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Send and receive owl post messages and other communications that take place in Golden Era.
 #22370  by Genesis Batsu
Dear sister,

It's been awhile since I've spoken to you, how's that new album going? I head in the your single made it in the top ten, knew you could do it! The kid is fine, Prudence actually has made her grades better...though I think that has to do with the new professor in their school which I hear is a treat...

The case with Mark is going nicely! I might get him home this summer, Thank you for all your help in that. If it wasn't for you I wouldn't have known where to start.

Your Brother,
Genesis Batsu
 #22371  by Gemma Batsu
It's you who haven't been around, I was in town just last week and you chose that week to go off and do something else. Really we need to plan our vacation times no? That's great to hear, though I've got owls from her about the woman. She seems dreadful, I would think you'd be stomping into the school and making a scene by now.

I was snocked! People liked it! Honestly, that was an iffy song given it was different from everything else I've done. But I was so happy they did!

It's not a problem, have you heard from him? Got updates from Prudence?, I was a little worried when my adviser informed me his father did indeed get a letter about what we were doing.

Gemma Batsu
 #22372  by Genesis Batsu
Well, I'm just finding that out, seems mom and dad wanted you to themselves. I'm starting to see how it is. Yes, I'd say we need to start planning things ahead of time. I've apparently not gotten all the information you have, because from what Prudence says to me she's just an uptight rule maker.

You doubt yourself too much, your a Batsu...we can achieve anything we go for.

No, She's not said anything...other than him being a bit moody. Think I should pop into the school?

Genesis Batsu
 #22373  by Gemma Batsu

Well to be fair I am working with her on an album and even though she's in school have to keep up with her on new lyrics for our songs, you are miles away and I'm sorry to say this but: Girl power brother. We sisters stick together. All jokes aside, I'll send you some of our owls so you can get your own opinion.

Ok, calm down the family pride a bit. As aswome as we are...it doesn't mean all my work is going to make the crowds cheer. We are human brother.

I'd say so, pay her a visit. Hopefully Mark will be there when you run into her, and check this woman out yourself if you can.

With much love,
Gemma Batsu