[London] A spot of tea

Location: A tea shop • Date: 3 March 1893

Winter was dragging on and Alda was impatient for spring to make its arrival. She had plans. The few tastes of adventure she he had experienced had wet her appetite and all she could think about was her next foreign excursion. She was still early in the planning phase, but thinking about the endless possibilities gave her something to focus on instead of the dreary weather.

And the disapproving comments of her parents. She was to be joining them for tea and, though she was far from pleased about it, she was determined to try her best to once more convince her parents that she was not just some foolish girl.

Re: [London] A spot of tea

"Excuse me?" came a voice from behind Alda. "I couldn't help but admire your beautiful bonnet. Where in heavens did you get it?" A proper woman would stand demurely, keep her distance, voice kept soft. But Eloise, much to her brother's chagrin, was no such girl. Though standing a respectable distance back, her arm was outstretched in gesture, her voice not a shout per se but certainly making itself known, and she paid no attention to the world around her.

Played By: Purple