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Roleplay Challenge: Freaky Friday
Challenge Overview

Something has gone terribly, terribly wrong! A spell, a potion—whatever it is, your character has now swapped bodies with another character! You now must play out a thread in the Freeform Sandbox Roleplaying forum with another player and see how the story turns out!

How to Participate
🎃 Start a thread in the AU Potterverse, Canon Hogwarts, or Canon Wizarding World sandbox to play out your Freaky Friday story. Remember, "AU" just means AU to the Harry Potter series, so if everything about the series stays the same you can use one of the other sandboxes! Crossover Sandbox, Solo Sandbox, and Fixed Timeline threads will NOT be accepted for this challenge.

🎃 Need people to participate? Hop on over to the Sandbox Classifieds or post in Discord to find someone to swap with your character!

🎃 Reply to this thread filling out the form below. If your thread reaches 15 posts by the end of the Halloween Bash (November 3, 2018) you'll receive 1 Halloween Curio for your Curio Cabinet. If the the thread is completed during that time, you'll also receive 5 Quills!

🎃 You can complete this challenge up to three times per player, but be sure to check out the other Halloween Bash events and rewards if you've already done it three times and would like to help another player complete theirs!

Participation Form
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