Cecile stared at him, face blank for a moment. No...this time would be different, because she would be the one using him! Not that she would ever admit that but...

She felt herself growing angry that he wouldn't just conform to her needs. Her pupil seemed to bleed into her irises, causing them to turn deep and dark - nose pointed a little more, and nails slightly sharpened. But she was still lusting after him. She could not go home alone tonight. It was going to be somebody, and if it was Kit, things would at least be safe, right? Or was it just that he was there and readily available.

She brought her hand up, using a sharpened nail to guide his chin so he would look her in the eyes. Cecile remained silent, her eyes hooded as she seemed to stare into his soul; this was the first time in a very, very long time that she had done this. She didn't even do it to this extent to Aidan when they were together that one time. No, this was different. She slowed her breathing, allowing her chest to move fluidly up and down, lips slightly parted as she silently convinced him to match her breathing.

"It's not a random hook up, Kit." She said, almost whispering to hide the slightly higher pitch to her voice. "I need you. You need me. It's very simple. If you cared about me, you would trust that this is what I want. I want your hands on me, I want you to pull my hair, hold me, I want to feel you and have you to myself all night."

Played By: Vyreia
Kit's pupils began to dilate, his breathing slowed, he stared back into her eyes as he began to feel incredibly turned on!

Taking her by the shoulders he said, "I want that too, Cecile... you don't know how much I want you right now... I..."

Kit brought his hand up to the side of her face then and just kissed her, feeling entirely lost in his emotions and an almost uncontrollable urge to have her!
Kit began to kiss her harder, the passion growing. He couldn't wait to go home with her!!!...

But suddenly he made a sound, half way between a moan and a snarl and then... he pulled away from her, breathing hard, then let her go. Turning away from her then he brought his hand to his brow a moment, his hand resting on the wall as though for support before he said, "You... are not being a very good friend at the moment Cecile... I'm sorry. Goodnight."

And with that he turned towards the dance floor and began to walk away...
Kit paused, but he refused to look at her, saying instead,

"Cecil, sometimes when a man says no it actually mean no, alright? Do you have any idea how long it took me to get over you? After I slept with you that one time I couldn't get you out of my mind. Couldn't stop beating myself up over how I was so blind, how I should have seen you all along, how you had always been right before my eyes. But for you it was an excuse to move on. You had your sexual release, it gave you a moment of clarity to think about all the things you didn't like about me, and you moved on to the next fool to fall for you."

Finally looking at her he said, "I wasn't raised to just believe one night stands were just innocent fun as long as both people were mutually using the other person, alright? I was taught they were always a bad idea, that it was risky behavior and no way to find love, that it wasn't respectful to the other person. And all my experiences with such things have just proven it to be true. You want to just have a night of fun? Go waltzing out there and find someone," he said, gesturing out to the room, "But I don't feel like becoming emotionally drained again just so you can have a few shits and giggles at my expense."

He couldn't help but speak harsh. But he had to! Because even now it was so, damn hard to resist her!
Cecile felt herself bristle at the words. She knew for a fact he was right. Hell, she had been unwilling to participate in these things for a long while until she was pulled into a situation with Florian!

But she was mad and upset. Her hair whitened further and she tossed Kit' s hand aside in anger.

"Who said anything about a one night stand!? I didn't. You didn't. We agreed mutually how we felt, didn't we!? You're the one just acting paranoid. You're the one making it hard. You don't get to decide why I slept with you. You don't get to decide why now either."

She glanced around. People were looking, and she suddenly felt extremely self conscious. She folded her arms, looking away from him, feeling herself shaking from how upset she was.

It wasn't like she didn't know she was being selfish...Cecile knew. She'd always had urges to be selfish at times, but it was getting to the point where she simply didn't care.

"Forget it. I'll just do what you're implying and be a slut and go home with some other man, who cares if I wanted to spend my night with someone I care about, whatever."

Played By: Vyreia
Kit turned and looked at her long and hard, then said, “If you cared as you claim you wouldn’t be pressuring me and trying to make me feel like shit. And yes... I can’t decide how you feel. But I can decide how I feel and how I felt. I am not going home with you tonight Cecile. And if you want to find someone else that’s your prerogative. But I hope you will reconsider.”

And with that her turned once more to go. All he wanted now was to just be away from the entire situation..
Cecile grit her teeth, glaring at him, her hands clenching. As he turned, she let him, her anger peaking as feathers made themselves prominant on her shoulders and elbows. People were definitely looking at her now; they had just seen a Veela get rejected, and not just once. That had never happened before to her.

If she was honest...she was too embarrassed to even attempt to find someone else. She turned quickly and made a path right for the door, breathing heavy as she desperately waded through the crowd, picking up the front if her dress so she could pace faster without tripping. She needed to leave.

Played By: Vyreia