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Teen Witch Magazine
Europe ★ M|G|R|L ★ Harry Potter Canon

Welcome to Teen Witch Magazine! The sister publication of Witch Weekly, Teen Witch Magazine is aimed at young witches aged 13 to 19 and covers a variety of topics including fashion, relationship advice, quizzes, celebrity gossip, and more. While the original version of Witch Weekly is released on a weekly basis and covers much more in the way of organizing your home, preparing meals, and other things that wives and mothers take interest in, Teen Witch Magazine is only released once a month and instead replaces these articles with fun arts and crafts to try, ways to spice up your school books and belongings, and charms and enchantments to improve your clothing. The Legacy Era version of this magazine also features more gender-neutral relationship advice with less of a focus on boys.


Teen Witch Magazine is located in the same pink and white building in magical London as Witch Weekly. In fact, it's practically a beacon of light among all the drab, boring grey office buildings surrounding it. A walk through the comically cramped door opens up to a bustling office building. Welcome Witches' hands are moving faster than the speed of a Firebolt as they direct guests and clients to the lifts on the other side of the building that will take guests up to Teen Witch Magazine's offices.

The offices at Teen Witch Magazine are a lot less hectic than those of Witch Weekly, but it's busy nonetheless. Editors, columnists, and product testers can be seen wearing more casual clothing. They very openly promote fun in their atmosphere with music blaring in workrooms and inspirational quotes found throughout. A group of teenage girls (and boys!) are frequently taken on tour to get a behind-the-scenes look.

Teen Witch Magazine has catered to their readers ever since the 1960s. But they have often updated their columns to reflect the changing times among teenage witches. The following are popular columns among all editions of the magazine:

• Crafty Concoctions — The latest in beauty products and potions are tested by Teen Witch staff and are recommended for use for certain skin types (dry, normal, oily) and other features.

• The Beat with Bea — Beatrice Sagehelm gives readers the recent scoop on favorite teen celebrities.

• You Be You — Teen Witch staff work with ways on how to bedazzle notebooks, add special accents to purses, and other art projects to help readers add a personal touch to their belongings!

• Teen Witch of the Month — A local (based on magazine edition) teen witch who participates in community service and works to further teens in life is featured in that month's issue. Readers are welcome to nominate a teen witch to be featured.

• Fashionista Finds — Fashion columnists search for the best deals to recreate high end fashions for a low cost. Street fashions are also sometimes featured through street fashion photography.

Work For Us!

Job Ideas: Photographer, Gossip Columnist, Editor, Quiz Writer, Arts & Crafts Testers

Teen Witch Magazine is a Harry Potter canon business created for the original book series. Ideas and theories may be expanded upon, but established canon details cannot be altered. We recommend using the Harry Potter Lexicon or Wiki as information resources. Other questions can be referred to our staff team via PM or help desk.