For regions that are not considered to be the focus of the era.
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[Egypt] What's This?

Ezeril Brattle, Borgin & Burkes

Half Goblin ★ Acquisition Specialist
Played By: TyrellRose
Location: Cairo, Egypt • Date: Sept 7

Ezeril sat in the tea shop, constantly checking the old clock in the corner. The archaeologists would be returning shortly, and she was eager to see what they had dug up. Of course, she wished she was out there with them, but even just seeing the artefacts would be good enough for her. She tapped her fingers on the table, lifting her teacup and sipping at it.

After a while, she slipped down off the chair and walked over to the counter. "Could I get a scone, please" she asked in her squeaky voice, glancing up at the person behind. Then she heard the bell above the door jingle, and she turned her head, eager to see if the diggers had returned.

Played By: TyrellRose