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Send and receive owl post messages and other communications that take place in Marauder Era.
 #22150  by Meiriona Davies
A tawny owl arrives for James Potter
Hey there,

I know things have been weird, but I was thinking I could reach out... there's this nifty new shop in Hogsmeade that sells these little leather bracelets and pendent necklaces and I thought Lily might like one, so I thought I'd let you know.

Stay awesome,

 #22332  by James Potter


I wanted to thank you for the tip about the shop in Hogsmeade. You're right. They have quite the selection. It was difficult for me to chose the perfect gift for Lily but I ended up buying her a leather bracelet, a couple's set...you know...one for him and one for her?

Hopefully she likes it.

Don't be a stranger, Davies.

P.S. Ravenclaw doesn't stand a chance against Gryffindor in next week's match.


 #22694  by Meiriona Davies

I saw her wearing hers during the extra potions lab. I think she really likes it. You did good, Potter. Real good.

Also, I may or may not be sorry about that bludger. I'd ask you if your shoulder is okay, but I'm still bitter about losing that match. We were so far ahead, but your seeker just HAD to go ahead and be a hero. Honestly.

-Not So Little Bird
 #22804  by James Potter
Dear Angry Bird,

You know just as well as I that the bludger was intended for my awesomeness. In fact, I think I saw my name on it seconds before it made friendly contact with my shoulder-WHICH- is just fine after being set back into it's socket thank you very much.

And your keeper isn't so bad either...I actually had to work to make those goals.

P.S. I caught that Reese boy eyeing you at breakfast. Do I need to rough him up? Maybe a potion mixup or a permanent sticking charm on his shoelaces? Just say the word.

Mischievously Yours,

 #22806  by Meiriona Davies
Dear Chaser,

Hate to break it to ya, but the world doesn't revolve around you. I would have hit that bludger towards any Gryffindor chaser who had the quaffle at the time. Nice try, though.

Please don't mess with Reese. He's sweet. Sometimes I wonder if he's smelled a ditzy daisy lately, but it's endearing. I think I might like him.

And no, you are not allowed to torment me about that.

Cheerily yours,