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Markus Scarrs Indelible Tattoos
Europe ★ M|G|R|L ★ Vault Original

Welcome to Markus Scarrs Indelible Tattoos! The establishment mixes magical and muggle technology to provide its customers with the best experience when getting a tattoo. The shop offers a range of tattoo options, from ordinary tattoos to magical ones that can change color or shape. The tattoos come with a lifetime guarantee that they will maintain their color and free touch-ups come with every tattoo. The tattoo artists all go through a vigorous vetting process to guarantee the quality of every design and uphold the shop's reputation as the best tattoo parlor, magical or muggle, in the United Kingdom.


Located in Knockturn Alley by the White Wyvern and an undertaker, Markus Scarrs boasts an enviable corner location in a narrow building. Upon entering, prospective customers are greeted by an often tattooed and pierced young witch or wizard. They are welcome to browse a portfolio containing works by the shop's tattoo artists to see which of the artists the customer would like to hire.

The constant whirring of tattoo needles can be heard though some artists prefer the old method of patience, a steady arm, and a sterile sewing needle. Despite the parlor's location and its employees' outward appearances, the atmosphere has been called warm and inviting in reviews.

Tattoos are an old art form within the magical community. From the ancient Egyptians to the druids to the modern witches and wizards of today, tattoos have served many different purposes to the magical community. Markus Scarrs uses modern instruments, but the magic their artists use is some of the same old magic used centuries ago. The inks used are imbued with potions that makes it viscous — that is, thicker than regular tattoo ink.

Anyone looking to get a tattoo at Markus Scarrs is asked to sign a form allowing the tattoo artist to perform a charm on the area they will be tattooing. The charm interacts with the ink so that it moves if that's what a customer has requested. Another charm performed by the tattoo artist can give magical properties to runic or spell tattoos. Some artists are seen even muttering during the entire process to make sure the magic sticks.

Due to the potions mixed in with the tattoo ink, the healing process is much faster than that of non-magical tattoos. Most artwork will be completely healed within two days with the frequent application of another potion sold exclusively at the tattoo parlor. Prices range from small and cheap designs to very detailed designs that cost hundreds of galleons.

The end result is a (hopefully) unique tattoo from a well-respected establishment. And maybe with all that magic, the shop has covered up a spell because everyone who gets one tattoo from Markus Scarrs usually comes back for more.

Work For Us!

Job Ideas: Marauder, Golden, Reformation, & Legacy Eras

Markus Scarrs Indelible Tattoos is an original business created by the Vault713 staff. Anyone is welcome to play characters working and attending this location, and are welcome to help expand this business' features. To suggest ideas or ask questions about this business, please PM one of the Admins.