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 #27491  by Roger Donoghue
"Oh, novice. Definitely a novice." He said without hesitation. "He started with medicated cigarettes not too long ago, seemed to help him relax apparently. But apparently things have got a bit much and he wanted something stronger. I mean...this isn't the strongest thing I could have given him."

He shrugged.

"Although...I do know there is a security guy that has lent him a couple of things. That er..." He clicked. "Ah, Zherdev, I think? I think that's how Ciceron knew the name of what he wanted. Apparently the security guy uses a version of it, but this stuff is perhaps a bit stronger than that."
 #27492  by Danica Iver
“Zherdev?” She said curiously. She would need to have a little talk with this Zerdev.

“You have paper and a pen?” She said absentmindedly. “Please write that name down and give it to me.” There was no question in her mind he wouldn’t do exactly as she said. She then said,

“Alright... listen to me Jasper.” She stepped into him, very close, and looking ip i to his eyes she said, “You will never, ever, under any circumstances, sell anything to my husband ever again. Including cigarettes. And I don’t even want to tell you the details of what happened to the man that disappointed Miss Iverson in this way...”

Leaning ip close to his ear then she whispered, “I am sorry to say he lived through it all... but no one will put the mishapened creature out of his misery...”

Stepping away from him then she said, “You will comply?”
 #27493  by Roger Donoghue
Roger frowned at her, doing as she said and writing down the names before sighing.

"Of course. I would hate to disappoint Miss Iverson." He commented blandly, pursing his lips. "I would also advise you to go see to your husband just in case his portioning is not so accurate."