Event Status: La Fratta Midsummer Party, July 30th - August 20th

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Party Guest Book

Once guests have arrived and have checked in their wands, they are directed to a beautifully crafted book standing on a white column. The book lay open with a quill and ink well next to it, with which guests are invited to write Summer greetings and wishes to the La Fratta hosts.

OOC note: Wands are tagged with their owners' names and placed in a series of boxes that can only be accessed by those handling the wand check-in. All guests MUST hand over their wands - any hesitation will be met with suspicion. Have your post contain your character dropping off their wand and writing in the book before heading into the reception. One post per person, please!

Re: Party Guest Book

Keira couldn't believe her luck. If it weren't for the extremely handsome man whose arm she was currently clinging to, she would never have made it to the La Fratta party of all events. She had gone all out with her outfit, following the theme to a tee with a water nymph gown.

She handed over her wand, glancing sideways at her date before moving on to the guest book. After thinking for a moment, rolling the quill between her fingertips, she finally went with a generic message wishing the La Fratta family a wonderful summer and thanking them for being such gracious hosts.

Played By: TyrellRose

Re: Party Guest Book

Perecles had his head held high as he walked in, proud to have been invited. He had his beautiful girlfriend with him, and it was going to be a good evening...

At least, it was until he had to explain to the wand check people that he didn't carry a wand, that his manager held on to it for him. Eventually he was able to convince them and he moved on, catching up with Keira just as she finished writing her message. He gave a shrug, not wanting to explain right away, and took the quill from her so he could sign his name under hers. Then he led her into the party, adjusting his tie as he went.

Played By: TyrellRose

Re: Party Guest Book

Dressed in a simple chiffon maternity dress, Constanta handed over her wand to the security guard with a slight smile. Even as her husband handed over his, she knew there were more on his person. The hosting family was never fooled, but they allowed it anyway. After they were done, she went over to the guest book and wrote well wishes and thanks to the hostess from Antony and Constanta.

Once she was done, Constanta took Antony's arm and went into the villa with him.

Re: Party Guest Book

"This will be fun," Franca said to her husband as they walked away from the security table. "You are always so skittish around your family. I don't get it."

Franca was dressed as Artemis for the evening, even charming a spectral doe to prance around her feet from time to time. She quickly signed the book with her and her husband's names before dragging him to see his niece.

Re: Party Guest Book

Paola knew she was lucky to be invited. She had to miss the party last year due to a terrible illness that a simple Pepper-Up potion couldn't fix. But, now, she would be able to see what Vieri's muse could do. She'd heard stories about last year's party; now it was her turn to see it with her own eyes.

And possibly plant some seeds of doubt about the girl's patron in her head.

With a flourish, Paola wrote her name in the guest book before moving on.

Re: Party Guest Book

A beautiful bleu train ebbed behind her offering the illusion of a sumptuous water nymph emerging from the water.

Once her signature had been written in her refined calligraphy, Flavia made her way further inside the villa.