Eloise returned the broad smile. "You're a journalist? My brother writes for Practical Potioneer!" Eloise made a mental note to pick up the first copy of Magical Hobbyist she could get her hands on."
A blush bloomed on her cheeks at his offer. She inclined her head slightly. "I would like that very much. My name is Ramsay, Eloise Ramsay," she added, awkwardly thrusting out her hand.

Played By: Purple
Algernon jumped slightly at her hand, unsure how to take it. As in...literally, how to take her hand. Was he to do it in an upper-gentlemanly manner, or more casually? It was all rather flustering. After a couple of awkward seconds, he gently brought his gloved hand forward, taking only her fingers and turning their hands so that her's delicately rested on top, as though about to escort her to waltz.

"Algernon Stagg." The surname wasn't the most well-known, but it had some resonance with a popular family. "I will be sure to send you an owl or two during my journey, perhaps before then during preparation."

Played By: Vyreia
Suppressing a slight giggle at his somewhat timid response, Eloise nodded with a smile. "Thank you, Mr. Stagg, I look forward to hearing about your travels!" A tutting noise from behind her caused her to turn to the suspicious look of her manager. "Apologies, Mr. Stagg, I must return to my sewing! My manager would be more than happy to help you find the rest of your things!" Eloise hurried off to the sewing room, a blush still fixed on her face.

Played By: Purple