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 #17745  by Algernon Stagg
Algie sat at a lonesome table in a small inn. The decor was somewhat plain, but the place was reasonably clean for the middle of London, which in reality, was not clean at all. Still, Algernon attempted to look the part as the mind behind the idea. He had his tweed waistcoat and trousers on, a ruffled shirt at the neck, and a dark grey, heavy, cloak draped over his shoulders. His top hat was set to the side, and a pair of thin-rimmed gold plated glasses sat at his crooked nose.

He certainly did have some air of graciousness to him, but he wasn't exactly riveting enough to be considered high-class. The materials were clean and pressed the best they could be, but the fabric was not exactly top quality. In fact, the leatherbound book beside him was likely more expensive than his cloak. It was large and clearly old with some of the stained pages fraying. Beside it was a stack of papers, some blank, a quill and a pot of ink in which Algernon was using to write with.

A journal entry perhaps. Or just mere practice for the expedition; take notes of all things and make an accurate documentation of the events. But of course, before he could go on any expedition, he had to meet the people going with him, first. Apparently, there had been volunteers...thank goodness he would not have to go alone.
 #17778  by Alda Fleming
Alda was beyond thrilled that she was finally meeting Algernon Stagg. It was as if all the stars had aligned, every piece had fallen into place at just the exact time, for her to go on this adventure, and Algernon was a part of it. He was the man behind the exploration, or whatever it was they were calling and it, and it was imperative that Alda mad a good impression. She realized that when most people looked at her, they saw nothing more than a girl with some magical ability and a love for gossip. She was not.

Despite having no earthly idea what he looked like, Alda was able to spot him within moments of entering the inn. Of course he would be the one with the stack of papers. He was organizing quite a journey; there must be plenty of notes to make and information to jot down!

"You must be Mr Stagg. I am Alda Fleming," she introduced herself in her usual warm, bubbly tone, "it is wonderful to be finally meeting you in person."
 #17817  by Sidney Lyon
When Sidney sent off the owl a few weeks ago, he hadn't expected anything to come of it. However, he was pleased to have been proven wrong, and now he was about to meet the team. Sidney was curious. The response, inviting him along, had felt like the answer he always needed - perhaps a chance to bring his family out of poverty.

Wearing his best robes, Sidney strolled confidently into the inn, and made his way towards the man and woman already there, who he assumed must be the folks he was looking for, as they stood out slightly from the regular locals drinking butterbeer.

"Pleased to meet you, I am Sidney Lyon," he said, with a polite nod.
 #17825  by Algernon Stagg
As soon as he saw a woman approaching, Algernon began to rise out of his seat immediately, stumbling a little as he tried to set down his quill and tea at the same time and getting a little jumbled with his movements. Smooth, Algie, smooth. Instinctively, her glanced over her, but it was only very minute before snapping his eyes back to her face. He gave a nervous smile, holding an arm behind his back, and began offering his hand out to her, though soon buckled and pulled his hand away. One was never too sure how to greet people anymore. Though, he did bow his head lowly, his thinning hair being made evident as he dipped his head.

"What a pleasure it is to meet you, Miss Fleming. I look forward to becoming acquaintances" He spoke, his words a little hesitant at first.

When he lifted his eyes up, they caught onto the approaching man. He seemed to know exactly where to go, so Algie could only assume this was another volunteer. As the man introduced himself, Algie gave another curt smile and this time, did not make an attempt to shake hands. It was far to risky to offend at this point in time.

"Algernon Stagg; a pleasure to be working with you." He spoke formally before gesturing to the spare chairs. "Please, do take a seat. I have asked a waitress to attend to all drinks tonight as we speak of plans."

Although, he did hope they didn't order anything too expensive; he wasn't exactly made of money.

"I am pleasantly surprised by the interest both of you have undertaken in this opportunity, though I must ask, what inspired you to take the positions?"
 #18247  by Alda Fleming
Alda's smile did not show it, but she was very surprised by the man in front of her. She had pictured someone more...well someone not anything like the person in front of her. Never mind that. The expedition was more than just Mr Stagg.

But then there was this Mr Lyon. Now he was the exact picture of the man who would be heading up an expedition to an exotic location. Alda shook hands with both men and took her seat at the table.

"I was just drawn to the idea of it. How could I pass up such an exciting opportunity?"

She hoped her answer was significant. She was sure of her ability to be useful. She was more than just a gossip columnist, but she had no way to prove it.
 #18457  by Sidney Lyon
At the question of why he had chosen to take this position, Sidney's thoughts immediately filled with riches, treasure, money and fame. His small family would be out of poverty, and have everything they could ever want, and more. But he felt that this would be inappropriate to admit, and he didn't want to come across as selfish.

"The adventure of it, I have never travelled outside of England before, you see," Sidney said, before ordering a pint of the house ale with one of the waiting staff. "I feel up to the challenge."
 #18464  by Ezeril Brattle
"Mr Stagg, I presume?" came the slightly warbled voice characteristic of her father's race. Ezeril walked up to the table, aware of her height, yet not caring. "Ezeril Brattle at your service."

She tilted her head, dark hair cascading over her shoulders. "I presume these are the other members of our expedition?" She turned, nodding at the two. "It's a pleasure."

Turning her attention back to the man who had organized their little group, she offered a small smirk. "Apologies for my lateness. I was... tending to unfinished business."
 #18496  by Algernon Stagg
Algie smiled fondly, looking between the two, his eyes lighting up with delight.

"Well, that certainly fills me with utter confidence. There is nothing better than craving adventure...well, rather than attending adventure itself in all profound glory both metaphorically and physically. The finest form of discovery is often fabled to be in the historical texts of those before our time but I certainly believe that there is much to be learned from individual conquests and self-discovery. It really is a fascinating topic; I could most definite discuss further if you so desire and-"

He was suddenly cut off by the sound of another woman's voice. He glanced over, but soon found his eyes needing to train downwards before meeting the smaller stature of Ezeril. Internally, he was thankful him being a Squib was not as obvious as...well as...being a half-goblin. Not that that was bad! It just...he...his thoughts stumbled as though he actually needed to explain himself to the self-conscious thoughts in his head. Steadily, Algernon gave a low and respectful nod of his head.

"Ah, Miss Brattle. An utter pleasure it is. May I introduce you to our counterparts; Miss Alda Fleming and Mr Sidney Lyon. And may I ask you of your intentions from this journey?"
 #18779  by Alda Fleming
This was lovely! Such an interesting group they had, and Alda was looking forward meeting the rest of their merry band of adventurers. She did not have to wait long, as an...odd looking...person joined their table.

Was she a half-goblin? Alda had never seen a goblin that looked like this. She knew she should not stare but she was intrigued.
 #19942  by Ezeril Brattle
Ezeril gave another polite bow to the other two members of the expedition. "Such an interesting little group we have," she commented offhand before turning back to Algernon.

"My intentions? My intentions are simple, Mr Stagg. I wish to find interesting artifacts with history to them. My dream is to discover a new civilization," she said, tilting her head to the side.
 #21209  by Algernon Stagg
Algie lifted his chin, smirking a little.

"Well then..." He looked around the group. "It would seem that we have quite the expedition ahead of us. Cheers." He spoke, nudging his glass up before taking a sip. Despite his words, he was somewhat unsure of how this would work, but he was curious for the outcome.

He just hoped he didn't die.