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Durmstrang Institute
Europe ★ F|V|E|M|G|R|L ★ Harry Potter Canon

Welcome to Durmstrang Institute! Durmstrang Institute is the primary magical education facility in Norway, as well as the most prominent in the Scandinavian region. Along with Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Durmstrang is one of the world's oldest institutions of magical learning. Teaching takes place over the course of seven years, the first year being for those students who are eleven years old. Durmstrang is a co-educational school that accommodates both male and female students. However, the institute does not accept Muggle-born students and halfbloods are accepted by the skin of their teeth. The school is known for its emphasis on the instruction of Dark Arts rather than defense against them.

Birth records are required for Scandinavian countries, though students from non-Scandinavian countries may apply. Students must have magical parents (can not be muggle-born).

Character Types: Cannot be Muggle-born. New student characters may only be Witches, Wizards, half or quarter Giant, half or quarter Goblin, Seers, or Metamorphmagi. Transfer students from other schools are accepted. These restrictions are not applicable to Founders because Durmstrang does not exist as a formal school.


Durmstrang is located on the island of Skummeltøya, off the coast of northern Norway. It is a relatively small island and is home only to the school and its campus. Hardly a “castle” compared to some, students at Durmstrang attend lessons inside a four-story stone castle nestled inside a valley surrounded by mountains on almost all sides. The castle has very few windows and several fireplaces that are lit only for magical purposes. Its central point is the old, Viking-inspired Ale Hall, with its long communal tables and high wooden rafters that extend several floors above.

Tucked away in the solid rock of the connecting mountains, students can find their way to their hidden dormitories by dark, damp tunnels lit only by the occasional torch. Each dormitory features several bed chambers that sleep eight students each, communal restrooms, and a small study area.

At the beginning and end of term and doing holidays students may travel to and from Durmstrang via large, enchanted ships that dock at Trondheim, Tromsø, and Teriberka in the days leading up to and following lessons. These ships can take from twenty-four to forty-eight hours to reach their destination and feature bunks for students to relax during the journey. Private boats are sometimes contracted for special occasions or for supply runs to and from the island that the school sits on, but typically this service is not available to students without special permission.

Also on the island is a small supply shop and furrier near the docks where students can purchase some items or hire out a rowboat, ice fishing supplies, or hunting supplies for the day. There is also a mail service here that runs letters and packages on and off the island.

All students are required to wear black robes or trousers with a black or white tunic, along with black work boots. Fur-lined black or blood red cloaks are also issued, though lighter cloaks of the same colors may be worn during the rest of the year. The furrier at the supply shop can also add a fur lining to any article of the student's clothing if they wish. Those students who participate in blacksmithing or forging lessons must also purchase appropriate attire for working with hot metal.

Mandatory Classes
• Charms - Basic spells that become the building blocks of all wand-based magic
• History of Magic - A course that studies the general history and evolution of the wizarding world
• Herbology - The study of the various plant species of the wizarding world, including identification, care, and use
• Runic Studies – The study of the Futhark runic alphabets and how to use them for casting and for divination
• Potions - How to identify, mix, and prepare ingredients along with a study of proper brewing techniques and practices
• Practical Applications of Dark Magic - The study of nefarious spells and how to protect oneself against them
• Transfiguration - The study of changing one object into another, usually of similar size and stature

Optional Classes
• Arithmancy - The study of numerology and how to cast spells and practice divination using numbers
• Astronomy - The study of constellations, planets, outer space, and the night sky
• Blacksmithing - Forging and working both hammered and cast metal, primarily for the creation of weapons
• Care of Magical Creatures - An introduction to the many beasts of the wizarding world and how to care for them
• Divination - An overview of the many ways one can predict the future and learn to see with the inner eye
• Flying - Optional only for the second year and above, advanced lessons in flying techniques particularly for sport

Clubs & Extracurricular
• Quidditch Club – Students skirmish amongst themselves, learn new skills, and play matches against other schools.
• Blacksmithing Club - Meets in the forge every weekend to create metal works of art and weapons

Work For Us!

Job Ideas: Professor, caretaker, groundskeeper, nurse, headmaster/mistress

Durmstrang Institute is a Harry Potter canon business created for the original book series. Ideas and theories may be expanded upon, but established canon details cannot be altered. We recommend using the Harry Potter Lexicon or Wiki as information resources. Other questions can be referred to our staff team via PM or help desk.