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The Daily Prophet
Europe ★ V|E|M|G|R|L ★ Harry Potter Canon

Welcome to The Daily Prophet! As the main Wizarding newspaper in the United Kingdom, The Daily Prophet is one of the most well-known establishments in the Wizarding world. Since is founding in the early 18th Century, the paper has been providing its readers with hard-hitting pieces on government mismanagement, developments in magical and Muggle relations, advice columns, and more. Its headquarters are located in London, but it delivers its readers information about newsworthy events throughout the UK and Ireland through the use a highly efficient owl delivery system. The Sunday edition of the paper is called The Sunday Prophet, while an Evening Prophet is published in the event that there is urgent, pressing news that cannot wait to be delivered until the morning. The Daily Prophet, while widely popular, is considered biased and has been known to skew facts to favor the Ministry of Magic when it is most convenient for them.


The Daily Prophet Headquarters are located London's Diagon Alley. Situated on the far side of the alley, a ways from the The Leaky Cauldron, the building looms in the shadow of Gringotts Wizarding Bank. The modest exterior of dark bricks and few windows does not lend itself to the importance of the work that goes on inside. Those looking for the headquarters would only be able to identify it with the help of a simple black and white sign that hangs above the entrance.

The interior of the building is comprised of one, large room filled with desks and printing equipment. The only offices belong to the various editors, with everyone else relegated to cubicles and shard work space. Toward the back, the printing machines can be found, surrounded by high stacks of the most current edition. A wooden staircase leads to a loft, which is where the owls and their trainers can be found.

History & Links to The Ministry
The Daily Prophet originated in the early 1700's as a way for those in the wizarding community to share important news and information. In the beginning, it was only published on Sundays and was called The Sunday Prophet. The current Sunday edition of the paper is a nod to this original form of the publication.

Over time, the popularity of the paper grew and so did the demand. In the mid-19th Century the paper began running daily editions and changed its name to The Daily Prophet. The information published in this edition was mostly local news from London and the surrounding area as well as meeting times for various clubs and social groups. Through the 19th Century, the readership continued to grow and the types of articles featured in the paper grew to include opinions pieces, classified and personal ads, and advice columns. The Minister of Magic also began to write semi-monthly columns for the paper. This was the beginning of the close relationship between the Ministry of Magic and The Daily Prophet.

The close relationship between the Ministry of Magic and the The Daily Prophet has caused quite a bit of tension in the past. Those who oppose the Minister of Magic often complain that they use their power to censor or distort information to make it more favorable to the government. It is this tension that has led to the creation of smaller, less-widely known publications such as The Quibbler.

Despite the bias toward The Ministry of Magic, The Daily Prophet continues to be the only major newspaper in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Most people trust the quality of the information they are getting, while others insist on taking everything they read with a grain of salt.

Work For Us!

Job Ideas: Columnist, Copy-Editor, Receptionist, Photographer, Journalist, Owl Trainer

The Daily Prophet is a Harry Potter canon business created for the original book series. Ideas and theories may be expanded upon, but established canon details cannot be altered. We recommend using the Harry Potter Lexicon or Wiki as information resources. Other questions can be referred to our staff team via PM or help desk.
Current Employees


★ Alda Fleming - Gossip Columnist


★ Alda Fleming - Wizengemot Reporter


★ Evelyn Winters - Editor-In-Chief
★ Kit Harper - Reporter


★ Arnaud Lacroix - Investigative Reporter
★ Charlotte Hastings - Reporter
★ Evelyn Winters - Editor-In-Chief
★ Helena Sun - Photographer
★ Kit Harper - Investigative Reporter
★ Roger Donoghue - Investigative Reporter
★ Sebastian Murphy - Intern
★ Vivianne Lane - Intern


★ Adelaide Howell - Arts Columnist
★ Ginny Weasley - Senior Quidditch Corespondent
★ Louis Hadley - Intern
★ Sebastian Murphy - Photojournalist