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Wonderful Wands ★ Artisan


Wonderful Wands
Europe ★ E|M|G|R|L ★ Harry Potter Canon

Welcome to Wonderful Wands! Wonderful Wands is a worldwide chain of stores that offer a cheaper alternative to famous wandcrafters like Ollivander's in London. While the wands sold at Wonderful Wands are still perfect for magical use, they do not share the same quality or craftsmanship as those made by and sold at other wand stores. The wands are sturdy but plain and lack any sort of intricate details carved into them. Wonderful Wands also offers wand-repair and maintenance services and supplies. They also offer a selection of used wands, though they are quick to warn buyers that 'the wand chooses the wizard' and therefore a used wand might not perform as well as a newer one.


Wonderful Wands is located a few stores down from Ollivander's in Diagon Alley. It's very clear to anyone passing by that the shop's reputation as a cheaper alternative to the big name wand shop and a supplier of secondhand wands reflects on the building's exterior. The stone is grey and dreary while the windowsills and door are slightly peeling.

The inside is not much better. The color scheme continues with faded signs displaying "new" wands that might have been acquired through not-so-legal means. Still, Ollivander's prices somehow keep Wonderful Wands in business as their low prices often draw those who cannot afford a wand from the best wand shop in Europe.

Upon entering the shop, customers will notice the lack of a real colour scheme, instead noting the lack of colour instead. Paint seems to be peeling and wood chipping on the display shelves to the left of the shop. All of which are filled with marked wand boxes, written on it faded pencil scratchings. Above these particular shelves is chained sign reading ‘secondhand wands’.

Directly ahead in the small shop is the counter where a large, out of date typewriter sits tapping away details of stock and prices. A painted sign is attached to the front of the counter regarding a ‘50% off’ sale on slightly damaged wands. In the right hand corner is a rotating rack holding the newer wands; polished and clean, but plain and lacking any real personality to them.

A dark curtain behind the counter leads to the backroom, containing a small workshop for wand repairs and little leather accessories for holding wands on your person. No customers are permitted beyond the counter, but that hasn’t stopped a few from trying. On some of the top shelves reside scrolls containing information on wand cores, wood types and histories on wandcrafting. For those looking for a wand that are affordable and work well for their price, this is the perfect place.

Work For Us!

Job Ideas: Manager, Wand Maker, Sales Clerk, Wand Repair Specialist

Wonderful Wands is a Harry Potter canon business created for the original book series. Ideas and theories may be expanded upon, but established canon details cannot be altered. We recommend using the Harry Potter Lexicon or Wiki as information resources. Other questions can be referred to our staff team via PM or help desk.