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Di Pietro Fashion House ★ Shops & Services

Posted: 31 Aug 2018, 15:40
by Documentation

Di Pietro Fashion House
Europe ★ G|R|L ★ Shops & Services

Welcome to Di Pietro Fashion House! Though a relative newcomer to the magical fashion industry, Vieri Di Pietro's designs are known for being bold, eye catching, and extraordinarily intricate. While most of the designs are intended for private customers and runway shows, the seamstresses and designers also present a variety of ready-to-wear collections sold in small boutiques as well as Gladrags. The fashion house itself is located in Milan, though runway shows are held throughout Europe, with the garment designs spilling into the designs and themes of the shows and creating an exciting event that everyone in the magical fashion industry just must attend.


In the magical district of Milan, Italy, a tall white building juts out between a cafe and a bistro. People can be seen entering and exiting the building at almost all hours of the day carrying bolts of fabric, garment bags, or even the occasional mysterious shopper behind dark sunglasses and a large purse. This is Di Pietro Fashion House, one of the finest fashion houses within Italy.

The ground floor is dedicated to the showroom, though most of the rest of the building is not accessible to the public aside from the lobby and front desk, featuring a receptionist who helps potential customers and clients make appointments. Employees and approved visitors can take the elevators to access the fabric library in the basement or venture up to the seamstress workroom on the second floor. A hidden room off of a stairwell is home to the design studio for those lucky enough to assist the lead designer with creating new pieces, and further up on the third floor sits the marketing and accounting department. Up another small staircases the very upstairs office of Vieri Di Pietro himself, accessible only by appointment.

Accessible by appointment only, the ground floor of the Di Pietro headquarters is dedicated exclusively to an elaborate showroom decorated in very clean Italian design. Everything seems to be furnished in bright white, illuminated by natural sunlight (or a spell that is close enough) with comfortable, expertly upholstered lounge furniture arranged throughout. A few pieces from the latest collection are typically on display on mannequins, and an adjacent fitting room allows customers to try on their selected designs. The showroom is often decorated with lilacs, violets, and other fresh flowers (usually of a purple hue.)

Though not among the French haute couture designers, Di Pietro's designs tend to be intricately crafted, often using natural elements such as flowers or feathers to create wearable pieces of art. Rather than everyday wear, Di Pietro runway collections are typically favored for special occasions, and Vieri Di Pietro himself typically unveils a new wedding gown design with every season. Carnivale is an especially busy time for the house, as witches and wizards book their showroom appointments and special commissions sometimes a year or more in advance to be able to own a one-of-a-kind Di Pietro masquerade ensemble.

Though most designs are for women, Di Pietro also produces a number of ready-to-wear cloaks and robes that are designed to be wearable by those of any gender, which can be embellished in the workshop for an additional fee.

Work For Us!

Job Ideas: Showroom Attendant, Seamstress, Accountant, Marketing Specialist, Designer, Fabric Librarian

Di Pietro Fashion House is a member created business, established by tundratown. All players are welcome to create characters who work for Di Pietro Fashion House or threads that take place in this location, but please feel free to send a private message to tundratown if you would like to know more about this business.

Di Pietro Fashion House - Current Employees

Posted: 01 Sep 2018, 17:38
by Documentation
Current Employees


★ Berenice Di Pietro - Seamstress
★ Paola Ferrari - Designer
★ Vieri Di Pietro - Lead Designer


★ Keira Blanchard - Contract Model
★ Michelle La Fratta - Fabric Librarian
★ Verochka Tarasova - Receptionist
★ Vieri Di Pietro - Lead Designer