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 #22323  by Yukiko Binx
Dear cousin,

I hear that you wont be joining the next get together so I've taken the liberty of sending you a box of candy from only the best place in town. I expect you to eat them and not your family, I know...you might be wondering by now if this is the only point of the letter,

Sadly it's not, I have a problem with a customer in the store I work in. He's coming in day in and day own harrassing me and the people I help manage....I wouldn't bother you with this but seeing as I work in an area where shady people work I'd like you to look into it, just in case this guy is big news and not just another creep?

I'm sorry if I'm bothering you, I really am. I'd pay obviously.

Yukiko Binx nee Takayama
 #22324  by Shiro Takayama
Ms. Binx,

I would like to ask you to refrain from using such a term of indearment when sending my anything or talking to me in person. We've already gone over this, and I'd rather not to do it again. Thank you for the sweets, I'll make sure to keep them for myself.

I'll be at your shop today around noon, hopefully not wasteing my time.

Shiro nakamura