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Wizarding Academy of Dramatic Arts ★ Schools & Teaching

Posted: 31 Aug 2018, 21:26
by Documentation

Wizarding Academy of Dramatic Arts
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Welcome to Wizarding Academy of Dramatic Arts! Founded in the late 1920’s, the Academy was created as a school for witches and wizards seeking to pursue acting careers. As the years went on, the school began to offer classes in other types of performing arts such as vocal and instrumental performance. Prospective students must complete a rigorous application and audition process, which usually begins in their final year of magical education. The school accepts students from all over the world and boasts several famous graduates.


Situated in downtown London, the Academy's building looks like a rundown warehouse to Muggle eyes. When one of its many magical students approaches the building, however, a large beautiful brown stone building with three big white columns is revealed. There are many studios and classrooms fit into such a seemingly small place. There are a total of four floors within the building with a majority of the building being dedicated to the Academy's three major programs. The fourth floor is designated for administrative purposes such as admissions and financial aid.

If students are looking to take a break between their classes, they are welcome to stop by the WADA Cafe on the ground floor. Tea is served in the afternoon as well as a variety of healthy food options for breakfast, lunch, and the occasional dinner in the event of evening classes for certain programs.

The Wizarding Academy of Dramatic Arts boasts an equally challenging and world-class roster of programs and classes. The admissions process is one of the most difficult and the Academy only accepts about 200 students each year. While it is known for its crop of stage actors and actresses, the Academy also enrolls students in the following programs:

Vocal Studies — Students train with some of the world's best vocalists in opera and voice.
Composition — Student works are performed every term by student actors and vocalists.
Costume Design — Students interested in the technical aspects of theatre are welcome to apply to the Costume Design program. Such courses include corset making for theatre, period costuming, and other similar subjects.
Makeup Design — Aspiring theatre makeup artists can apply to be taught the most up-to-date makeup techniques to help bring productions to life.
Dance — This program has courses ranging from classic ballet to modern choreography.

This is just the tip of the iceberg for programs at the Academy. Other programs include filmmaking, set design, and playwriting. Come join one of the wizarding world's most celebrated secondary education facilities by way of studying in one of the prestigious programs or as an instructor!

Work For Us!

Job Ideas: Vocal Instructor, Admissions Counselor, Costume Designer, Set Builder, Custodian, Cafe Attendant

Wizarding Academy of Dramatic Arts is an original business created by the Vault713 staff. Anyone is welcome to play characters working and attending this location, and are welcome to help expand this business' features. To suggest ideas or ask questions about this business, please PM one of the Admins.

Re: Wizarding Academy of Dramatic Arts

Posted: 20 Sep 2018, 08:30
by Documentation
Current Employees


★ Petra Paszek - Theatre Student


★ Petra Paszek - Conducting Instructor


★ Gemini Hart - Student
★ Harmony Hale - Acting Student
★ Lidia Ostrivnyj - Teacher's Aid
★ Marley Dalton - Vocal Instructor
★ Nola Fitzralph - Costume Design Student
★ Petra Paszek - Director


★ Lidia Ostrivnyj - Ballet Master
★ Marley Dalton - Vocal Instructor
★ William Darlington - Set Builder