A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

 #18628  by Angus Middlemiss
Head officer, what a bloody joke. To top it off, Angus was piled with case after case, the Ministry knowing he needed to prepare for his journey. The last he wanted was to be made a fool, and he wasn't even his doing it on purpose this time! Suddenly, Angus stalks through a mud puddle that wets his trousers. Brand new too, for a planned dinner with his wife—which, was canceled...again. He might as well be run over by a horse, but soon after he thought this he looks behind in apprehension.

Maybe not a good idea to think while in the street.

Adjusting his petticoat, the door jingles from his entrance. Despite all this at least today he could finally breath, almost. A monkey picking it's ears were more use if he couldn't provide ample supplies. Look, even though it wasn't technically his fault, and Angus was willing to take some blame; he couldn't point fingers at the Ministry all the time. Actually, the mental energy it took blaming himself was more exhausting.

"Angus, eh?" A man around the same age peeks from the counter.

"Getting supplies for a... trip. You know, the kind where you go out in the middle of nowhere, get drunk, then dance naked under the moonlight..." his sentence trails but picks up after he was finished counting the lended euro's, "just one of those things."

"Say no more—refillable canisters, self warming blankets, fire starters, sleeping bags..." Angus places the money on the counter before the seller could finish, "I'll take an immense amount of each, please. This should cover it." He didn't know who to expect but everyone deserves a little comfort once in awhile. In all truth, Angus wasn't looking forward to this either and already feeling homesick before his leave.