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Send and receive owl post messages and other communications that take place in Reformation Era.
 #22900  by Markus Green
Ms. Medina,

I wish I could tell you what's kept me from writing, but it's a long story and I'd rather not go into it. I meant to write sooner, believe me. But enough about that, I've had a habit of rambling and I'd rather not get into that habit with this letter.

I simply wanted to know how you were, hows your job? Family still treating you well? I wish I could offer you the food exchange we promised to do, I'd love to taste what you were talking to highly about. I just...don't know if I'll be able to....so I chose to do something else. In a package sent with this owl, I have put together a book of Japanese culture, Asian candy and seeds for a bonzai tree. Id send a bonzai tree but I don't trust my owl to not eat it.

Mark Green Binx