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Location: A dark alley • Date: 20 May

The night is dark and full of terrors. Of which Yūrei was only one. But luckily for the mortals of London, Yūrei did not hunger tonight. She'd eaten only a few hours before, and now found herself lounging on the back stoop of a darkened shop in an abandoned alley. It was dark, but the city was warm. And for once Yūrei wasn't on the prowl. How fortunate for ever happened upon her.
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The warm night seemed to call to all of their kind, drawing them out like flies. Alley ways their hiding places, Rokuro had always found them...relaxing. Less people and most importantly less trouble to be found, for he was not in a mood to hunt either...his last meal serving him well just a night before. While it hadn't been warm, or from the vein it did keep him from putting a spotlight on himself. That seemed to appease him enough.

However it seemed that he wasn't the only one enjoying he night air, his eyes trailing to a fellow vampire before continuing. A ghost of a smirk on his face, humans tonight it seemed would be faced with more than one 'monster' as they liked to call them.
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The wind shifted and Yūrei glanced up. She'd caught notice of another vampire. Not just any other vampire. Another Jiang Shi. A blood sibling. Like Sora. She'd been in the city for years without running into another Jiang Shit, and now in the past few months she'd come across two. London was becoming crowded.

Scrunching up her nose, she lazed further back onto the stoop and eyed the vampire standing off aways. This was her hunting grounds - granted, she wasn't currently hunting. And there were several million people in the city. But she still felt a little sting of territorialism over what she considered to be hers. Her initial reaction to Sora had been much the same, though she had proven to be a kindred spirit. She knew nothing of this newcomer.

"What do you want?" She called out in English. She did not know the languages this new interloper spoke. If he was Jiang Shi it could be any number of languages - some she spoke well, most she did not. It was safest to go with the native tongue of the country they were in.
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He paused his steps, his feet crunching some gravel as he stopped dead in his tracks...so she speaks. It was common for two vampires to never speak, each wanting to keep to themselves. Each used to keeping to themselves. Depending on the age, he'd learned years ago to keep his head low. To not talk to any other vampire or human unless needed. He'd talked to a couple humans when he first came over...though his English skills were rough to say the least. Almost non-existent. It was the newer vampires who still spoke to one another...or those who wanted to fight for territory. He just have to figure out which one she was...
"Nani?" He asked, 'what' in his natural language. "Cant man walk simple down street?" In reality he was trying to say, 'can't a man simply walk down the street?' though his wording coming out differently.

"If worried I hunt....I no hunt." He looked at her from the corner of his eye, as if to say..' are we done here?'
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A smile curled onto Yūrei's lips. Nihonjin. Her native tongue. How wonderful.

"Yes. You no hunt." She called back, her native tongue dripping from her mouth for the first time in ages. He was right - he wouldn't hunt. Not if he didn't want a fight. "We can be done here, so long as you stay out of my territory." What Yūrei counted as 'hers' varied by the day. Some days, it was all of London proper. Other days, it was whatever neighborhood she'd stumbled into. Yūrei didn't play well with others - usually. Not even with those born of the same bloodline as she.
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"I see...You still hunt the human kind." He said his native tone, looking out of the corner of his eye. He knew that some did...He'd chosen not to, trying to keep his head down from hunters through the ages...fighting the monster changing his soul. Now, it was a mix of staying human vs hating the humans for their need of violence. As if he'd be telling anyone that though,

"Joyous meeting one of my own, after so long...but I do feel I've outstayed my...vampire welcome." His tone low enough for only her to hear even though the street was vacant of humans. One must not be to careful, as for his own...the vampire had meant culturally, but he was never one to explain words. The energy for needing to be understood long since dead.
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Yūrei scrunched up her nose at the suggestion of hunting anything other than humans. That was half the fun of being Jiang Shi. She'd been under no false pretense regarding what she was asking for. These types were a mystery to her - the ones who hated the gift bestowed upon them, who raged against their nature. She wasn't so sure this meeting was all that joyous - if he was one of her kind filled with the sort of self hatred that drove them to abandon instinct. But at least he posed no threat to her. One less vampire hunting humans in this city was one less opportunity for her to be run out of town with pitchforks and torches.

Giving her blood brother, she curled her lips back into something too sinister to be considered a smile. "It might be in your best interests to move along. And be sure not to hunt in my territory, when your foolish notions wear thin."
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He didn't really hate what he was, he was logical...and sensible. Seeing the mistake of the humans and the need for less violence due to seeing what resulted from there violence...no he didn't hate what he was. Not anymore. He used to, he hated the fact he was torn from his family because of one selfish vampire- his former sir, but now? Part of him internally thanked him, because now he saw humanity for what it was. He didn't feed...simply because he didn't want to be tossed out of town via fire. Animals didn't tell the Ministry of his actions.

"Foolish?" He turned, His eyes narrowed slightly. "No, not foolish. I simply like hiding in the shadows in every way possible." Not fazed by her smile,
"Animals don't talk, bystanders in the form of human's do." He paused, she must be older. He was old, far too old for his liking but this girl...she must have been...
"You...must be before the edo period...are you not?"