s emotional journey to connect with her long, lost people. I could sell it to Witch Weekly for a very good price... They eat up stories like that for lunch.”
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Sora smirked, leaning forward.

"One more thing." She lifted a finger. "You kiss me, properly. Like you did when you was tied up. You're getting a lot of benefits out of this. One measly kiss wouldn't be so much, would it?" She lifted a brow at him.
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Kit looked over at Sora a moment in surprised silence, then finally said,

“What? No... Sora, I’m not your... your boy toy here! See now this is what I was afraid of! Look, no. Deal is off. Find someone else...” he said, moving away from her at once down the street. “You aren’t doing me a favore, I was doing you a favor,” he threw over his shoulder.

He didn’t know why he even considered it in the first place! Alone with her, in a strange country. Right. And it would end with him locked up in a dungeon some where...
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Sora paced after him, reaching him quickly and grasping him by the shoulder before shoving him to a nearby wall.

"You get a story, experience in a new country for free, your ailment wiped along with your friends, and bragging rights against a vampire. I ask for one kiss and you flip your fucking lid!? Why are you so willing to stick your nose into shit, but as soon as one little thing becomes inconvenient, you cower away like a child! I killed Wesley Marlowe, and I nearly died doing it! Do you not see what I did!? I saved your stupid Veela - maybe not intentionally, maybe not on purpose, but I did. And the one time I want just a sliver of affection from you, it's too much of an ask!?"

She shoved away, breathing heavily, gritting her teeth.

"I let you go. I was planning to keep you underground for years until you begged for release, until you finally accepted me, until you finally let me turn you. And I let you go after everything you knew about me. The amount of blackmail you have on me..."
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“But I am NOT going to blackmail you!” Said Kit, taking an agressive step towards her. “I am NOT going to brag. Maybe in your unhappy, twisted world that is currency. You just EXPECT I will hold it over your head and use it against you because you and everyone else you know would do exactly that. But to me it is wrothless. I am gaining NOTHING by having anything on you. Punish the world for being shady fucks, but don’t punish me for it Sora. I get a trip for free? You realise I work for a living right? I have a life. Were you going to pay me for all my lost income? No... so the story would have made up for that. It wouldn’t have been some bonus. This is a favor for YOU. And you are going to take away my sleepless night?! Fuck you Sora. You are the one who gave them to me and Cecil. When someone innocent is being tourtured I suppose they might debase themselves to thank the tourturer when he stops. But don’t act like it’s some favore.”

Taking another step towards her he said angrily, “Just a simple kiss? No. It’s you pissing on the favor I agreed to do for you. Telling me the agreement is just not good enough. You just have to be manipulative right from the moment I agree. You can’t even see kindness being offered to you. You told me you wanted a trade because you didn’t want to feel you owed me. So when I thought up a reasonable one you tell me that now I owe YOU something.”

Shaking his head at her then he said, “You are really special, you know that Sora?” Pulling out his wand he said, “Go find someone else to be your bitch. I am done, unless you want to drop your games, apologize, and start over. Oh and one step towards me and you are burnt toast. Not going to hesitate to use this wand.”

And he meant it.

Was he sweating inside? Yes. But he was done playing her games...
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Sora lifted her chin at him, glaring at his wand that was now pointed at her. She twitched a smirk, but soon allowed it to drop.

"I don't have to be reasonable to you, or anyone. I am the most feared and vile creature that lives. I am at peace with that. Sometimes appeasing a creature like me with a tiny extra is worth more than hoping I look into my cold, dead heart to see your kindness. You want an apology? You can rip it out of my throat when I'm dead."

She smirked, showing her fangs.

"Thank you for giving me permission to start over...back when you was a nobody on the street, and I held a metal bar in my hand used to crush your knee. This time, I won't be so soft. Another time, Kitten."

She winked, and then turned away from him to leave.
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Kit suddenly felt an odd, almost blinding rage, come on him. After everything... everything! That was how she was going to be....

Almost as if in a daze Kit raised his wand, pointed it at her back and released a giant ball of flames strait at her... a giant ball that was larger than the vampire herself and moved fast as lighting! It was a spell he had begun practicing ever since that night she and Perrine had attacked him, and he had perfected it, and with the way he suddenly felt inside it was excicuted with perfection!
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Dobby has come to protect Harry Potter, to warn him...

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Despite having the power of speed, Sora wasn't quite aware enough to dodge the fireball. She had been confident that Kit would cower and appease her statement, but she was evidently wrong.

By the time she glanced around, she was engulfed in a wave of flames, the crackling of her own flesh deafening her. Sora screamed, violently flailing, tumbling to the floor in agony. Her voice cracked, and she began to gasp for air among the suffocating heat, clawing at the ground as she felt her skin bubbling and becoming molten.
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Kit stared at the writhing form before him. There were no shouts or screams from people passing. They were all alone. Sora had approached him counting on the spot being secluded. That had been her mistake.

Perhaps he should have felt instant regret but... he didn’t. She wished to harm him, harm Cecile by slowly torturing them like a cat with mice. Well... some times even mice could fight back!

Kit raised his wand, nearly hesitating, but with a swoop he dosed the flames, causeing them to vanish from off of her... although their cruel damage was left behind.

Wand trained on the vampire he said in a strained voice, “Still alive? Make one move to leave or attack and I will finish you Sora...”
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Sora gasped for air, but everything hurt. Her throat burned, chest heaved but ribs seemed to press inwards, hands shaking uncontrollably. She barely heard Kit's voice, but she could figure out enough what he was saying through the smog of pain. A part of her wanted to tell him to do it with the amount of agony she was in, being barely able to crack open her eyes from swelling.

She could smell the burning, hear the crackling, feel the sudden tightening of her skin. And she was scared. She couldn't bring herself to look up at him, afraid to provoke him. And so she lay silently, hoping internally that he would either tend to her...or just end it all.
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Although she made no answer Kit could tell she still lived.

Squatting down beside her he said, “You have shown yourself to be a creature without compassion, or mercy. You are willing to hurt those I care about for your own selfish gains. Trust me... you do not want to test me tonight.”

With that he raised his wand and cast a spell, putting her into an unconcious state...

When Sora woke up she was on a low matess in a room, lit by only a few candles. Kit sat in a chair, looking at her intently as he eyes opened. A wand was in his hand. When he saw her eyes flutter he said simply,

“Should I let you live?”
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Sora strained her eyes, glancing around, hearing Kit's voice.She wanted to tear his throat out for this, but as she tried to move her fingers, a searing pain jolted up her arm. Damn! She tried to look at him, glaring.

"If you was so moral, then you wouldn't be asking me. You know what your gut tells you, and it isn't going to change even if I do lower myself to beg, which I will not."
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“I wasn’t asking you to beg...” he said in a low, calm voice. “I was asking if I should let you live. I was hoping you would give me a reason to. But if you will not you leave me with no choice. I don’t like the idea of killing anyone. But you under estimated me when you threatened me and then turned your back. In the past I tried to offer you an understaning, a partnership of sorts. But you turned it down. I have tried to be friendly, but you have spit in my face. I have tried to put the tortures you habe put me through behind us, but you bring them up as threats. You were wrong when you thought I was a lamb Sora... I am not much good at combat but there is one thing I have been practicing for over a year now... how to cast spells to defeat an arrogent vampire that will turn her back on her victim...”