A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

 #30246  by Ezeril Brattle
Location: Cairo, Egypt • Date: Sept 7

Ezeril sat in the tea shop, constantly checking the old clock in the corner. The archaeologists would be returning shortly, and she was eager to see what they had dug up. Of course, she wished she was out there with them, but even just seeing the artefacts would be good enough for her. She tapped her fingers on the table, lifting her teacup and sipping at it.

After a while, she slipped down off the chair and walked over to the counter. "Could I get a scone, please" she asked in her squeaky voice, glancing up at the person behind. Then she heard the bell above the door jingle, and she turned her head, eager to see if the diggers had returned.
 #33816  by Set-mena
It was not, in fact, the diggers returning, but a young couple walking through the door. Set-mena, known as Seth Moustafa, wrapped his arm around his partner's waist as they walked in perfect sync with a swagger.

"My girl here wants your best tea," he announced to the person behind the counter, ignoring the short woman already there.
 #33817  by Anat
Once they entered the shop and approached the counter, Anat, now known as Annette Ashraf, gave her partner a small kiss on the cheek. She then walked over to the display of treats and crouched down to look at them. “That looks tasty,” she said pointing to a sweet roll.
 #33818  by Set-mena
Seth leaned into the kiss, smirking, then watched her wander to the display. "Two of those, then." He continued to ignore the other patron. The man behind the counter hesitated for a moment, but then Seth reached into his pocket, pulling out a bag of coins. His tone grew dangerous. "Two cups of your best tea, and two sweet rolls," he repeated, tossing the bag into the air and catching it, letting the man hear the rattle of coins within.

He then turned to Anat and flashed a grin. "Why don't you wait for me outside, darling?"
 #33819  by Ezeril Brattle
Ezeril was shocked at the man's complete lack of manners. She had been standing right there! But then his tone grew dangerous and she hesitated, wondering if she would need to pull out her daggers. The half-goblin's eyes rested on the girl at the display case.

"Excuse me, I was trying to order," she squeaked, finally dragging her eyes back to the man. There was something about him that she couldn't place.
 #33820  by Anat
Annette smiled as the tasty looking treat was added to their order. She straightened up again and walked back to the counter, brushing past the other girl. At Seth’s suggestion, she nodded and made her way to the door, flashing the girl a mean stare.
 #33837  by Set-mena
Set-mena grinned as he watched Annette leaving the tea house, noting once again how gorgeous she really was. He then turned to the midget, arching an eyebrow.

"I didn't see you there," he said, a pompous tone to his voice. Then he noticed the long ears. "What's a goblin doing in here, anyway?" He smirked.
 #33839  by Ezeril Brattle
Ezeril felt her ears get hot. "What I'm doing here is none of your business," she retorted, putting emphasis on 'your'. "Equal rights exist," she added as an afterthought, staring up at him. There was still something about him that was making the hair on the back of her neck raise.
 #33840  by Set-mena
"They shouldn't," he said, turning up his nose. The tea shop attendant was staring between the two of them, not entirely sure what to do, and Seth glanced sideways sharply. The poor man went to quickly make his order, and he returned to his staring match with the goblin. "I'll be getting my order and joining my lady outside," he said, smirking. "What the attendant does next is none of my business."
 #33841  by Ezeril Brattle
Ezeril rolled her eyes. "Very well," she finally gave in, backing away from the counter. It wasn't worth it to get in a fight. Sometimes she hated being a woman.