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Send and receive owl post messages and other communications that take place in Legacy Era.
December 28th
To Ambrose,
I know I can't count on Michelle to send invites out, so I'm inviting everyone to the Blue Lagoon New Years Eve weekend party, and this is your invite. I hope you can make it. But if not, you have no choice but to come to the family party Monday evening. So I'll see you soon
Love Misty

Played By: Binxyboo

You know me and people, I think I'll pass on the nightclub event. However, I wouldn't dream of missing the family party. I miss you all and my wife does as well, I've been speaking to Mark and his wife actually about bunking with them so I can spend time with the god-kids as well as the rest of you.

Cant wait to see you all,
Mr. Noble