It was only one week from the big expedition to Africa, Egypt specifically, and Algie was terrified. He could barely eat, sleep, or talk about the journey due to his own worries making themselves apparent. It was not his usual routine to be out shopping in the afternoon, but the tea place was far too busy to calm his nerves, and the local taxidermy had closed for a family affair. He was forced to do something productive toward the trip, otherwise he would stew alone.

Algernon moved toward the thick winter coats; it was coming up to Summer, and here he was trying to get the discounted thick woolen coats and scarves. He had heard from other explorers that the dessert could be bitterly cold at night, which was not something he was expecting, and although he presumed the rest of his group had magical charms to use...he was not as gifted. Little to their knowledge, of course.

Today was a rather bright day, so he must have looked odd trying on leather gloves, coats, scarves, thermal leggings, and hats. But it was a necessity he had to face, and was not looking forward to.
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An unusual amount of movement in the winter wear section, that is to say movement at all, gave cause for Eloise to glance up from her sewing. What on earth was a man doing trying on winter clothes in the height of summer? The intrigue having far outweighed the humdrum of her current task, Eloise leapt up, crossed the threshold of the sewing room, straightened her hat and stood a respectable distance from the gentleman.

"May I help you find anything?" she inquired.

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Startled, Algie scuppered back in alert, blinking at the woman before finally forcing himself to gather his composure. However was he to face the dangers of the Middle East and beyond if he was such a coward as this? He hoped and prayed that nobody knew his well enough to tell any of his party members of his affliction.

"Oh- I, well, yes, of course, thank you. I'm looking for some thermals for underneath the lower necessity." He gestured to his trousers, knowing very well how impolite it was to say such a word to a lady. "A thick wool perhaps?"

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It wasn't her place to inquire. She nodded promptly and hurried into the back room where they stored excess out-of-season things. She came back with a handful of thick wool trousers and held them out before him.
"Forgive me, I only grabbed a handful. Were you needing just an extra layer for the night, or are you going somewhere cold?"

There. That seemed reasonable enough. She needed to know how thick of a wool he needed, anyway, if she wanted to serve him properly. They couldn't sack her for doing her job.

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Angie looked over the materials she brought back, carefully taking a pair to feel the thickness and possible warmth. He gave it a little stretch - there was nothing he disliked more than tight clothing.

"Well," How to even begin. "I am on route to the Middle East and Africa - I have read many historical scriptures stating it becomes rather frigid at night, so I believe this may be the easiest method of preventing illness. Perhaps you have something charmed to be lightweight? Our journey consists of a lot of trekking...perhaps you also have a pair of smart loafers?"

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Eloise frowned. "Are you quite sure? I always thought Africa and Arabia were quite hot. I- let me get you those loafers!" Stupid Eloise. Stupid stupid Eloise. Correcting a customer was absolute taboo. All the same....was the man Confunded? The arctic was cold, not Africa. Perhaps he'd want a turban instead? She could offer him a bit of cloth that would work well. Yes, maybe she would do that. Eloise came back with a few boxes.

"Here you are!" she said brightly, opening the tops. "An assortment of the finest shoes for travel Gladrags can offer!" Not that she knew much about travel. Raymond never let her go anywhere interesting.

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"Ah, yes er-" He was about to speak, but she seemed to scurry off to find his requested shoes. He cleared his throat, waiting for her return before speaking. He may have been rather shy and soft-spoken, but misconceptions and ideals that he was less than intelligent were something he wouldn't allow. After all...a squib had to work their brain more if they had now magical talent.

"Of course the desert is hot, but that is the beauty of it. You see, according to research, it shows that sand does not retain heat, and therefore requires the sun to remain hot. This means that during the night, without the sun, it becomes frigid and cold. I wish to use blankets as a separator between myself and the cold grains, you see."

He continued to rabbit on about how the temperature differences were vital to the apparent habitat and creatures, though expressed how he knew very little about nature in itself and only what he had read from previous explorers. All the while, he examined the shoes, though it was clear he was far more interested in waffling on.

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As it happened, Eloise was fascinated. "Is it really like that?" Eloise clapped her hands in excitement. "Oh how intriguing! Excuse me, I've never travelled outside of the country, so all I know about these foreign places is from books. Does it snow in the desert as well?"
Maybe she could travel with the man! She could supply him with his clothes, assist his daily needs, and send a letter to Ray long after she was gone.
Her smile faltered a little. She couldn't do that to Ray.

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Algie furrowed his brow as the woman took interest. That didn't happen often, and he felt somewhat flattered and confused in the situation. He cleared his throat, looking away out of bashfulness.

"Well, the thought has never occurred to me. Perhaps it does, though many are likely to stay and track these changes for so long. That is an excellent question to answer whilst out there." He smiled.

"Have you any interest in travelling? Have you never travelled across Great Britain?"

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Eloise smiled sadly. "Unfortunately, no. Between work and looking after my brother, I'm afraid I don't have much time for anything like that. Besides," at this she couldn't help suppress a slight note of bitterness, "my brother isn't fond of travel."

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Eloise smoothed out her apron to buy a moment's time before nodding. "He's a brilliant man, a fine hand at potions, but has an incurably lame leg. Our parents are gone and living relatives are...." Eloise bit her lip. It would be rude to insult them but..."not willing to help." Eloise's eyes lit up. "But perhaps you know of a good healer? We've tried so many and my brother has all but given up. Begging your pardon, but my brother wasn't always like this. He was a Gryffindor, you know, and fond of adventure before...." Eloise cleared her throat. "I'm sure if he could find a cure he could be just like he used to be!"

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Algernon pursed his lips.

"I don't know many healers...perhaps my benefactor for the expedition may be able to help. Mister Emlyn Nathaniel Iver? He is very wealthy, of pure bloodlines - surely he would have some contacts. Though....I am unsure whether he would be willing to part with information. Perhaps a letter to him would be worth a try? If not, then maybe I can try to appeal to some locals in the desert. They may have some native cures that could do the trick?"

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It was a tempting offer, Eloise had to admit. And frankly, it was high time Raymond was back on his feet instead of wallowing in self-pity as he did. "That would be very gracious of you!" she replied. "I don't think it is my place to associate with someone so grand as Mister Iver, but I have heard native medicines from the East can be quite fascinating. And perhaps you could tell me of your travels? I would love to hear of what you encounter!"

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Algie smiled widely, his crooked teeth showing beneath his moustache.

"Why of course! You will be able to read of all my endeavours through the history column in the Magical Hobbyist! I have not received a full page yet, but I am certain that my voyage will bring a lot of eyes to the piece."

He seemed rather proud of that idea.

"And...perhaps I will be able to send you letters during this? I am always willing to offer first hand insight to those with interest."

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