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 #22899  by Markus Green
Ms, Pascall,

First of all long time no see, I am sorry for the lack of contact...it's been one wild year for me and my family. I'm sorry to say I've not been able to contact a lot of people due to it, but things seem to be clearing up. The danger I mentioned before is no more, a good friend helped all of those in the situation out in that matter.

I wanted to say I enjoyed our night all those months ago, and I'm sorry if I made it seem like I just cut you off after it. I'm not that type of person, in actuality you were the first date I had ever been on. At first I was anxious, but it wasn't as anxiety forming as I imagined. I hope I didn't come off as anything but polite to you.

I'm rambling, in fact....if I get a respnce to this I'll be shocked. What I'm trying to say...is I'd like to see you again, maybe coffee? I know this little coffee place in downtown london that would be great.

As for the training, I do want to do that as well. I'm flexable but you have a young one so give me a date and I'll work around it? That is if you even want to bother with me - I'm saying that too much and rambling again.

Hopefully not going to be snubbed,
Mark Green Binx